David Gallagher

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David Gallagher

David Gallagher

Born February 9, 1985 in New York. His parents divorced almost immediately after his birth. According to the mother, David – Cuban, and for his father – an Irishman. He has two half-sister and two half-brothers.

Like many Hollywood actors, David started acting very young. He first starred in commercials when he was six years old.

In 1993, he made his debut in the movie “Look who’s talking about.” There he played the son of the hero of John Travolta.

The following year, David appeared on the scene of one of the New York theater in the production of “A Christmas Carol,” based on the eponymous story by Charles Dickens. He was the youngest actor, playing the role of Scrooge. Talent actor appreciated not only the audience, but also criticism in his articles.

In 1996, the actor has started filming the show “Seventh Heaven.” The family drama was very popular, thanks to its long David had his own army of fans. He became the idol of millions of teenagers.

In the same year he managed to star in the acclaimed film “The Phenomenon».

Once the series “Seventh Heaven” David was invited to play in many more successful projects. As a rule, he brought down the role of the son.

In 1998, the studio has invited David Nikelodion articulate heroes of popular cartoons. The actor was interested in trying a new role, and he agreed.

In 2003, David decided to retire from the eighth season of the series “Seventh Heaven.” The fact that the actor went to university and did not want to visit him only in his free time shooting.

In 2005, David co-produced low-budget film “The Portrait of Dorian Gray.” He was included in the competition program of a few little-known festivals, but the recognition of the public and the higher sales and the film did not see.

In 2006, the creators of the series “Seventh Heaven” decided to launch the eleventh season. David for unclear reasons, refused to renew the contract.

David was also seen in the TV series «CSI Miami». For several series he was playing a dangerous killer.

In 2007, David began filming a horror movie “Boogeyman 2”. In rolling the film was never released – straight on the shelves.

In general, after the TV series “Seventh Heaven,” the actor no large and permanent contacts. He plays bit parts in many TV series and starred in the little-known and low-budget films.

In 2003-2004, he had a relationship with actress and super star Megan Fox. The next two years he met with the star of “Playboy” Jillian Grace.

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David GallagherDavid Gallagher
David GallagherDavid Gallagher
David GallagherDavid Gallagher

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