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Eminem will not play a major role in the movie “Southpaw”, but will release the soundtrack to it


In the summer premiere of American sports drama “Lefty”(the original name – «Southpaw»). According to IMDb. US first shows will be held on July 24 about other countries information yet. The main role played Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal). The actor starred in dozens of famous paintings, among them”The Day After Tomorrow,””Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”However, it was initially planned that the image of the hero, the boxer Billy Hope (Billy Hope), rapper Eminem will give (Eminem). Tell us more below while we note that the musician also has the experience of filming a movie in 2002 published a biographical picture of”8 Mile,”Eminem has also played himself in the film”Interview”,”Funny People».

The process of creating the film “Lefty”began back in 2010. The script was written by Kurt Sutter (Kurt Sutter), famous for his work on the television series”The Shield”and”Sons of Anarchy.”He told Deadline Hollywood. that became a source of inspiration is the life of Marshall Mathers (Marshall Mathers), ie of Eminem. Sutter said about the musician:”He was very interested in boxing, it seems, is an apt metaphor, because his whole life – a fight. It is in a sense a continuation of the history & bdquo; 8th mile & ldquo ;, but we’ll do shape the story of the second chapter of his life. “Then a few years the film company to solve organizational issues. Filming could begin in 2012, but Eminem has worked on many musical projects, so was not able to focus on”Lefty.” You may recall that in 2013 the rapper has released the 8th studio album – Eminem «The Marshall Mathers LP 2».

As a result, a very tight schedule has not allowed Eminem to take part in the creation of drama, and in 2014 the main role was appointed Jake Gyllenhaal. Filming began in June last year. The premiere of the trailer took place on 27 of March. And before the premiere of the film, as noted, there are only two months. Around the same time he should leave the soundtrack. Here, fans of the famous rapper waiting for good news – it was written by Eminem. Album release labels Shady Records and Interscope Records. It is noteworthy that the first belongs to the artist and his manager Paul Rosenberg (Paul Rosenberg). According to the official website of the company, the musician is also executive producer of the soundtrack. Soon to be held release of the first single – «Phenomenal». Its passage can be heard in a recent advertising headphone Beats. On the number of songs in the track list. as of the dates of release of the album and the single, not reported, but it said that the new items “are inspired by the film and something more».

Paul Rosenberg said the work on the musical accompaniment: “We participate in the creation of”Lefty”from the beginning, and Eminem devoted himself to the desire to convey a passion for the project through the music. We have prepared a great soundtrack, and he will be accompanied by far one of the best boxing movies in history. “And in this difficult question, because it is assembled an impressive team. Directed by Antoine Fuqua acts (Antoine Fuqua), the world-famous by the movie”Training Day,”for which Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington) has received the”Oscar”. In addition to starring Jake Gyllenhaal shot Forest Whitaker (Forest Whitaker) and Rachel McAdams (Rachel McAdams). In addition, “Lefty” can be seen boxer Victor Ortiz (Victor Ortiz), Oru musicians Rita (Rita Ora), Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese Gibson), Curtis Jackson (Curtis Jackson), known as 50 Cent. and many other stars.

The story of the film tells the story of boxer Billy Hope, who is at the peak of glory, but in spite of that, his wife begs him to leave his career, so he could spend more time with her daughter. And the athlete agrees to this step, it is ready to devote himself to a loving family. But at a party, where Bill Hope announced his decision, his wife was killed. After the tragedy of the fighter turned manager, and social services took her daughter. The only hope to get her back – once again enter the ring.

The trailer for the film “Lefty»

Advertising Beats to the passage of the song Eminem «Phenomenal»

Kurt SutterKurt Sutter
Kurt SutterKurt Sutter
Kurt SutterKurt Sutter

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