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Nick Mason. Biography

Nick Mason. Full name – Nicholas Berkeley Mason, born January 27, 1944 in a suburb of Birmingham, Edgbaston. Drummer, permanent member of the British rock band Pink Floyd.

Nick Mason is the only musician of Pink Floyd, who never being its leader, went through all the changes in its composition.

Nick’s father, Bill Mason was the director of documentary films. When Nick was two, the family moved to London, where Mason Sr. got a job in the crew of “Shell”. After studying in elementary school, Nick continued his studies at independent school Frensham Heights in the county of Surrey. There, in Frensham Heights, he met his future wife Linda “Lindy” Rutter (they were married in January 1969). Interest in music came from him even as a child – after unsuccessful (by his own admission) attempts to learn the violin and piano, Nick stopped the drums and played music in his spare time with his school friends.

In September 1962, Nick joined the faculty of architecture of London Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster). This event is largely predetermined the further biography Mason – the same year for the same faculty did Roger Watters and Rick Wright, with whom fate bound him for many years. All three played essentially the same university group, which change over time, participants, and with them the name of the group: “Sigma 6”, “The Abdabs”, “The Architectural Abdabs”, “The Tea Set”and finally the”The Pink Floyd Sound”, which was destined to become a well-known all over the world now “Pink Floyd”. With the advent in their ranks singer and guitarist Syd Barrett, a student group, whose repertoire consisted primarily of cover versions of American blues and songs by other artists, fully switched to the performance of his songs, and gradually began to take its own unique style. After retiring from the prevailing at the time on the London stage canons of rhythm and blues, “Pink Floyd” They turned to freer musical forms, boldly experimenting with both sound and the structure of his compositions, becoming one of the brightest and most original bands of the psychedelic underground late sixties.

Once Barrett’s departure, the main sponsor of the group, whose place was taken by his childhood friend David Gilmour, the other musicians “Pink Floyd”, despite the gloomy predictions of music critics, honorably withstood the blow by taking on writing new material. Mason’s contribution has always been very high in comparison with his colleagues – with the exception of three experimental tracks under the name “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party”on the album”Ummagumma”, where the main role was assigned percussion and flute, on which he plays his wife, Linda, instrumental composition “Up The Khyber”, written with Rick Wright for the soundtrack to the film Barbet Schroeder “more”and sound collage”Speak To Me”the legendary album”Dark Side Of The Moon”, he was listed only as a co-author in the compositions written by all members of the group. Nevertheless, he has always shown an interest in sound design albums, from time to time by taking part in the creation of special effects that have always been famous “Pink Floyd”.

Since the mid-seventies, Mason has repeatedly acted as a producer, working on albums of his colleagues in the progressive rock – a group “Gong”and guitarist Steve Hilledzhem, former drummer”Soft Machine”Robert Wyatt and even punk band”The Damned”. Also, as a guest musician has collaborated with avant-garde jazz composer and trumpeter Michael Mantler. In 1981 he released the album “Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports”. Despite the fact that he came out under his name, all the songs were written by jazz composer and pianist, Carla Bley American and vocals performed Mason’s longtime friend Robert Wyatt. Mason himself was present on the album as a producer, drummer and recording engineer, and played on the piano Clavinet and on a few songs. Stylistically, the compositions presented on the album, was the closest to jazz-rock and practically no way resembles the work “Pink Floyd”. In contrast to the solo work of his colleagues and Watters Gilmore, “Fictitious Sports” passed unnoticed and attracted interest only the most loyal fans of the group.

In the eighties Nick with guitarist of the British band “10 CC”Rick Fenn organized a small group”Bamboo Music”to create music for commercials and films. In August 1985 they released their joint album”Profiles”, which includes nine instrumental tracks written by Fenn and Mason, as well as two songs – “Lie For A Lie”, sung by David Gilmour and Mary Reilly, and “Israel”. The next stage of cooperation between Mason and Fenn was the creation of the music for the thriller “white of the eye”(1987) directed by Donald Cammell cult. After the actual collapse of the”Pink Floyd”, caused by the deterioration of relations between their leader Roger Watters and other musicians, Nick, despite the long-standing friendship with Roger, unhappy with his dictates and declarations that without him the group does not exist, took the side of David Gilmour . By legal proceedings Mason and Gilmour defended the right to speak and be recorded as “Pink Floyd”, then attracted to the work of another former team member Rick Wright, suspension of works in the late seventies. In 1987, they released a new studio album “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason”, and then had a very successful world tour, the material which formed the basis of their live album “Delicate Sound Of Thunder”. In the future, Nick participated in the work on the album “Division Bell”(1994) and”Pulse”(1995), thus becoming the only musician who had a chance to play all the notes are issued under the brand name”Pink Floyd”.

In May 1990, two years after the divorce from his first wife, Linda, Nick married actress Annette Lynton, with which he lives to this day. Nick has four children – his daughter Holly and Chloe from his first marriage and his sons Guy and Cary from the second. He is also the godfather of Harry Watters, the son of his friend and colleague on the “Pink Floyd”Roger Watters. He inherited his father’s passion for cars, eventually Mason collected a good collection of vintage and racing models. Nick is well known in the world of motorsport – since 1979, he has participated in the annual famous twenty-four races of endurance racing in the French city of Le Mans. In 1984, together with him at Le Mans he played an old friend Nick, a former manager of”Pink Floyd”Steve O’Rourke, and in 2006, a race classic models attended his wife Annette and daughter Holly. Mason also was a member of many other competitions, including in Mexico, held a grand race”La Carrera Panamericana”1991, and more than once provided the cars for car shows and various competitions, such as”Festival of Speed ​​”Goodwood. In 1998, he and his co-author, test driver Mark Hales published the book”In the red”, which appeared with the subtitle”22 cars, which created a century of racing”. The book was published by the publishing house “Virgin Books” and second reissued in 2004.

In 2002, after a long break before the former is always close friends Mason and Watters, forgetting past differences, newly renewed relationship. Soon, Nick took to the stage during a concert by Roger and his team at the stadium “”, Wembley to play with them the old song”Pink Floyd””Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. Since then, he as a guest musician occasionally appeared in solo concerts of Roger and his former rival for the leadership of the group David Gilmour. In October 2004, Mason published an autobiographical book”Inside Out: A Personal Story Pink Floyd”, the text of which had been previously agreed with the other members of the group. The next year in London’s Hyde Park in the charity festival “Live 8″It hosted the event, which has become a boon for millions of fans around the world – nearly a quarter of a century”Pink Floyd”first appeared on stage in his classic composition, done the old, time-tested hits. In October of the same year, Nick Mason’s memoirs were released as an audiobook publishing”Orion”.



Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports (1981)

Nick Mason & Rick Fenn – Profiles (1985)

Lie For A Lie (Single, 1985)

Nick MasonNick Mason
Nick MasonNick Mason
Nick MasonNick Mason

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