Ava Gardner

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Ava Gardner

The American actress, one of the brightest stars in Hollywood of the 1940s and 1950s. Nominee “Oscar”. He entered the list of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood history. Winner of “face of an angel and the body of the goddess”, often referred to as one of the most beautiful actresses of the 20th century.

She was born December 24, 1922 in North Carolina, Grabtaune (USA).

In a poor farmer’s family, she was the youngest of seven children. In spite of the extraordinary beauty of Ava brought up under the strict religious morality, and could not dream of a career as an actress.

One day, she went to London to visit his sister and her husband, Larry, who was a photographer. Larry wanted to take some pictures of Ava, and making them placed in the window of his shop. Agent search for young talent, seeing these pictures, spotted her and offered to become an actress. Despite the fact that she did not know how to dance, sing or play it immediately signed for 7 years.

Starting film career, Ava Gardner after a while married to Mickey Rooney – Hollywood star at the time, but after 17 months, they were divorced. Ava attracted men, and she even had a reputation as “delinquents want hearts”. So one of her admirers was Gorvard billionaire Hughes. But their brief affair could not save either his love or millions. Her second marriage did not last too long, with her second husband, Artie Shaw, Ava happily divorced.

Her affair with Frank Sinatra became a byword. In Sinatra was a happy marriage and three children, Ava Gardner had to constantly fend off the attacks of the press and fans of the singer. Sinatra’s wife and then performed with accusatory speeches in her address, and Gardner, in turn, relieves stress by using alcohol. For a long time they could not get married because of the fact that Frank Sinatra and his wife were devout Catholics, creating enormous difficulties divorce. But in 1951, Frank still had divorced his wife, and 72 hours later he married Ava Gardner. Their passionate union was heavily damaged mutual jealousy, reproaches and constant scandals.

1952 was a successful career both. Ava starred in the movie “Mogambo”Clark Gable and Grace Kelly, and Frank landed a role in”From Here To Eternity”. Both were nominating for the award Academy Awards. which was Frank. During filming, ” “, Mogambo Ava realized that she was pregnant, but her miscarriage occurred. The actress felt unhappy and depressed about infidelity Sinatra told all of America. At Ava Gardner had no strength to fight with the character of her husband and she decided to leave him, as for Sinatra, then in his time began an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

Right after the divorce Ava went to Spain to shoot “Barefoot Contessa”. In London she came back 10 years later. She still shot, but now only because of the money. Lonely strongly grown old actress, often began to remember past mistakes and was very self-critical. In his declining years, Ava Gardner was often ill and almost nobody took.

The last years of his life Ava Gardner spent in London. In 1986, the actress suffered two strokes which left her partially paralyzed and bedridden. Ava Gardner passed away in London on January 25, 1990 from pneumonia.

The love of her life – Frank Sinatra – took care of all the latest money orders actress, but did not come to her funeral.


There was married three times: in the movie actor Mickey Rooney (1942-1943), with the musician Artie Shaw (1945-1947), for movie actor and singer Frank Sinatra (1951-1957).

prizes and awards

Nomination “Academy Award” (1953):

Best Actress (“Mogambo”)

Nomination “BAFTA”:

1956 – Best Foreign Actress (“station Bhovani”)

Ava GardnerAva Gardner
Ava GardnerAva Gardner
Ava GardnerAva Gardner

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