Laura Branigan

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Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan (Laura Branigan), was born on July 3, 1957 in the town of Brewster, on the border of New York and Connecticut. Her family has always been very musical – my grandmother studied opera singing in Ireland, and the father and mother often sang at home. Little Laura though, and was shy girl, but that she did not stop to sing in the church choir.

In high school, after a successful debut in the title role of one of the performances of the music school, Laura decided to devote himself to music. In 1973, Laura Branigan with three friends – Walker Daniels, Bob Valdez, and Chris Van Cleave create a group of “Meadow”. Group releases on the label, “Paramount’s”first and last album”The Friend Ship”, and for unknown reasons breaks.

Once the end of the 1975 high school Laura Branigan arrives at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. She modestly lives alone without parents and works as a waitress in Manhattan, thus earning his tuition. At the same time she is invited as the lead backup singer in the group of the Canadian artist Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen). C this famous singer and songwriter Laura Branigan goes on tour around the world. After this tour, Laura Branigan finally decides to sing a solo.

In the late 70-ies Branigan tried to start a solo career, but the contract did not allow her to do so. Then the singer changes the manager (manager who conquered the powerful voice of Laura Branigan was himself Sid Bernstein, the one who brought the first “Beatles” to the States. He invited the singer to his private parties, which brings together leaders of different record labels), and finally signed a contract with Atlantic Records.

In 1982, Laura Branigan recorded his first solo album “Branigan”. The most famous hits from the album “Gloria”. This is a remake of the well-known since the early ’70s songs Umberto Tozzi, which did not want to take in the states. Branigan performed the song in the style of Donna Summer. “Gloria”has held as many as 10 in the Top 22 of the week. The composition was in the 2nd place in the American Top Ten and Laura brought the first of four nominations for the award of the singer”Grammy”.

“Gloria” is performed Branigan became popular all over the world, especially in Germany, where the song has long been in the first place, unlike the original version, which did not rise above 5 seats. The result – a platinum album.

The second album of the singer “Branigan 2″was marked by two other greatest hits -“Solitaire”and”How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” (the latter wrote lyrics back then unknown Michael Bolton). The result – a platinum album.

At the same time with the release of their second album Laura Branigan recorded song “Imagination”for the soundtrack to the cult movie”Flashdance”.

In 1984, the singer released a new album – “Self Control”. Another song by Umberto Tozzi – “Ti Amo” by the singer becomes the best hit, and the album takes the 4th place in the Top 10 shtatovskih.

The album sold around the world in huge numbers and has leading positions in the charts. #2 The single from the album – “The Lucky One”for a long time did not leave the best top 20 in the states. The same song won the Grand Prix at the 13th Tokyo festival of popular music and video for the song”Self Control” was the first music video in the history of MTV, which is a very long time will not run, until not cut out a few things. The result – a platinum album.

1985 album “Hold Me”was not as stellar as the previous three. Most percussion hits -“Spanish Eddie”and”Hold Me.”

The CD “Touch”was released in 1987, it was well appreciated by music critics and warmly received by the old fans of the singer. The most popular hits from the album -“Name Game”, “Cry Wolf”, “Shattered Glass”and of course”The Power Of Love” – ​​one of the most beautiful and powerful ballads of the 20th century, which almost simultaneously sang Laura Branigan and Jennifer Rush .

At the same time Laura Branigan tries himself in cinema, in films such as “Backstage”(1988.) and”Mugsy’s Girls”(1985.), a German television movie”An American Girl In Berlin” (1981.).

1990. It turns out the best album “Laura Branigan”.

The album was produced Richard Perry, producer Barbara Strayzend and “Pointer Sister.” Very nice album, which features dance and chic clothes and amazingly touching ballads. So good duo turned singer with producer that was recorded in one breath, even the name had not come up!

In this album, Laura Branigan shows the beauty and diversity of its rich, pyatioktavnogo vote. Alas, American workers have not been able to estimate the disk, as opposed to the enthusiastic comments of critics and the album did not even make the top-selling 100. There you have it.

In 36 years Laura Branigan released his 7 and, alas, is the latest album “Over My Heart” .Very high critical acclaim and full unpopularity among ordinary man in the street – this is a controversial album turned out.

On the radio airplay just two hits – “Mujer Contra Mujer”(a song in Spanish about the love of two women) and”Love Your Girl” (written for singer Gloria Estefan).

In 1994, Laura Branigan duet with David ‘th Hasselhoff’ th write a song “I Believe”for the soundtrack to the film”Baywatch” (“Baywatch”).

In the same year the singer’s husband Larry Kruteck gets cancer and Laura throws everything up to his death, within two years, caring for him. During the next five years Branigan gave only one concert, in order to earn some money.

In the next 1995 Atlantic Records released a collection of the best things about Laura Branigan “The Best of.”

At the end of 2001, Laura Branigan returned to the studio, but the band does not pass tribulations – it falls down the stairs and breaks his both thighs. After 6 months of treatment with crutches Laura returned to the studio to still record a new album in the summer of 2002.

Since the beginning of 2002, she starred in the Broadway musical, the legendary Janis Joplin – “Love, Janis” and in his spare time plays gives infrequent concerts in clubs.

The last album the singer was released under the name of “Remember Me”, but unfortunately posthumously. Laura Branigan died August 26, 2004.

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Laura BraniganLaura Branigan
Laura BraniganLaura Branigan
Laura BraniganLaura Branigan

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