Alain Souchon

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Alain Souchon.

Alain Souchon (fr. Alain Souchon ) (b. May 27, 1944, Casablanca, Morocco) is a French actor, singer, composer and songwriter.


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Born in a family of scholar and writer. In late 1944, the family moved to Paris.

In 1959, when Allen was not quite 15 years, he and his family got into a serious car accident that killed his father. His father’s death deeply shocked the future artist. In 1977 he recorded the song «Dix-huit ans que je t’ai à l’œil» . dedicated to this tragic event.

Once his father’s death the family was experiencing financial difficulties. Alena’s mother sent to the French school in England, where he was not accepted and was forced to earn a living doing odd jobs. On his return to Paris began performing small concerts at various venues, and in 1971 the studio Pathé released 3 records on 45 rpm, which, however, were not successful.

The first big success was waiting Souchon in 1973, when a musical contest Rose d’or d’Antibes, he presented a song «L’amour 1830» . Souchon was then honored with special awards according to the music critics and the press.

In 1974, Souchon meets budding musician Laurent Vulzi. They begin to work, and in the same year the debut album Souchon «J’ai dix ans» (known for the eponymous title track from the album), which Vulzi wrote and arranged the music tracks. Souchon himself wrote the lyrics of all the songs and played them, but sometimes wrote the music.

In 1976, in collaboration with Vulzi and partly with Michel Zhonazom, Souchon released his second album, «Bidon» . The eponymous song from the album was a success.

In the future Vulzi Souchon and many cooperated several albums Souchon to a number of written only the two of them. Souchon also wrote the lyrics to some songs Vulzi – so he wrote the words to the first big hit Vulzi «Rockollection» .

In 1983 he released the album Souchon «On avance», written in collaboration with Yves Martin (a pseudonym – Lionel Leroy), Michel Zhonazom, Laurent Vulzi, David McNeil and Louis Shedidom. The latter wrote the music for the composition «On avance» . has become another success Souchon.

In 1993, the singer released the album «C’est déjà ça» . which includes the best of today his song «Foule sentimentale» (words and music Souchon). With this album, the band picked up the award for “Best Performer of the Year”and”Best Song of the Year”at the ceremony music awards Victoires de la Musique (1994). In the category”Best Song of the Year” Souchon had won with the song «Quand j’serai KO» (1990), but the glory of this song was much less. In 2005, the year of the 20th anniversary of Victoires de la musique . Song «Foule sentimentale» has been recognized as the best of the two decades during which presented the award.

In December 2008 came the last album to date Souchon «Écoutez d’où ma peine vient» . The first single from this album – song «Parachute doré» for some time been available for free download the full version of the official website of the singer.

Since the late ’70s Souchon in films, fame as an actor brought him roles in movies such as “I love you”and”One Deadly Summer».

In 1970, Souchon married soon had a son, Pierre. A few years later, in 1978, I was born in the family of another child – a son Charles Souchon. Both of them, just like his father, became musicians: Pierre and his elder son Laurent Vulzi Julien formed a group Les Cherche Midi . Charles began to act as a solo artist under the name of Urs ( Ours – «Bear»).

Alain Souchon have four brothers and two half-brothers and half-sister.


Studio albums

  • 1974: J’ai dix ans ;
  • 1976: Bidon ;
  • 1977: Jamais content ;
  • 1978: Toto 30 ans, rien que du malheur. ;
  • 1980: Rame ;
  • 1983: On avance ;
  • 1985: C’est comme vous voulez ;
  • 1988: Ultra moderne solitude ;
  • 1990: Nickel (award Victoires de la Musique in the category “Best Album of the Year”, 1991);
  • 1993: C’est déjà ça ;
  • 1999: Au ras des pâquerettes ;
  • 2005: La Vie Théodore ;
  • 2008: Écoutez d’où ma peine vient .

Alain SouchonAlain Souchon
Alain SouchonAlain Souchon
Alain SouchonAlain Souchon

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