Eva Cassidy

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Eva Cassidy (Eva Cassidy). Meet on clothes? The story without a happy ending

When she died, her songs were collected and laid out their records. The plates are sold around the world and have gained a good idea.

She had a few friends, the closest friend she thought her mother. She was indifferent to success, to money, to dress, to the delights. She liked to walk, ride a bike, wander the city at night. She was prone to depression, hated school, arrogant people and the exploitation of women in advertising.

She did not open and did not stand out. She just sang like nobody. She sang everything liked – the most hopeless rubbish managed to turn into a song. She had a powerful voice, perfect for songs that are sung to the guitar.

Another writes that she painted with 3 years old, not a child well. Yes, she studied to be an artist. Not long, because tuition fees had to be paid, and it was nothing. She tossed and said that the art of the old masters is lost and what is being taught now, there is no need to study. And I think I understand it.

Her father taught music of sick children: he taught her, not knowing that, in fact, he, the teacher sick children, just do your job. The irony? Fate?

Sometimes the father arranged for family performances. One day she wanted to sing, but was so excited that tears and ran away. In those years, she still could not bring myself to go on stage with a family concert was over.

The little girl from embarrassment gazing at the floor, speaking in front of people. Probably the first time she sang, looking to the public in the face, a song «What A Wonderful World», sitting on a chair and her hands were gloved, because the skin is not kept. She sang about wonderful, wonderful world. Well, it then.

In the meantime the tape with her amateur record roamed far outside the city, where she lived, but she refused to go into the studio, because she was afraid to take time for all these serious people.

She loved to sing, but in the halls singing a duet with anyone. Live concert was her problem – too exciting. In addition, she was exacting and feared error.

One of the musicians says: “She was so quiet that she did not notice. As long as it does not sing. ” Her voice could silence the people listened with bated breath. However, she did not consider herself very talented.

Her career. Yes, what a career – if its timidity and a difficult relationship with the Muses. business. But part of the way, she still had time to go.

To sing in the studio it just made. In 1986, her friend D. Lowry persuaded her to record vocals for his compositions. There she met with producer Chris Biondo (their relationship lasted 7 years). Chris Eve attracted to the records of many of their charges.

One day she had to write dozens of vocal parts, simulating the choir. She sang with various groups, sang in many places: will not enumerate. But one story I have yet to tell. Once it was called a group sing along harsh blacks. Large black people looked at it – on a small, white sparrow – and frowned. Then they put her behind the microphone and set to work without telling her where to start. And when she listened, she came where necessary. And then I finished – they were silent. Long. And looking at her, but not as much as before. That’s the story.

At the insistence of Chris, she gathered a group. Although he had to make an effort to group gave performances. People listened. People were crying. People remembered and told. You know, it is the rare case when the glory of a man is running ahead, but running alone. And the man himself is not going to catch it, he does not think about her and still sings on the eatery, staring at the floor.

Once it is agreed with the producer of the record, but when it came time to attach the plate presentation, it could not be found – she rode a bicycle or draw, or wander where – God knows. And producers made a record without it.

At the same ceremony, Grace Griffith, her idol, actually, wanted to talk to her. But again, it was not found. “Grace is known for, why would she talk to me, unless it be interesting?” – She later explained his escape.

Several companies were interested in her work, but they offered her a narrow stylistic range – she sang folk, jazz, blues, rock, country, rhythm and blues, pop-rock, but this was not the assignment to which it could go. She refused to squeeze their creativity in a single style. Singing for the glory? Well, it’s not – she said. Therefore, the first solo album of Eve was the last published during his lifetime.

painfully vulnerable but obstinate in everything that concerned the personal beliefs and creative principles, she did not like everything that is connected with sexual chauvinism. A man with whom she had to work, trying to control her work, but there it was.

About her private life little is known. “Sex and destroys relationships,”- she said the mother.”You sleep with a man, and he decides he has no right to you».

In 1991, Chris was introduced to Chuck Brown songs Eve. And in 1992 their joint album «The Other Side» was published. This meant that the album needed to represent. Oh. We know – she sang in public, but in such a large and prestigious institution – ever. She had to overcome the fear and insecurity, which prevented her from childhood to communicate with people. Her dooolgo to persuade and convince. And then … then the owner of the bar says, “It was the best performance in the history of places».

In September 1993, Eva went to the doctor – she grew a mole. She underwent an operation and advised to monitor the health, but on any survey, it did not go.

To provide for themselves, it sold the plant and got a job as a graphic designer interiors school – she had to stand for hours on a stepladder. With this she tied the pain in his hip. Chuck insisted – again, someone insisted that she go to the doctor. The doctor looked at the picture and appointed a new study. It turned out – melanoma. The doctors released her to 3-5 months of life. She lived for four.

In 1994 it was named the best jazz vocalist of the District of Columbia. The small village of Merit. In January 1996, she gave two concerts in Washington, there is a rehash including Sting’s song «Fields Of Gold».

In September 1996, she organized a concert in the club «Bayou». She could not walk, and carried her to the stage. “Why so quiet? Is anyone there? “- She joked. And the shadow of the hall burst into applause. When the applause died down, Eve asked for a handkerchief. “Do not believe it – it is with joy that I’m on stage. Perhaps this you did not notice me. “Hall laughed and cried. Sitting on a chair, she performed the same, sounded tragically hit. She stared into the lights of the stage and sang:”I see the green foliage and red roses. Rainbow in the sky reflected on the faces of the people. I see friends shaking hands and asking, “How are you?”But actually they want me to know that they love me.” It was her last song.

To cry for her voice does not need much effort, and here is the story. Why do people sometimes cry for some songs? Perhaps because there is in man something that make you cry just like that – or rather, because it wants to. The soul? Yes, probably, the soul.

The album «Songbird» has sold over a million discs. All of a sudden realized that this modest girl was brilliant singer.

February 2, 1963 – November 2, 1996. It is written in stone. Big and cold.

Life-long 33 years. The eternal question – why go early to those who could have done more in this life so much? Maybe because it was one of those people that are not adapted to the local world order?

Eva CassidyEva Cassidy
Eva CassidyEva Cassidy
Eva CassidyEva Cassidy

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