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Among the rock singers there is hardly anyone like Paul Rodgers, which produced not only great solo albums, but also led the three world-famous team (“Free”, “Bad Company”, “The Firm”). Many of his songs have become international mega-hits, and for his vocal actor earned the nickname “The Voice”. Paul Rogers was born in Middlesbrough 17 December 1949. Even as a teenager guy started writing songs, simultaneously mastering the guitar, piano and bass. In 13 years, Paul already being performed in local clubs, and immediately after school with a group of “The Roadrunners”to conquer London. The next step in getting started experience rhythm and blues band”The Wildflowers”and”Brown Sugar”. The last of these formations Rogers guitarist Paul Kossoff found, the temptation vocalist organization of the joint project “Free”.

In the late 60’s – early 70’s group along with “Led Zeppelin”has become the most well-known supplier of British heavy blues.”Free”was released a lot of interesting material, among which the rock anthem”All Right Now”. In 2000, the number of airplay of the song written by Paul in collaboration with bassist Andy Fraser, exceeded two million.

Once the collapse of the “Free”Rogers, along with guitarist”Mott The Hoople”Mick Ralphs organized a new team,”Bad Company”. This project turned out to be no less successful than the previous one, and a “long-playing”. During the first ten years of its existence “bad company”gave birth to six multi-platinum albums. At that time, Rogers was written and performed hits such as”Feel Like Making Love”, “Can t Get Enough”, “Shooting Star”, “Bad Company”, “Run With The Pack”and many others. In addition, Paul proved himself not only as a serious singer, but also as an outstanding guitarist and keyboardist. In 1983, the musician recorded his first solo album, on which he played all instrumental parts. Shortly thereafter, Rogers became friends with former guitarist of”Led Zeppelin”Jimmy Page, which organized the project”The Firm”.

The group was short-lived, but managed to spend a couple of rounds and release two successful albums with hits like “Radioactive”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”and”All The King s Horses”. Start the next decade, Paul met in the company of the former drummer “Who”Kenny Jones. Their joint project”The Law”was famous for having conquered the summit of AOR-charts”Billboard”with the song”Laying Down the Law”.

The next two solo records were a tribute to the musician. The first of these, EP “The Hendrix Set”, was dedicated to the genius of Jimi Hendrix, and the second – work of an outstanding bluesman Muddy Waters. The album “Muddy Waters Blues”was nominated for”Grammy”, and in its creation was attended by such musicians as Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Richie Sambora, David Gilmour, Steve Miller, Brian May, Brian Setzer, and others. In the second half of the 90 left wheels “Now”and”Live”, published individually or in a double version. They were accompanied by the emergence of a world tour and the release of the single “Soul of Love”, stuck on the radio more than six months. At the end of the millennium musician participated in the reunion of the classic composition “Bad Company”, but with the advent of the millennium is back with a solo album “Electric”, the single “Drifters” to which spent eight weeks in the Top Ten.

The next three years, Rogers traveled around the world as a “bad company”, and without it. At the end of 2004, Paul became a party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Fender Stratocaster”, which were many famous artists, including Brian May. There Rogers and May together performed “All Right Now”, and it served as an impetus for closer cooperation between them. Since less than a few months, Paul with two “Quinn”went on tour, which resulted under the brand name”Queen + Paul Rodgers”was released live album”Return of the Champions”.

Paul RodgersPaul Rodgers
Paul RodgersPaul Rodgers
Paul RodgersPaul Rodgers

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