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Enrique Iglesias (Enrique Iglesias)

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preisler was born May 8, 1975 in Madrid. Father – Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Mother – Philippine journalist and TV presenter Isabel Preisler. The future singer was the third child of Julio and Isabel.

He has a sister Chabeli (Maria Isabel, 1971) and his brother Julio Jose (Iglesias Jr., 1973), as well as five half-brothers and sisters from the second marriage of his father: Miguel Alejandro (1997), Rodrigo (1999) Guillermo (2007) and twin girls – Victoria and Christina (2001).

The parents of the future singer divorced when he was 3 years old. Enrique with her sister and brother stayed with his mother in Madrid, and his father moved to Miami. In 1985, militants from the Basque terrorist organization kidnapped the grandfather Enrique – Julio Iglesias Puga, and threatened the entire family. Soon grandfather was released, but his mother decided it would be safer for children to live with her father in the United States. In Miami, Enrique graduated from the prestigious school «Gulliver Preparatory School».

From childhood Iglesias dreamed of becoming a singer, but his father wanted his son to become a businessman. In 16 years, the future singer wrote the lyrics for the songs of their debut album. Under pressure from his father, Enrique entered the University of Miami School of Business. During his studies, he worked part time in the demos of the songs and together with the manager sent them to the offices of record labels, signing them as “Enrique Martinez” to not recognize his father.

Enrique Iglesias: “With me many times, starting with 18 years, refused to work and the agents and record companies. I came to him under a false name, did not want his father to know about it. Eventually I made my debut as a singer, was a huge scandal, we strongly quarreled with his father. Naturally, he wanted to help me. And then my father used to everything and all the control, and when I learned that I still want to be a singer and I try to do it without his advice and assistance, under a false name, and even has achieved something, he was terribly angry. “

The quotation is taken from the site “7Dney.ru»

In 1994, the singer dropped out and signed a contract with the Mexican label «FonoMusic». Julio Iglesias demanded that the son returned to the university and continued his studies. Enrique went to Canada and worked for five months on the recording of their debut album. In October 1995, he released his first single «Si Tu Te Vas».

November 21, 1995 held a debut album of the singer under the name «Enrique Iglesias», which gained immense popularity in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and brought Enrique Award “Grammy”(1997) in the category”Best Latin Pop Album”. The song «Por Amarte» became the soundtrack for the Mexican telenovela “Marisol”. From the album was released 6 singles: «Si Tu Te Vas», «Experiencia Religiosa», «Por Amarte», «Muneca Cruel», «No Llores Por Mi» and «Trapecista».

«Enrique Iglesias» has sold one million copies in one week, which was the best result for the album at the time, recorded in English. Spanish handsome suddenly became a world star.

In January 1997, the singer released his second studio album, «Vivir», from which 6 singles were released: «Enamorando Por Primera Vez», «Solo En T & # 236; / Only You »,« Miente »,« Revolucion »,« Lluvia Cae »,« Al Despertar ». In the same year, Iglesias went on tour «Vivir Tour», during which gave 78 concerts (19 of them in the United States) in 16 countries around the world.

At the end of 1997, Enrique and his father Julio Iglesias was nominated for the prestigious «American Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Latin Artist.” Before the ceremony, Julio said that if his son will get a reward, he demonstratively leave the room. Enrique declined the award, to avoid conflict with his father. The award eventually received Julio Iglesias.

In September 1998, the singer released third studio album «Cosas del Amor» and made a world tour «Cosas del Amor Tour», giving about 80 concerts. From the album it was released two singles: «Esperanza» and «Nunca Te Olvidare», who led the US Latin charts. The song «Bailamos» was chosen as the soundtrack for the film “Wild Wild West”, the main role which played an American actor Will Smith.

After the success of the composition «Bailamos», written in a combination of English and Spanish, Iglesias began to offer contracts more prestigious labels. During the lengthy negotiations, Enrique made a contract with the label «Interscope Records» (for writing English songs), and with the label «Universal Music Latino» (to record the songs of Spanish-speaking).

In collaboration with «Interscope» November 23, 1999 the singer released a new album recorded in English – «Enrique». The album is notable for a duet with American singer Whitney Houston «Could I Have This Kiss Forever», a Russian woman Alsou «You’re My # 1″and a cover version of the songs of Bruce Springsteen – «Sad Eyes». In addition to these compositions from the album it was released three singles: «Bailamos», «Be With You» and «Rhythm Divine». In the same year, Iglesias received the award «American Music Awards» (1999) in the category”Best Latin Performer».

Enrique Iglesias: “So all that is done – for the better. And then I packed up and went to Canada. And there is one involved in music. I could not, did not want to be someone’s son, and all! It’s so unoriginal, so monstrous. disgusting. That’s why I named my first English album “Enrique.” It was in 1999. But do not think that my childhood was so terrible. You should not judge our lives and our relationship with her father by ».

The quotation is taken from the site “7Dney.ru»

In early 2000, Iglesias went on a world tour «Bailamos World Tour». In the summer at a ceremony «Teen Choice Award» Enrique met with the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Between the young people began a passionate affair which lasted a year.

In 2001, the radio station was released song «Hero», which Enrique Iglesias performed on the concert in memory of those killed in the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 in the United States.

30 November 2001 Enrique presented a new album «Escape», which sold 10 million copies and became the most commercially successful of his career. Shooting the video for the song «Escape» Iglesias met with the Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, a novel which put an end to his relationship with the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The singer and the tennis player with more than 12 years. During that time, foreign media they repeatedly married and divorced. In 2014, Iglesias and Kournikova once again denied rumors of a break-up.

Enrique Iglesias: “I know that we are always talking about and write – they were married, they were not married, they are together, they parted. And in fact, we have relationships, as well as all people living together for a long time. It happens all, but before parting does not reach. Anna – the cool girl. I realized this at a glance ».

The quotation is taken from the site “7Dney.ru»

In support of the album «Escape» Enrique made a world tour «One Night Stand Tour», during which he played 50 concerts in 16 countries, including Russia.

In September 2002, Iglesias released a Spanish-language album «Quizas». It was recorded in the Spanish style, has become very popular in the United States and brought to the singer “Latin Grammy”(2003) in the category”Best Pop Vocal Album.” With this album was released three singles: «Para Que La Vida», «Mentiroso» and «Quizas». His support Enrique went on a tour of America, «Do not Turn Off The Light Tour».

November 25, 2003 released a new album Spanish singer «Seven», which received very low marks from critics. From it were released two singles: «Not In Love» and «Addicted». Enrique went to the biggest of his career touring, returning from where began to write new songs, and also visited the show «Opra Winfreyis Talk Show», «Premios Jurented» and a Christmas concert with the Pope.

In 2005, Enrique has starred in advertising the new fragrance from Tommy Hilfingera «True Star Man», and also introduced her new song «Somebody’s Me». In late 2006, the singer went on a world tour titled «For The Fans Tour».

July 12, 2007 Henry presented his new album «Insomniac». Singles «Do You Know» and «Push» became hits that sounded on radio stations around the world. Four songs have been issued by individual singles: «Do You Know», «Somebody’s Me», «Tired Of Being Sorry» and «Push».

In 2008, the film company «Touchstone Picture» invited the singer to record a solo version of the single «Push» and use it as a soundtrack to the film “Step Up 2: The Streets” Henry agreed and recorded two versions of the song: solo and akkapelo. June 27, 2008 Iglesias speaks at the 2008 European Championship finals football with a new song «Can You Hear Me», which became the official anthem of UEFA.

March 25, 2008 Iglesias released a new album, a collection of «95/08 Exitos», consisting of 12 Hispanic singles and two new songs – «Lloro Por Ti» and «Donde Estan Corazon?», which became very popular. The album went platinum in the United States.

July 5, 2010 Spanish singer presented his new album «Euphoria», which included a duet with Akon, Usher, Juan Luis Guerra, pit bull, Nicole Scherzinger and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo «Wisin & Yandel». «Euphoria» became the first bilingual album Enrique, written half in English and Spanish.

October 26, 2013 Enrique introduced a new video for the English-language song «Heart Attack», in which the main role played by American actress Camilla Belle.

January 28, 2014 Iglesias presented his new videotvorenie – clip «El Perdedor». Along with the song takes Enrique Mexican musician Marco Antonio Solís.

March 18, 2014 released tenth studio album and second bilingual Iglesias «Sex + Love», which consists of 11 tracks. Most singles album recorded duets with guest stars, including: Pitbull, Kylie Minogue, Romeo Santos, Flo Rida, «Wisin & Yandel», Sammy Adams and Marco Antonio Solis.

(all received more than 50 awards, the most significant are listed)

& # 9642; Award “Grammy”in the category”Best Latin Pop Album” for the album «Enrique Iglesias» (1997)

& # 9642; Award «Billboard Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Latin Pop Artist” for the album «Enrique Iglesias» (1998)

& # 9642; Five awards «American Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Latin Artist” (1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008)

& # 9642; Award «National Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Album” for the album «Escape» (2002)

& # 9642; The award “Latin Grammy”in the category”Best Pop Vocal Album” for the album «Quizas» (2003)

& # 9642; Two prizes «World Music Awards» in the categories “Best Selling Latin Artist”and”Best Selling Spanish Artist” (2008)

& # 9642; Award «NRJ Music Awards» in the category “Best International Artist of the Year” (2009)

& # 9642; Award «MTV Europe Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Spanish Artist” (2010)

& # 9642; Award «Billboard Music Awards» in the nomination “Best Latin Album” for the album «Euphoria» (2011)

Enrique GilEnrique Gil
Enrique GilEnrique Gil
Enrique GilEnrique Gil

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