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Kurt Cobain biography

Each having a gun in the house equal to the Kurt Cobain, everyone knows how to read between the lines is doomed to have a gun in the house …

Kurt Cobain was born somewhere between the start of Apollo 1 and the flight to the United States daughter of Joseph Stalin – in February 1967. The Jews have not defeated Arabs, the Chinese didn’t have hydrogen bomb blew up, and “Beatles” didn’t release “Sergeant Pepper”-“the best album of all time”- all this happened in the first months of his life.

Like all children, he certainly did not notice all these important world events in Grays Hospital lying next to his mother – Elizabeth Wendy Cobain, nineteen years of age and doing the same thing as thousands of other babies.

Kurt was born in the midst of the middle of nowhere as the Americans say. “Center e. tion nothing ” was located in the town of Aberdeen – and that’s not even one of Aberdeen, in Scotland, but only a pale copy of his near Seattle. Speaking of Scotland – the Scottish roots of Cobain were, as well as the German, Irish and English.

By 1967, when Kurt was born Wendy and Donald Leland had been together for about 2 years. Wendy Elizabeth worked as the teacher, the secretary, and sometimes as a waitress, Leland – mechanic in the workshop.

Three years after the birth of Kurt, in 1970 he had a sister, Kim.

So long until I was 9 years old, I was firmly convinced that I would become a rock star or an astronaut or president

Kurt Cobain

Relatives Kurt was very musical – his mother sang well, Aunt Mary Earle played guitar and with his uncle Kurt Chuck acted in country music ensemble. But, of course, all of them surpassed Delabert, Cobain’s great-uncle, the famous Irish tenor, starring in “King of Jazz».

In this kind of family background, and there was a passion for the music of Kurt. At four, he enjoyed singing, composing texts and trying to learn to play the guitar at Mary, but the venture failed. However, Kurt still lost in her rehearsals.

I was incredibly happy child. I kept shouting and singing. Just could not stop in time. I was really happy

Kurt Cobain

As a child, Cobain was short-tempered and sensitive. The boy liked to listen to The Monkees and The Beatles, happy to draw – mostly Disney characters – Pluto, Donald Duck, or superheroes like Aquaman.

At seven to singing and composing text, add live music – having come to grief with a guitar, Mary Earl gave him a drum kit “Mickey Mouse.” Unlike Mary, Donald Kurt wanted to attach to the game of baseball, but to no avail – Cobain would later say that he always prefers the company of losers and cigarette society of those who are crazy about baseball.

Apart from minor childhood afflictions Cobain was a happy childhood, and happiness – not last long.

… today I found my friends.

In his own mind

Kurt Cobain

In 1975, Kurt’s mother away from her husband. Wendy Leland said they did not pay attention to her and the family, all the time giving basketball and baseball. Despite the apparent reluctance Donald Cobain diverge. Kurt eight. His sister – five. The impression made by the parents to break Kurt enormous. He is ashamed of his mother and father and wants to have a normal family.

With the new roommate mother, 22-year-old Michael Medak Kurt did not get along at once. It was then, according to his mother, he became sullen, angry and cynical. So do not make contact with Wendy’s roommate, Kurt decides to move in with his father in Montesano. A wilderness is replaced by another, and teenage conflict with Michael conflict with his new wife of his father.

Jenny Uebsti already had two children – James and Mindy, and in January 1979, gave birth to another – Chad. Living under the same roof with them Kurt seemed unbearable, and he moved again – this time to the grandparents, parents, Donald. A period when he lived with Iris and Leland, successive, where he had to live with relatives of his mother.

In 14 years, Cobain throws drums and accepted a gift for Uncle Chuck – guitar, playing which his trains Warren Mason of «The Beachcombers».

Speaking of uncles – my uncle Kurt Berl, beloved nephew committed suicide a year he moved to his father. A year later, the brother Berl Kenneth shot himself – also with a fatal outcome.

Kurt returns home to his mother. Under the impact of all these events, it is very closed, preferring once again not to leave the house. And when still comes out, it finds a more than dubious entertainment – drawing graffiti lettering, often homosexual content. At the same time, he was closely associated with a couple of gay friends. It’s hard to say what is there was more – homosexuality or protest. Soon, under pressure from the society of their paths diverge.

His mother, Wendy married again in 1984. Her new chosen one, Pat O’Connor – docker and alcoholic. During one quarrel, and it breaks her arm, while the other, she drowns in a river of his arsenal. Kurt quickly hired two guys and pulls the trunks, and then drove them buys power amplifiers, to persuade them to Seller the money to take the “grass” with his drag-dealer.

My name is Kurt, I sing and play guitar, but in general, I’m walking and talking a bacterial infection …

Kurt Cobain

Learning to play the guitar passable, Cobain determined with style. After reading about the «Sex Pistols» in «Creem», Cobain comes on the idea to gather a punk band. As the sound «SP» Kurt knows – Aberdeen their records just do not get it.

Cobain invents his version of punk – “a lot of yelling and three chords”and starts looking for something similar around. Melvins – band from Aberdeen, which attempts to combine punk with elements of hard rock, grunge anticipating future. it seems appropriate. It is in companies’ melvinsov”Cobain closely converges with the Croatian emigrant Krist Novoselic.

Soon Cobain collects first viable group – «Fecal Matter». Kurt became the vocalist and guitarist «Fecal Matter», Dale Crover lived on bass and Greg Hokanson knows drums.

While Kurt deeper immersed in the music, scoring at all, his relationship with his mother deteriorated. Thus, the known incident that occurred when he brought home a girlfriend and tried to have sex with her in her room. Then Wendy rushed to him and threw both out of the house, do not forget to call girl prostitute.

This was the first intimate experience Cobain.

Not finished tenth grade he left school. Mother puts him a choice – away from home or job search, and Kurt – leaves. For a while he sleeps at friends, then in the backyards of their homes in the public library, and finally – under the bridge across the river Wishkah River.

This life experience “white trash” later affected the work of Kurt, especially in his songs such as the «Something in the Way». He also gave the name of the first post-defunct «Fecal Matter» group Cobain – «Skid Row», poor streets of Los Angeles, whose name became a household word.

I was looking for a name that would be beautiful or pleasant or sweet

Kurt Cobain

Once the collapse «Fecal Matter» Kurt walked with friends defunct demo teams, wanting to collect a new composition. After listening to “their” record Novoselic … I forgot about it for a few months. And then suddenly I came to Cobain proposed to create a rock band. At first, they became the drummer Bob McFadden left the group after a month.

«Skid Row», «Ted Ed Fred», «Bliss», «Pen Cap Chew», «Bliss Throad Oyster», «Windowpane» – the name of the newly formed teams change from an astronomical rate and basis of music make achievements «FM» .

In parallel with the search for music, Cobain still forced to begin to look for jobs. In May 1986 a drunken Cobain climbed into someone’s private property “taking” the cops. He is sentenced to 8 days in jail.

Your right to. Nirvana

Kurt Cobain

By the winter of 1987, Kurt and Chris again changed drummer Aaron Burkhardt hiring. Soon he was replaced by Dale Crover, which are written with the participation of the first demo of the team. He was replaced by Dave Foster comes.

In early 1988, a kaleidoscope of names finally vyschёlkivaet cherished «Nirvana». A few months later, in March, the guys give the first concert under the new name, and around May the permanent drummer – Chad Channing. In the same year the newly formed band released the first single «Love Buzz / Big Cheese»

In June 1989, the debut album «Nirvana», published on the label «Sub Pop» and Produced by Jack Endino. Money for the record – 606 dollars and 17 cents lent Jason Everman – seasonal fisherman from Alaska and Channing buddy.

The album is called «Bleach» – bleach.

I’ve never craved neither fame nor anything like that. It just so happened …

Kurt Cobain

In the wake of the success of “Bleach” Nirvana went to a great tour of the West Coast of the United States, performing in 26 cities.

Their debut, combining the influence of punk and black metal, Black Sabbat, Led Zeppelin and The Melvins, liked the “sharks recording”, including Geffen Records. The success cemented the tour, when the boys staged 36 concerts in just 42 days, having won a resounding success with the British public.

Not without difficulty. Label strives to fit the music under the “grunge”, Kurt extruding hard on this theme, and among the musicians themselves began strife, which resulted in the expulsion of Chad, claim a greater role in the creation of texts from the group.

I love all – that’s what is sad …

Kurt Cobain

What is love for Cobain’s hard to say. Shocking the audience, he passionately kissed a bassist, dressed in women’s clothes and said that could be as feminine as he wants. He loved all – black, gay men, women and asked them haters not to come to his concerts. Kurt strutted across the stage in high heels, a bra and a crown, and said that he wanted to be gay, just to annoy the more homophobic.

And then I met Courtney.

This happened in 1989, their acquaintance was fleeting, but both said later that he felt sympathy for each other.

In 1991, Love began to communicate with a new drummer Grohl, who introduced her to the circle of Kurt. Their relations have developed rapidly, and in 1992, a pregnant by Kurt Courtney married him. Cobain was happy.

When I started taking heroin, I knew it would be so boring as smoking marijuana

Kurt Cobain

Along with a passion for Love, Cobain begins to experience and a passionate craving for heroin, which soon will be his “air”. Inevitable problems grow after Nevermind – the most “positive” album Cobain, published in 1991.

The album becomes a “multi-platinum”and Lithium, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are – MTV-hits.”Voice of a generation”Kurt shocked fallen down to”Nirvana” fame – because the new album it seemed corny, too poppy and smooth.

In support of the tour «Nevermind» Chris Cobain and warmed themselves by shock doses of alcohol, smoking “grass” and anything can break the guitar. Grohl sit behind the drums and strictly warned Cobain, so he did not dare to jump on its installation, sipping Haggadah.

Once “alkotura” in 1992 after the birth of Frances Cobain. in an interview with «Vanity Fair» Love he says in passing that pricked heroin while pregnant, not knowing what will happen to the child. But in an article that comes out later claimed that she was sitting on heroin in the last months of pregnancy. Against Love and Kurt started a campaign in the press, and then the court. The verdict is soft – just a regular drug tests for Kurt and Love.

Shortly thereafter, Cobain began work on «In Utero», fend off pesky producers of sound in his vision of a new job. Deliberately rough, crude Albini-produced album, Cobain did not accept, in some detail, and it has already finished the Scott Little. Rumors about the conflict Cobain and label album DGC.V result though was a commercial, still not succeeded «Nevermind», but not left in the mainstream.

It is better to be dead than cool

Kurt Cobain

At the beginning of 1994, “Nirvana” is touring Europe, and on March 1, after a concert in Munich Cobain ill with acute laryngitis and bronchitis. Part of the canceled concerts.

March 4 Love is Kurt at the unconscious. According to the doctors, he pharmacological coma was caused by a “cocktail” of his prescribed Rohypnol and champagne.

Cobain was evacuated after 20 hours. No traces of drugs in his blood there.

March 18 between Kurt and Love comes quarrel. Love calls the police, telling the cops that Kurt de threatening to commit suicide. She’s lying. Kurt still denies, saying that just wants to see his wife – because something and locked in his room.

At this time, Courtney begins to spread rumors that their relationship is in the doldrums due to increased heroin addiction husband. It refutes guitarists warming “Nirvana” and Shelley Barber, claiming that in the last round, Kurt walked with a little water, without touching even to alcohol.

March 20 under the pressure of Love Kurt re-sent to the center «Exodus» Rehabilitation. In a conversation with the doctor, he denies problems with heroin, although it shows a desire to get out of the hospital, “doing away with it».

1 April 1994 Kurt runs the center, jumping over the fence. In Los Angeles, he orders a ticket to Seattle and signed autographs, go home.

8 April 1994 electrician Gary Smith finds the body of Cobain in a greenhouse. His body is ugly – head torn up a shot in the mouth.

In the hands of Cobain traces of injections, blood triple dose of heroin. Clearly no fingerprints on the trunk. Next very foggy suicide note written in red ink. It has no direct reference to his death, and the last line, supposedly converts to Love, perhaps not written by them.

Love expresses itself detective Tom Grant, Kurt disappeared on April 1 but he later finds out that on April 2 Courtney and Kurt seen. It is also alarming indications confused Love, and its attempts to block the credit card Kurt fraudulently.

The divorce process in which the share in the inheritance of Love Kurt could be reduced from 30 to 1 million is minimized. Profit after holders Cobain’s death – 800 million. Dollars.

Well, to hell with them, with the money. Let’s talk about art. In one of the songs, “homosexual, pagan, and pot-bellied pig fucking junkie”wrote:”I am speechless, because I found God».

A true – I found?

Dmitry Melehovets and Valeria Berekchiyan

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