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Band of Horses – a group of the American city of Seattle, formed in 2004 by vocalist Ben Bridwell. Ben decided to put together a new group after the collapse of his previous band. Problems finding musicians were not, and soon the young artist began performing in Seattle. Thus, in one joint concert with Iron & amp; Wine, Band of Horses attracted the attention of record label Sub Pop. A contract was signed, and the band embarked on studio work. In 2005 he saw the light of their debut EP, titled Tour EP. The first recording sold exclusively only during the band’s official website and on Sub Pop.

In 2005, Band of Horses began recording their first album, and by 2006 all songs were fully prepared: album called Everything All the Time. Overall, the debut album received good reviews by music critics, but the team has seen some changes: almost immediately after recording the album at Band of Horses, a new drummer – it was Creighton Barrett. The first single from the debut album The Funeral been used in many television shows, video games and commercials. The group gained popularity and in 2006 Band of Horses invited to the Evening Show with David Letterman, where they performed the song The Funeral. At the time the group left, Matt Brooke. As he explained later, he was never a permanent member of the band. It all started with the fact that during one of the concerts of Ben asked him to get up on stage and play with the Band of Horses few songs. Matt agreed, and later even participated in the recording. Brooke said that Band of Horses – is, first of all, the project is Ben and Matt wanted to try their own strength. Later, he organized a group of Grand Archives, and on the same label, Sub Pop had recorded two of her plate.

The second album was released in 2007 and was named Cease To Begin. The composition of the team at that time consisted of the main trio of Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett and Rob Hampton. Keyboards played Ryan Monroe. The record has been very successful: Rolling Stone magazine put it at 47 in the list of the best albums of 2007. In the same year to the Band of Horses joined Tyler Ramsey and Bill Reynolds. In 2010 he saw the light of the third album. The album Infinite Arms was produced by members of Band of Horses, with the support of Phil Ek. Many music magazines have praised the new studio work of Band of Horses, and the signature sound of the collective will be enjoyed by both old fans and those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with her work.

Band Of HorsesBand Of Horses
Band Of HorsesBand Of Horses
Band Of HorsesBand Of Horses

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