Daniel Johnston

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Daniel Johnston

Johnston was diagnosed ‘manic depression’ and ‘schizophrenia’. Mental disorders are a problem all his life musician.

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Daniel was born in Sacramento, California (Sacramento, California), grew up in West Virginia (West Virginia). He began recording music since the 1970s, using a mono tape recorder firms ‘Sanyo’. Daniel sang, played the piano and elektroorgane. Was released from the high school Oak Glen High School, Johnston spent several weeks at Abilene Christian University (Abilene Christian University), but was expelled.

Fame at a music career began to seek Johnston, moved to Austin, Texas (Austin, Texas). He drew the attention of the local press because of its habit of giving away tape to everyone you meet. His live performances and the audience eagerly attended was always waiting with anticipation.

His local fame has led to the fact that in 1985, Johnston starred in an episode of the program ‘The Cutting Edge’ on MTV, which tells about ostinovskoy music scene. Then, in the same year he took part in the festival Vudshok (Woodshock) in Austin.

In 1988, Johnston went to New York (New York City), which recorded the album ‘1990’. It was his first experience of working in a professional studio, all of the previous ten years, he did write at home. After the release of his mental condition was deteriorating rapidly.

Interest in the personality Johnston grew when Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) appeared in public in a T-shirt with the image of the album cover Johnston ‘Hi, How Are You’, which he presented to this journalist. Despite the fact that Daniel had already been in a psychiatric hospital, the war broke out among the labels for the contract. Johnston refused to sign a multi-year contract with ‘Elektra Records’, because the first label in the list was a group of ‘Metallica’, and he was convinced that they are under the power of Satan, and he will certainly harm. He also broke the contract with his manager, because he believed that he also possessed by Satan. Eventually, in February 1994, he made contact with the ‘Atlantic Records’ and in September released the album ‘Fun’, the victim a commercial failure. In 1996, the label broke the contract with Johnston.

In 1990, Johnston was speaking at a music festival in Austin. Back to West Virginia, he returned to the small twin plane, driven by the musician’s father, Bill (Bill). On the way from Johnston had an attack. Johnston decided he – ghost Casper, remove the ignition key and threw it over the side of the aircraft. Despite the fact that the bottom was nothing but trees, father, US Air Force pilot, was able to make an emergency landing. The aircraft was not subject to restoration, but Daniel and his father hardly affected. As a result of this incident, it was decided again to send Johnston in a psychiatric hospital.

Johnston’s latest album, ‘Is and Always Was’, was released October 6, 2009.

Johnston artworks exhibited in various galleries. In 2006 his works were exhibited in the Gallery of watercolors in London (Aquariym Gallery, London) and New York gallery Clementine Gallery, in 2008 – on ‘Liverpool Biennial’.

In 1993, the shop owners’ Sound Exchange ‘Austin asked Johnston to draw us to the wall places with a frog mural, depicted on the cover of the album’ Hello,

How Are You? ‘. The frog is also known under the name “Jeremiah the Innocent ‘(‘ Jeremiah the Innocent ‘). By the time this image has become widely known through pictures of Kurt Cobain T-shirt with this design. The store was later closed, the room remained vacant until 2004, when it opened the Mexican eatery ‘Baja Fresh’. Wall with mural would carry, but people living in the neighborhood, managers persuaded her to leave. In spring 2008, I went on sale collectible figurine depicting Jeremiah – limited quantities, and in different colors.

March 13, 2012 Johnston released his first collection of comic books titled ‘Space Ducks – An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness’.

Also, Johnston worked with the studios’ Dr. Fun Fun ‘and’ Smashing Studios’ during the development of games for IPhone ‘Hi, How Are You’. The game is very similar to the ‘Frogger’, but includes pictures and music Johnston.

Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston
Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston
Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston

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