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James Mason / James Mason / – biography

James Mason was born in Huddersfield, England. His father – John Mason, was a wealthy merchant. Born James had acting skills, he played a role in the pleasure. The actor trained as an architect at the University of Cambridge, and in his spare time involved in theater stages and performances. After graduation Mason entered the Old Vic Theatre, which is located in London.

He made his debut on stage in 1931, James. Since 1935, the actor received starring roles in many films. When it was World War II, Mason did not go to the army. During these years he became popular. Mason played in the film “Brodie Castle”in 1942. In 1943 he starred in the film”A man in a gray & raquo ;. In 1945 came the film”Wicked Lady”with Mason. In the same year, he starred in the title role in the highly successful film”The Seventh Veil & raquo ;, after James Mason knew him around the world. In 1947 he played in the film”eliminated from the game & raquo ;, and two years later, the actor starred in a Hollywood film”Captive & raquo ;. Mason played in the”Desert Fox”in 1951 and”Desert Rats”in 1953. In 1952 he participated in the”five fingers & raquo ;. In 1953 he played in Marcus Brutus”Julius Caesar & raquo ;. In 1954 he starred in the films”A Star Is Born”and”20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”Film with Mason”Larger Than Life”It came out in 1956. After 3 years the actor has appeared in motion pictures”North by Northwest”and”Journey to the Center of the Earth & raquo ;. In 1962, he starred in the film”Lolita & raquo ;, and in 1965 he participated in the”Lord of Jimma & raquo ;. In the late 1970s, James became a teacher of actor Sam Neill. In 1975 he starred in Mason”Mandingo & raquo ;. After 4 years he played in the”the Salem vampire & raquo ;. In 1982, for his role as a lawyer in the film”Verdict”the actor was nominated for the famous prize”Oscar & raquo ;. A year later, he appeared on the screens in the movie”Yellow Beard & raquo ;, which played the leader of the pirates. Mason’s last role was the role of a businessman in the film based on the novel of the writer Green”Dr. Fischer of Geneva & raquo ;. During his life, James was three times nominated for”Oscar & raquo ;, as well as” Golden Globe & raquo ;, one of whom he received.

The actor was very fond of different animals, but most of all he loved cats. Mason and his wife created the book ” cats in our lives & raquo ;, which was published in 1949. The book tells different stories about cats and a few dogs. Most of the books written by James, and he added in her illustrations.

James MasonJames Mason
James MasonJames Mason
James MasonJames Mason

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