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Jeff Buckley

When my life is over and my time has run out.

My friends and my loved ones, I’ll leave them no doubt.

But, one thing’s for certain, when it comes my time

I’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind …

(Jeff Buckley «Satisfied Mind»)

He was the son of the iconic American folk-jazz avant-garde Tim Buckley (Tim Buckley). Although his father almost did not remember from childhood absorbed a lot of good music thanks to his mother, with whom they were true friends.

Jeff Buckley (Jeff Buckley) – musician, who grew up on the classics, jazz, blues and folk. His mother, Mary Guibert (Mary Guibert), an American of French origin, has received an academic musical education as a pianist and violinist – she was that to sound enthusiastic boy. For five years, Jeff picked up a grandmother’s guitar, and at nine he was given a magical record called «Physical Graffiti» Led Zeppelin . Rolling his life.

As for the participation of the father in the life of a boy, it was not at all. Jeff was born in 1966. Then Tim came first record. After that, he left the family and never returned.

«They will accuse me of stealing from his own father. Already anticipates the time when I took the first step, and they will be able to reach a verdict and dumped on me all this garbage. I’m ready for it … So, the only thing I really have my father – a glimpse! Only ».

Jeff was straightforward, talented and successful. He had perfect pitch and impeccable taste, therefore, a special sense of style. He left only one full-length album, but still entered the history of modern music.

Almost thirty years – quite a few, in order to create and perpetuate their own style. But Buckley had no more time, and he kept within his short life.


Jeff Buckley attracted attention primarily a special manner of singing voice and an extraordinary range of five octaves. “In our family, – he said in an interview, referring, of course, and his father, – falsetto singing, you can consider corona number. You should have heard how he sang my grandfather! Yes, we have enough votes the high register … ».

In addition, he was able to intone original. Buckley and many listened to someone, of course, imitated, like James Brown (James Brown), for example; surely it can be with someone to compare, but, nevertheless, it is no one else like, totally recognizable and independent. Buckley spoke with lyrics like no one before him. From recognized melody of English, he removed something completely new, stretching the syllables as another singer would not come to mind, placing emphasis where they do, at first glance, it is illogical and is not accepted. Every note was unpredictable. Flexible soulful voice instantly hypnotized.

Thom Yorke (Thom Yorke), having been on one of his concerts, was literally shocked. Leader of Radiohead (certainly not ordinary artist) won the vocal American. He and another vocalist of extraordinary music group Muse . Matthew Bellamy (Matthew Bellamy), Buckley believe his inspiration and teacher in some way. Both the legendary Robert Plant (Robert Plant) has been repeatedly recognized in the love of Jeff Buckley. By the way, they are often compared.

The poet, composer, musician

His outing on the big stage, as it is banal, it was associated with his father.

Back in 1991 in New York City organized a concert in memory of Tim Buckley, which was invited as a member of Jeff, who played until only tiny bars. «It was my debut. Crucial was the desire to honor the memory of his father. At the time, I was not even invited to his funeral, – says Buckley Jr. . – I remember that on the first concert he sang his song “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain”. It’s about how my father left us. In it there is a line about me and about my mother. I remember when she sang it. I loved and hated this song and sang so. And when I sang “Once I Was”, I broke the string and ends had been a capella. Hall seemed to have died … ».

Of course, it was a sensation. The son was able to shine at least a bright star than his father.

After a while next to him were musicians Grondal Mick (Mick Grondahl) – bass guitar, Matt Johnson (Matt Johnson) – drums, percussion and Michael Tay (Mickael Tighe) – Guitar. With them was created the debut album, which became the real event of the early ’90s. It was not hit in the conventional sense of the word. But the record is still considered one of the best works of the last decade, and occupies a prominent place in the collection of almost every serious music connoisseur. In the «Grace» sound not only songs Buckley. He allowed himself to perform extremely intimate «Hallelujah» Leonard Cohen, for example. And no one protested. Because a great cover version of Without belittling the merits of the original. What Buckley did with strangers songs defies common analysis, it is always a very personal process – he missed them through it and did his.

Buckley wrote «Grace» in early 1993, and May 29, 1997 he died. For those less than five years, he wrote a lot of songs – a studio and concert recordings, home demos and speeches on the radio. People who knew him say that during this time he was able to release five albums – but Jeff loved the process more than the result. All that time he spent on the tours. They are constantly looking for something …

The new album Buckley had to go out in June 1997. He is expected to surpass the original «Grace». In late February, producer Tom Verleyn (Tom Verlaine) and musicians met in New York. Jeff meanwhile was in a small rented house somewhere in Tennessee, writing new songs and modifying old ones. In his possession were only four tracks he sang with a guitar things and sent the group. In late April, Buckley went to Memphis to prepare everything for the final stage of work on the album, which he wanted to call «My Sweetheart The Drunk». Musicians had to arrive on May 29. At the moment when they took off, Jeff with a friend got into the car to drive and watch the sunset; when the band was in the middle, he decided to cool off and went into the river. When the group landed, the Coast Guard has already started rescue operation. They never met. And the songs were in the form in which we found ourselves after four studio sessions in New York and Memphis.

However, Jeff was angry to learn that, and the fact of his death, he gave a strange reason for regular comparisons with his father. He, too, died young (he was twenty-eight), having – as they say, by mistake – nuclear mixture of heroin and morphine. The son did not like drugs. He even struggled to resist the authority of the father irritated him parallels and imposed media attempts to link his work with the so-called “inheritance.” Better lilac wine (in his songs do a lot of wine) than cocaine, and Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen), than Tim Buckley. He wanted to be on his own.

In his last telephone conversation with the mother of Jeff confidently say that everything is ready, he sees «My Sweetheart The Drunk», but “as if in a black and white”, so that the group remains a “colorize” him. They could not do it together. And nobody knows what it is like to see Buckley songs. He left many records and films where some work was interrupted, something remains in several different ways, but something – only in draft version. Group was hard to decide to release the album without a leader.

In the end, the mother of musician judged that the «Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk» (namely, the word sketches – sketches, Eng. – enjoyed Jeff talking about the forthcoming album) will recorded for seta four in New York and Memphis songs in the form in which, as it seemed close to the musician, he imagined them, plus some demos. But Mary asked for a delay. And the group had come to life after the death of Buckley.

So in 1998 appeared the posthumous “double”, which can be called the second album by Jeff Buckley. No one wanted to drive like a collection of memorial rooms. To his colleagues, it was important to record the most sincere. And they succeeded.

Fortunately, Jeff Buckley did not have time to become a part of show business.

«I do not write music for Sony. and for people who are worn on the roads, including the stereo at full volume. And again – someday I’ll write music that will never be sold … She is my only: it is a sanctuary, the root cause of everything that is happening to me; inexhaustible, no turbidity source, fills me with life ». – Buckley wrote in his notebook.

It is one of those who breathed music and could not imagine a different fate for themselves.

His songs fall into the format MTV. but special rules apply, so that it always remained an informal figure. In 1994 «Grace» sounded in every corner, and Buckley played between the clubs. He was loved not only in America. Europeans are generally very quick and easy to accept and appreciate this sincere fruity American. A first unique Buckley declared French. His ability to accurately copy of Edith Piaf (Edith Piaf), certainly contributed to the love of her compatriots, is increasing every day. Peak relations Buckley Jr. and France came in 1995, when 6 and 7 July, he gave two concerts in the “Olympia”. In just a few days before the speech, he said: «I still do not understand why I was so successful in France. Maybe because the French love stories I tell in their songs. After all, this whole novels waiting when they reveal the secret. Perhaps they like the poetry and lyricism of some American ideas ».

Also in 1995 the musician received the prestigious French award «Gran Prix International Du Disque – Academie Charles CROS-1995″, the owners of which before it became Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan) and, of course, Edith Piaf.

Later, in 2001, on the basis of the material of the two Paris concerts Marie Giber and guitarist Michael Tayem created amazing album «Live a l’Olympia». There were, by the way, «Je n’en Connais Pas la Fin» from the repertoire of Edith Piaf and other interesting cover version – «Kashmir» Led Zeppelin . filled as it remembered the little Jeff, listening to your favorite band on a record of forty-five speeds instead of the thirty-three.

He did not have to prove to the world, he simply told their stories, and they were very close to the most diverse audience – from fans of progressive hard rock to fans of Britpop.

«I want my reputation took shape only being evaluated my songs and people to come to my concerts, not because it’s fashionable, but because they want me to see and hear. I’m not really in the magazines and on the stage – front of the hall, one on one with each of you ».

James BuckleyJames Buckley
James BuckleyJames Buckley
James BuckleyJames Buckley

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