Corey Taylor

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Corey Taylor

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Born: December 8, 1972 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Corey Todd Taylor (Eng. Corey Todd Taylor) – frontman and vocalist of American group Slipknot . founder and lead singer Stone Sour .

Corey Taylor was born December 8, 1973 in the town of Des Moines (Eng. Des Moines), Iowa, United States. He lived in poverty, his mother constantly moved from place to place and, therefore, to 12 years Cory had to live in 25 states. His father did not know (the mother forbade them to see), and first met him only in 2005. During childhood Corey was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder: he used to count steps up to 8, the right leg felt even numbers, and the left – the odd.

Once he returned back to Iowa, Waterloo, Corey knew poverty and depression. At age 12, Cory became interested in drugs and in 15 years, wanted to commit suicide. However, after he woke up in a 20 miles from home, he decided nevertheless to engage with it. Then Corey lived with his grandmother in Des Moines.

The first role models for Corey was Elvis Presley. Corey learned about it from his grandmother, who was a fan of his.

Later, Corey appeared 2 more example to follow is: Sebastian Bach – frontman of the band Skid Row, Henry Rollins – frontman of the band Black Flag.

One grandmother gave Cory guitar. It was the beginning of his musical career.

In 1992, at age 19 Corey wanted to create his own group. Together with his friend Joel Ekman, they formed the band Stone Sour.

In 1998, Corey invited to sing a few songs with Slipknot. Corey agrees and begins his participation in the band as a second vocalist, but soon begins to take his vocals are much most of the music than the vocals first vocalist Anders Kolzefini. The group decides to put on the vocals of Anders, thereby giving Corey perform almost all the vocals Slipknot. Offended Anders soon left the band, leaving it only one singer. But Corey is not much concerned with the fate of Slipknot. He had his own band Stone Sour, and that he wanted to give it his attention. Then participants Slipknot, despair, threatening to expel Corey with his work in the sex shop where they arranged it and he decides to leave Stone Sour and devote his attention to Slipknot.

Finding a producer and record label in 1998, the band quickly became popular. But in 2001, to Slipknot came the worst of times. The group did not want to play together, the participants do not speak to each other. Many began to think to Slipknot came to an end.

All of the band members ran on a side project to somehow escape from Slipknot. Corey was no exception. Since 2000, after a member of Stone Sour Corey Josh Rand has shown some of his songs, he decided to restore the group.

In 2002, they recorded the album and began touring.

Alcohol dependence

September 17, 2002 Corey Taylor girl Scarlett bore him a son named Griffin Parker Taylor. Cory was happy to see his child is growing, but at this time began to drink heavily.

“I was an alcoholic. The most awful moment was when we recorded« Subliminal Verses ». I elementary was losing control of himself, hiding bottles of Jack Daniel’s (whiskey) under the pillow. I started drinking after waking up to the fact that I fell unconscious, wherever it happened. Of course, it could not like me or my wife, and, one day, she grabbed me by the hair and shouted, “Look at you!”I was all swollen, I felt so bad but I could not recognize it. All I remember last night when I was drunk, that’s what we were in the cage. I was sick right at people walking along the avenue Sunset (Los Angeles). Of course I was thrown, and his wife left with the words:”Fuck you! I can not stand it any longer!».

The words of his wife forced to think Corey. During the recording of the album is dedicated to his wife Cory song Vermillion, and write a song about love (Virus Of Life), calling it a virus, drank all the juices of life.

Realizing that alcohol is not worth it, Corey stops drinking, and opens a new page in their lives.

In 2004, March 11, Cory married his bride Scarlett, now Scarlett Taylor. The wedding was quiet and on this occasion there was no hype in the press.

In 2005, Corey found his missing father’s.

Corey before he met with his father spent a lot of his songs, such as the Eyeless and Eyeore.

Once the tour in support of Slipknot Corey returns to Stone Sour, and at this point he comes to a complete reassessment of values. The Group publishes its second album – more successful than the first.

In 2007, Corey Taylor writes vocal and starred in the video for the song «I’m not Jesus» with the band Apocalyptica.

In 2008, Corey Taylor divorced his wife Scarlett Taylor.

In 2009, November 13 (Friday) Corey Taylor once again parted ways with his bachelor life. Chosen actor – Stephanie Luby.

After the death of bassist Paul Gray * from the group * Slipknot Corey tattooed tattoo on his right foot in his honor.

Corey Taylor discovered his new abilities. Now he is also a writer. The following year, in second-hand stores should see his first book.

«I have finished writing – said Corey – currently edited text. I hope the spring will print. My book is devoted to the so-called mortal sins. My vision of this classic biblical theme is slightly different … well, I do not think the “seven deadly sins”of sin. This is all the characteristics of the people part of the human life Experience, behavior. We all face these phenomena – so what now, we are damned? Oh nafig. For me, everything is in order: you can”sin”the whole day, to try all these temptations and still sleep a good person. In the book I tell the story of his life – something humorous, something serious, even grim. It turned out, I think, quite good – given that I only wrote the book, without any co-authors there and other”musical”. So if you decide that the result of – shit, blame it on me alone ».

Corey TaylorCorey Taylor
Corey TaylorCorey Taylor
Corey TaylorCorey Taylor

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