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The eleventh and most candid album Bruno

September 25, 2012,

Bruno Pelletier presents to the public his 11th solo album of his career, Rendus la, personal drive, in which his songs take the form of letters to people who have ever been in his life and constitute a part of.

“For the first time in nearly 30 years of my career I myself took up the realization of his album entirely. I was ready for it. Earlier, I was always just a co-implementer as a shoulder to lean on. Today I take full responsibility for decisions. Despite the large amount of work, it brings a lot of fun. I could feel the creative freedom, organic work with musicians. “

Bruno is surrounded by talented people such as Catherine Major, Roger Tabra, Corey Hart, Martine St-Clair et Marc Dupre. He shared with them the creation of the album, thanks to the trust and vzaimoponimayu.

As both a writer and a composer and performer of his 11th album, it is still present fear of disappointing their fans.

“This is normal when there are doubts. Too confident artist who does not ask yourself can do. I perfect my job, but at the time of the album’s release, I no longer have any doubt, and I am proud to present it to people . “

Bruno Pelletier usually drafts of their albums on tour. But in the last tour he lacked inspiration.

Then he remembered the song “White Blues”, addressed to the people who took care of his father. This was the reason for a restudy of making an album off the ground.

Every song is designed for people in general, and expresses its deepest values.

“In these songs a lot of myself, marking my sleduyushego fiftieth anniversary. However, I would like people to find in these songs something for themselves, they could relate to him. We worked a lot on the literary part of album to keep a clear link between the parties to the conversation, people who I want to reveal his thoughts and the audience that will read them. “

Dedicated fans of the actor will be able to enjoy the limited version of the album Rendus la, including a DVD “Sur scene … a Moscou”, which embodies the concerts of Bruno Pelletier in Russia.

Starting from September 27, Bruno can be seen in the TV show “Un air de famille”, where he will coach the Quebec family passion for music.

“I will coach the nine families. For them it is an opportunity to gain professional experience and sing on TV. I’m very excited. My role is to control them. It will not be a singing lesson. I want to have families appeared artistic bearing, emotional content in their performance. “

Not long ago, the actor became a representative of the Quebec Fund for the fight against cancer. For him it is very close, all the time he was close with his sister in her fight against the disease.

“The Foundation does a great job. It gives an opportunity to allow people to focus their efforts on treatment rather than on the financial problems caused by the disease. This is a way to shed a little light in their lives. I am proud that I was involved in this organization. “

Bruno in October will perform as part of their new tour. For more information:

Fadwa Lapierre


translation: Alexander Hripko

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