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James Stewart / James Stewart / – biography

James Stewart – American actor. James was born on May 20, 1908 in the town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. The future actor was in Prinstonsokm University, where he met with director Joshua Logan and after graduation began performing and his troupe. In the company he sdruzhidsya with another famous man – Henry Fonda. Together they decide to conquer Broadway and moving to New York in 1932. The wife of the Foundation was a famous actress and once asked the director to choose one of Stewart’s role and thus James Stewart gets in Hollywood.

The debut took place in the musical actor “Born to dance”1935, and the 1938 film became a classic. The following year, there is a film”Mr. Smith Goes to Washington & raquo ;, where James has created a stunning image of a loser. In 1940, for the role of film”The Philadelphia Story”actor received an Oscar. In this movie he played superbly along with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. When the Second World War begins actor sent the army simply ordinary. He was the first movie star went to serve in the army. Until 1943, he served as an instructor pilot, and then ask at the front and he was sent to England. During the war, he spent at least 20 sorties and was one of the few who is 4 years became colonel of the ordinary. After the war he went into the reserve, but officially retired only in 1968 with the rank of brigadier general. After the war, returned to the movies and starred in the film 1946″This wonderful life & raquo ;. Complicating Shobi role from him and became otdalatsya public is not accustomed to seeing him in such roles, and he had to continue acting in thrillers and westerns:”Call: Nordsayd, 777″1948,”River Bend”1952,”Winchester 73″1950,”distant land where gold underfoot” 1955. Thanks James appeared generally the actors get a percentage of fees the movie.

At this time there and a change in his marital status. In 1949, he married Gloria McLean Centerfolds. Although there were rumors about all kinds of his novels, but they were not confirmed. In the 50’s actively working with Alfred Hitchcock and starred in several of his films: “a man who knew too much”1956,”Vertigo” 1958. Already in the ’60s, he removed either Westerns or comedies playing undistinguished people. He appears on the screen less and in 1970 announced the resignation of cinema. Although some movies filmed in 80-ies. In 1984, the actor received an Oscar for his contribution and achievements in cinema. In 1995, in his hometown after his house-museum. Actor died July 2, 1997 at the age of 89 years.

Place of Birth: United States, Indiana, Pennsylvania

James StewartJames Stewart
James StewartJames Stewart
James StewartJames Stewart

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