Paul Simon

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Paul Simon

Paul Frederic Simon (born. Paul Frederic Simon; October 13th, 1941, New Jersey) – rock musician, poet and composer, winner of three awards “Grammy”in the category”Best Album of the Year” (1970, 1975, 1986) .


Simon was born into a Jewish family, he grew up in Queens, studied at Columbia University. In winter 1957-1958, and in 1964-1970 years he recorded and performed in a duo with his friend by Art Garfunkel school like Simon and Garfunkel. Being responsible for the musical side of the project, Simon alone created almost his entire repertoire. In 1962 he played in a band Tico & the Triumphs, in 1963 recorded a single under the pseudonym of Jerry Landis (Jerry Landis), and in spring 1965 released a solo album in England folk music «The Paul Simon Songbook», where Bob felt a strong impact Dylan (up to a parody of it).

Once the commercial and the artistic triumph of Simon and Garfunkel album «Bridge over Troubled Water» (1970), the band stopped recording together. Some tracks from this record showed growing interest in Simon’s folk music of other countries: for example, the famous song «El Condor Pasa» was a music composer Simons processing Daniel Aloma Robles (Spanish. Daniel Alomia Robles).

The interest in Latin American motives is preserved on a solo album «Paul Simon» (January 1972). Rolling Stone magazine holds the view that it is this drive – the best solo work musician. The central song – «Mother and Child Reunion» (4th place in the US) – was recorded in Jamaica reggae.

In May 1973, Simon released his second solo album, «There Goes Rhymin ‘Simon», which included popular hits «Kodachrome» and «Loves Me Like a Rock». More ambitious was the next drive – «Still Crazy After All These Years» (October 1975, 1st place in the Billboard 200, “Grammy”for best album of the year). This album contains some of the most famous songs of Simon, including the biggest hits of his entire solo career -“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover» (1st place in the Billboard Hot 100).

Once in the mid-1970s to the holder of America’s most popular performers, Simon until the end of the decade almost did not write new music. He published a collection of the best songs played Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning film “Annie Hall” and then wrote the script for the movie and the song «One Trick Pony» (1980), in which he also starred. In 1981, he performed together with Garfunkel before half a million spectators crowd in New York’s Central Park; This was followed by a joint world tour and output solo «Hearts and Bones» (October 1983), which was sold with great difficulty, but was sympathetically received by critics.

In the mid-1980s, Simon – like all major singer-songwriters in the world of North American rock music – turned to musical experiments. Unlike Dylan, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, his innovation was appreciated and the general public, and the musical establishment. His latest CD, «Graceland» (August 1986), the musician recorded in Johannesburg and London, with a group of black musicians. This album in the United States contributed to the interest in ethnic music («world music»). It has become the most cash in the entire solo career Simon and brought him a third “Grammy” for best album. By the number of statuettes in this prestigious nomination with him matched only by Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra.

Following the African music Simon captivated Brazilian motifs that dominate the album «The Rhythm of the Saints» (August 1990). The following year he played another free concert in Central Park; record this speech went “live” album.

In the second half of 1990, Simon was engaged in writing a Broadway musical «The Capeman», which failed miserably, bringing creators losses of 11 million dollars. The play tells the story of a teenage killer, who seriously changed his way of thinking in prison. Musical criticism from the ethical position, believing that this character can not be the subject of a popular play.

In 1999, Simon has performed with Bob Dylan. In 2000, the album was released «You’re the One», and in 2006 in collaboration with Brian Eno released an album «Surprise». In 2007, the Library of Congress awarded him the first ever “Gershvinovskuyu Award” for his contribution to American art song.

Paul SimonPaul Simon
Paul SimonPaul Simon
Paul SimonPaul Simon

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