Alain Delon

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Alain Delon

Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon

French film and theater actor, director, producer and screenwriter.

Born on November 8, 1935 in Co (south suburb of Paris), the department of Hauts-de-Seine (Upper Seine), France.

Alain Delon’s mother worked in a pharmacy, the father owned a small cinema “Regina” Bourg-la-Rhine. When he was 4 years old, her parents divorced. Repeatedly excluded from school. At 17, he was arrested.

As a young man, Alain Delon was fond of everything: love to ride a bike, play football, watch movies. The only thing he did not dream, it’s an actor’s career. Enlisted in the army, he served in the Navy in Indochina. He was demoted three times for misconduct and re-promoted to the rank. In 1956 he returned to Paris and began to look for a job. He studied acting classes, played in the theater. Due to the natural sociability of Alain Delon was able to meet with the two stars of the film – Jean Claude Brialy and Brigitte Auber. Soon he received an offer from Hollywood, but rather a role in the French film “When a woman interfere”(1957,”Quand la femme s ‘ en mele”).

In 1964 he founded the production company “Delbo produkson”, which lasted until 1965. Since 1968 – owner of the company “Adele produkson”. In 70-80 years, often acted as a co-author of films with his participation.

Personal life: Alain Delon always accused of tyranny and cruelty to the woman he loved. After the death of beloved actor Romy Schneider, her mother has published memoirs, in which Alain Delon presented a vicious monster. “He can do with it anything you like. Kisses and blows, he forced her to take up the new morality: now everything is permitted. Men can beat women. Men can sleep with men, receiving from it all blessings”, – she wrote. Alain Delon did not refute these allegations.

The first time Alain Delon married August 13, 1964, when he was 28. His choice was 23-year-old Francine Canova, known in the world of film as a director and actress Nathalie Delon. Their son Anthony Delon, born September 30, 1964, also became an actor. However, a few years later, August 25, 1968 the couple divorced.

With an actress Mireille Darc, Alain Delon lived for 15 years. This relationship ended tragically. Mireille got into a car accident. Alain Delon showed nobility, threw all the shooting and did not leave her bed as long as the actress has not recovered. Then Alain Delon dumped her.

In 1987 Delon met a Dutch fashion model Rosalie Van Bremen (born 02/08/1966), who studied at the Lyceum and reached the degree of bachelor. Between Rosalie and Alain had a romance developed into a second civil marriage of the actor. Rosalie gave Alain two children – 25 November 1990 daughter Annushka, and March 18, 1994 – his son Alain-Fabien. In 2002, Allen and Rosalie left. Today the actor is single.

prizes and awards

An officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Special Award “David Donatello”, 1972, Italy.

Award “Cesar” (1984):

Best Actor (“Our history”)

Nomination “Cesar”:

Alain DelonAlain Delon
Alain DelonAlain Delon
Alain DelonAlain Delon

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