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Bruce Springsteen / Bruce Springsteen

Biography of Bruce Springsteen AP

Bruce Springsteen born on September 23, 1949 in New Jersey (USA).

As a teenager, Springsteen played in several rock bands yard. By the beginning of 1970. He settled in New York’s Greenwich Village, where he performed songs in the spirit of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.

Start a career

In January 1973, Springsteen’s debut album, Greeting from Asbury Park, NJ . followed by six months followed by a drive The Wild, the Innocent & amp; the E-Street Shuffle . They are not attracted considerable attention and sold does not matter, though, after the triumph of the subsequent plates still went platinum. Moreover – song Blinded by the Light from the first album Springsteen in 1977, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, however, in the performance of the team Manfred Mann ‘ s Earth Band.

In 1974, Springsteen has created E-Street Band – ensemble, which was designed to accompany him during his tours in the United States.

Star Time

In August 1975, Springsteen’s third album, Born to Run, making author for some time in the most sought after character in the American music industry.

In 1978, Springsteen wrote the song Because the Night for Patti Smith, which became her biggest hit.

Despite the growing competition every year, Springsteen released in October 1980 very decent double album The River . which contained the song Hungry Heart, has become one of his business cards. In September 1982, followed by an acoustic disc Nebraska .

In June 1984 Springsteen’s next album, Born in the USA . It became a phenomenon not only rock, but also popular music. Seven hits against him were released as singles, and all of them were in the top ten of the US sales chart (this is the only such case in history). The album became ten times platinum. In the wake of this triumph Springsteen for two years he toured the US and Europe. Released in November 1986, a live recording Live also topped the Billboard 200.

During the 1990s and 2000s. musician assembled an impressive collection of Grammy Awards, including a statuette for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance (2002 song The Rising ).

In 2008, Springsteen has established itself as a politically active artist. During the presidential campaign of 2008 in the United States, he actively campaigned for Democratic candidate – Barack Obama.

In July 2013 the world cinema screens came the British documentary film Baillie Walsh Springsteen and I . covering the entire life and career as a musician.

  • 1973 – Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.
  • 1973 – The Wild, the Innocent & amp; the E Street Shuffle
  • 1975 – Born to Run
  • 1978 – Darkness on the Edge of Town
  • 1980 – The River
  • 1982 – Nebraska
  • 1984 – Born in the U.S.A.
  • 1987 – Tunnel of Love
  • 1992 – Human Touch
  • 1992 – Lucky Town
  • 1995 – The Ghost of Tom Joad
  • 2002 – The Rising
  • 2005 – Devils & amp; Dust
  • 2006 – We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
  • 2007 – Magic
  • 2009 – Working On A Dream
  • 2012 – Wrecking Ball

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Bruce SpringsteenBruce Springsteen
Bruce SpringsteenBruce Springsteen
Bruce SpringsteenBruce Springsteen

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