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Benjamin Whishaw

Wishaw Benjamin (Benjamin ‘Ben’ Whishaw, 14.10.1980) – English actor, a student of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. The best known role of Hamlet and the title role in the film Tom Tykwer ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’ (‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Whishaw grew up in Bedfordshire, along with twin brother James. Higher education has received in the future actor Samuel Whitbread Community College in Clifton. During college, Benjamin first came to the attention of the general public to attend the theater company Big Spirit. Wishaw had a chance to take part in a number of productions of the company; Among the most notable to be mentioned ‘If This Is A Man’, on the product of Primo Levi, prisoner of Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War. The book was turned into a play for the Edinburgh Festival 1995; Even then, she received a lot of positive reviews. Later Wishaw repeatedly played the role of a character Levi in ​​different versions of the play.

In 2004, Benjamin went to his first really big and really famous role – Hamlet in the variation of Old Vic and Trevor Nunn’s staging. Again, the feedback gathered pretty decent actor. Role of Wishaw had to share with another actor, Al Weaver; Nunn later admitted to using just two actors, in order to reduce the pressure on each of them. Quite quickly, however, it became apparent that Wishaw to cope with the role of an order of magnitude better – is celebrated as spectators, and most critics.

Among the film and television roles Benjamin note the role in the film ‘Layer Cake’ (‘Layer Cake’) and ‘Nathan Barley’ (‘Nathan Barley’). In 2001, the actor was named “most promising newcomer”at the ceremony, the British Independent Film Award; award brought him the picture”My brother Tom ‘(‘ My Brother Tom ‘). In 2005, Wishaw nominated for four awards in the categories ‘Best Actor’ – for his legendary Hamlet.

In the spring of 2005, Benjamin has attracted the attention of the media – along with Robert Boulter and Fraser Ayres, he played a drug dealer in a post-apocalyptic picture of Philip Ridley ‘Mercury Fur’.

The most famous film roles Wishaw, however, has become a perfumer murderer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the film ‘Perfume’. The film was released in September 2006 in Germany and in December 2006 in the United States. In the same year Benjamin starred in Paul Pawlikowski ‘The Restraint of Beasts’; he, however, the broad masses of little was seen.

In 2007, Whishaw played one of the incarnations of Bob Dylan in the film ‘I’m Not There’; a year later he was invited to teleproek

t company ‘Tiger Aspect’, ‘Criminal Justice’. A little later, he was invited to a new adaptation of ‘Brideshead Revisited’, and then – in ‘. some trace of her ‘- a new version of “The Idiot” by the National Theatre.

In 2009, the actor landed the lead role in a production of Mike Bartlett ‘Cock’ at the Royal Court Theatre. In the same year, Whishaw played a classic English poetry of John Keats in the film ‘Bright Star’ written and directed by Jane Campion.

In the winter of 2010, Benjamin made his debut off-Broadway in MCC Theater – he got a role in the American premiere of Alexi Kaye Campbell ‘The Pride’. With him we play Hugh Dancy and Andrea Rizboro; directed by Joe Mantello began to play.

At the moment Wishaw involved in the upcoming film adaptation of the classic works of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” directed by Julie Taymor. In addition, Ben will play a legend of American journalism Lucien Carr in the film ‘Kill Your Darlings’.

Ben WhishawBen Whishaw
Ben WhishawBen Whishaw
Ben WhishawBen Whishaw

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