Alain Soral

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Alain Soral.

Alain Soral (fr. Alain Soral ; October 2, 1958, Aix-les-Bains, France) – French social and political activist, essayist, sociologist, writer, director, director of the publishing house «Kontre Kulture». One of the prominent French intellectuals of our time. In a wide range known for his criticism of capitalism, US imperialism, the ideas of communitarianism and mass culture. Brother of the famous French actress Agnès Soral. He considers himself a political “avant-garde” of French society.


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Alain Soral was born on October 2, 1958 in the French city of Aix-les-Bains. In 20 years, he enters the National School of Fine Arts, where he studied for 4 years, after which the family lives in the Parisian professors, at the urging of whom trained at the Higher School of Social Sciences. One of his teachers became French philosopher and economist, Cornelius Castoriadis, theorist communist left group “Socialism or barbarism”, which affects the formation of the political views of young Soralya.

While studying sociology Soral interested fashion. Wrote his first literary works: «Les mouvements de mode expliqués aux parents» («Fashion trends for parents”), which is one of the sponsors, and the autobiographical novel «Le Jour et la nuit ou la vie d’un vaurien» («Day and night life or the rake “). However, the literary work is not profitable, and Soral became interested in cinema. He shoots short films «Chouabadaballet, une dispute amoureuse entre deux essuie-glaces» and «Les Rameurs, misère affective et culture physique à Carrière-sur-Seine». In between the film works as a reporter in Zimbabwe.

In the 90s Soral, fascinated by the works of Karl Marx Gyorgy Lukacs, Henri Wallon, Lucien Goldman and Michel Kluskara, he joined the French Communist Party. During this time he published his book «Sociologie du Dragueur» («Sociology womanizer”), which becomes a “sociological best-seller” of the time.

In 1996, Alain Soral filming French director Catherine Breillat, affecting in his work the problem of relations between the sexes and sexuality. In the movie “Perfect love» («Parfait amour!») Soral plays a major role, Philip.

At the same time, he wrote an essay «Vers la féminisation? – Démontage d’un complot antidémocratique »(« On the way to feminism? Exposing the anti-democratic conspiracy “), which becomes an apologist for his anti-feminist philosophy.

In the late 90’s based on his own book “Sociology womanizer”Alain Soral shoots a feature film of the same name, which, despite the success of the book, remains without attention of the French public. After the failure of the film focuses on Soral completely creative writing and a passion for cinema throws. He wrote an essay”Jusqu’où va-t-on descendre? – Abécédaire de la bêtise ambiante”, («Where do we roll? The ABCs of public stupidity»), «Socrate à Saint-Tropez» («Socrates in Saint Tropez” 2003), «Misères du désir» («Insignificance of Desire”, 2004). In 2006 he published his novel «CHUTe! Éloge de la disgrâce ».

In 2007 Soral becomes a member of the central committee of the right-wing party “National Front”, where out in 2009 because of disagreements with the party leadership. In 2007, he founded and headed by dissident political movement of nationalist left-wing «Egalité et Reconciliation» («Equity and Reconciliation”). He founded the publishing house Kontre Kulture.

His latest book «Comprendre l’Empire» («Understand the Empire”), published in 2011, became a national bestseller.

Works Alain Soralya mainly focus on the sociological Marxist analysis of contemporary society. The basis of political philosophy Soralya is:

  • criticism of the theory of communitarianism;
  • criticism of feminism, particularly neo-feminist movement;
  • criticism of capitalism and the imperialist US foreign doctrine;
  • critique of mass culture society;
  • Zionism
  • discussion about a possible territorial division of France.

The term, which introduces Soral to characterize modern society – “a society desires» («desire society»). Such a society is, in his opinion, is formed, above all, the media and the cult of celebrity that promote media. Thus, in a dispute about the “secular”French schools, Soral speaks more for wearing the veil by Muslim girls, comparing them with wearing”bikini”, which is just one of the attributes, inspired by the “society of desire” and popular culture.

As a member of the French Communist Party in the early 90s, Soral withdrawal from the party because of disagreement with its rejection of revolutionary ideas. During the 2002 presidential elections he was in favor of left-opposition candidate Jean-Pierre Chevenement (Jean-Pierre Chevènement).

In 2005 Soral adjacent to the far-right party “National Front”. During the election campaign, he is responsible for the direction of social policy and against the French suburbs under the leadership of Marine Le Pen. It is compared with Jacques Doriot, French neosotsialistom beginning of 1930 and the Vichy collaborationist regime.

In 2007 Soral becomes a member of the central committee of the National Front. In 2009, because of disagreement with the policy of the party on some issues (in particular, the critical position of the National Front against Islam), it comes out in 2009.

In 2007, Alain Soral founded a political movement «Egalité et Reconciliation», a kind of political think tanks, “think tanks”, which, according to the idea of ​​the organizers, taken from the left-wing “economic ideas”and”cultural values” from the right .


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1996, Parfait Amour! . director Catherine Breillat, role – Philippe.

Alain SoralAlain Soral
Alain SoralAlain Soral
Alain SoralAlain Soral

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