Matt Barnes

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Matt Barnes.

Matt Kelly Barnes (Eng. Matt Kelly Barnes ; born March 9, 1980, Santa Clara, California) – American professional basketball player who plays for the team of the National Basketball Association “Memphis Grizzlies”. Barnes plays the positions of light and heavy forwards, throws well with medium and long range. He was selected in the second round under the 46th number in the NBA draft in 2002 a team of “Memphis Grizzlies┬╗.


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Matt Barnes was born in the California town of Santa Clara, was in high school, del Campo in Sacramento. In the final year, playing for the school basketball team, he averaged 30 points per game, made 10 rebounds, 6 blokshotov, 5 steals and 3 assists. Also in high school, he played football on the position of the receiver and was even included in the symbolic team of the best players in the United States among schoolchildren. After leaving school in 1998, Barnes entered the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied for four years. In the last season in the championship game of the student he averaged 13.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and made 3.5 transmission.

In the NBA Draft in 2002 Barnes was selected in the second round under 46-set tiebreak club “Memphis Grizzlies”. June 26, the day of pick, he was traded along with Nick Anderson in “Cleveland Cavaliers”for Wesley Person. Barnes was preparing for the season in the”Cavaliers”, but October 18, 2002 was from the Players removed from squad. October 31, he was selected in the NBA Draft D-League under the 106th number of the club “Feyettvill Patriots.”Before the season 2003/2004 Barnes signed for the club,”Seattle SuperSonics”but two weeks later was Players removed from squad. In the period from 2004 to 2006, Matt played for four different NBA,”Los Angeles Clippers”, “Sacramento Kings”, “Philadelphia 76ers”and”New York Knicks”. None of the teams that he failed to gain a foothold in 2006, Barnes thought to continue a career as an NFL football player.

In October 2006, shortly before the start of the season, Barnes signed a contract with the club “Golden State Warriors”. He was able to finally get a stable place in the lineup, 23 games of the season, he played in the starting five, instead of forward Mike Dunleavy Jr.. As part of the “Warriors”Barnes proved excellent sniper, in a season by implementing 106 of 290 three-point shots, and in one of the matches of the regular season, he hit 7 times due to the three-point line, thereby repeating the club record. Season 2006/2007 Matt finished with the index 9.8 points per game. In the playoffs, he raised his 2007 performance to 11 points per game and helped the”Warriors”, seeded eighth number, beat in the first round of the Western Conference best team, “Dallas Mavericks”. In August 2007, Barnes signed with the “Warriors” contract for another season, during which he was one of three team captains along with | Steven Jackson]] and Baron Davis.

July 22, 2008 Barnes signed a one-year contract with the club, “Phoenix Suns”. For Arizona club he played 77 games, 40 of them played in the starting five, gaining an average of 10.2 points. July 23, 2009 signed a contract with Matt, “Orlando Magic” for two years with the possibility of termination after the first season. He was replaced in the position of a light striker left the team in the offseason Hedo Turkoglu.

In summer 2010, Barnes decided to terminate the contract with “Magic”and becoming a free agent, signed a two-year contract with the”Los Angeles Lakers” in the amount of $ 3.6 million.

Matt BarnesMatt Barnes
Matt BarnesMatt Barnes
Matt BarnesMatt Barnes

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