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Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell Virgil was born in Springfield (MA) March 17, 1951 His father, Bing Russell wanted to be an actor, but due to an injury sustained at the time when he was engaged in professional sports, and could not do . Like his father, Kurt, too, inherited the love for the sport. From childhood he loved to play baseball. At age 10, he took part in the casting for the film about baseball, but, of course, did not come because of their age.

In 1960, Kurt signed his first contract with Walt Disney for 10 years. After his role in the film ” Die-hard Professor & raquo ;, where he first has frequently appeared on the screen, began to talk about it, as a new star. Filming took away most of the time the young actor. Instead of studying Kurt all their little free time spent with tutors. In personal life, as well as on numerous fans, not enough time.

After school, Kurt Russell went to serve in the National Guard. And on returning home I decided to leave kinodeyatelnost to realize his dream of becoming a baseball player. For two years he played baseball for the ” California Angels & raquo ;. But, once he received a serious injury, was forced to once again come to grips with the actor’s craft.

Over 15 years of film career as Kurt was mostly monotonous: he played intelligent, well-groomed boys. This success came to Russell, when he in 1979 played the role of Elvis Presley in the movie John Carpenter “Elvis & raquo ;. For her, he was nominated for”Emmy & raquo ;. Cooperation with Carpenter proved fatal. For the”Elvis” followed by roles in other successful films that made him a star of the first magnitude.

The best film starring Kurt Russell considered: “Escape from New – York”(1981),”Something”(1982),”Silkwood”(1983),”Big Trouble in Little China”(1986),”Overboard”(1987),”Tango and Cash”(1989),”fiery whirlwind”(1992),”Stargate”(1994),”Escape from LA”(1996),”Executive Decision”(1996),”Soldier” (1998).

For his role in the film “Silkwood & raquo ;, where Kurt showed the depth of his acting, he was nominated for”Golden Globe & raquo ;. A film”Accident”He earned him the award for”My favorite actor thriller & raquo ;. While Kurt was in excellent physical shape, one of the films to prove it is” & raquo ;, soldier on the set where all the tricks he performed himself.

Among his last works: “Interstate 60″(2002),”Poseidon”(2006),”Death Proof” (2007).

Currently, Kurt Russell continues to act and to lead a happy married life with actress Goldie Hawn. Their marriage is considered one of the most successful in Hollywood.

Kurt WarnerKurt Warner
Kurt WarnerKurt Warner
Kurt WarnerKurt Warner

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