Foster The People

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Foster the People

The Long Road to loud glory

‘Foster the People’ – an American indie pop band formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California). Initially, the group is named after the founder of Mark Foster (Mark Foster) – ‘Foster & the People’, – but eventually removed from the names of the musicians union and became known simply as ‘Foster the People’.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Hollywood promises glory and fame units, and the thousands who aimlessly pester labels and studios, he predicts a failure and eventually forgotten. Mark, despite his young age, has experienced the hard way, both sides of the coin: a teenager, he came to the City of Angels, to become a star, but a few years later found himself cut off from life and friends, playing the dull parties just to earn money for drugs. Remembering that time, Mark admits that he could not understand what was going on: he had talent, he knew the actors and musicians, he played his own songs, and are happy to listen to them. But something still did not work; and only in 2010, shortly after the creation of the group, he wrote the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. As if by magic, the band slept the sleep of the little-known Californian musicians, and woke up the stars of the Internet. Since then, the band released one studio album and recorded another one, which is scheduled for 2014-th year, and performed on stage with the most famous indie rock and indie pop bands of today.

The group ‘Foster the People’ was founded in 2009 by an unknown musician Mark Foster, who at that time visited all nine circles of hell – drugs, low-paid work, quarrel with family, etc. – But still I found the strength to start all over again. In 2009, the year he began a period of stagnation, during which he could not write his own songs and all free time devoted to the music he wrote for commercial purposes.

Getting out of the crisis it helped Mark Pontius (Mark Pontius), former drummer ‘Malbec’, which at that time was looking for a new band. However, the guys started playing songs of Foster, who seemed to come to life and are filled with life, which they lacked before. Bass guitarist and the third member of the group was Cubby Fink (Cubbie Fink), lost his job on television. More than once in an interview with the musicians laughed that life – a strange thing: in 2009, they were three losers, but after only a year become rising stars of American indie pop scene.

The song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, which brought the popularity of the first group, was recorded on the label ‘Mophonics’. While working on it, the trio did not think that the record will be able to attract the attention of fans of indie pop, but because the musicians opened it as a free download via the band’s official website. No one can say how it happened that in the first few hours the composition has been downloaded thousands of times, and during the week of ‘Foster the People’ blew the music magazines, concerned about such a sharp increase in popularity.

Soon, the group was invited to the festival ‘South by Southwest’, and he seriously Foster began to worry about their ability to withstand the pressure of the mailbox of letters from fans around the world. Kredel Brent (Brent Kredel), group manager of the label ‘Monotone’, later remembered that time as follows: ‘Mark turned from Man, to

tory could not find someone who is interested in his work, in fact, who no longer knows what to do with hundreds of letters in a mailbox ‘.

In May 2010, the band signed a contract with ‘Startime International’ on the first album, as well as organizing tours. Throughout the year, the trio traveled around the country, barely having time to write new songs in the studio. Their first album ‘Torches’ came out in 2011, the year. In the same year the group was nominated for two awards Grammy ‘(Grammy Award) as’ Best pop group’ and the author of ‘Best Alternative Album’. Even after that Foster could not believe his luck and overtook his fame, which, as it turns out, comes only the most persistent.

To date, the band have completed work on their second album ‘Supermodel’, its output is planned for the beginning of March 2014 year. The first single from the new album – ‘Coming of Age’ – was released on January 14, 2014, the year.

Foster The PeopleFoster The People
Foster The PeopleFoster The People
Foster The PeopleFoster The People

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