Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley

Son cult folk-rock singer-songwriter Tim Buckley (Tim Buckley), Jeff Buckley, had to work hard to prove their creative self-sufficiency and full independence: Tim Buckley was the largest magnitude of the folk scene 70 and the public

Buckley Jr. was owned by the path from folk singer to the alt-rock stars, talent showing itself in the process, even in a number of ways. His “photographic memory” and supernatural mimic different musical manners turned it into a living encyclopedia, instead of a great array of skills and knowledge – from Led Zeppelin and Van Morrison (Van Morrison) to Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan) and Charles Mingus (Charles Mingus). Because only the musical pantheon these masters the clearest impact on creative pursuits Buckley Jr.

musician and keyboardist Jeff Buckley is one of those artists whose musical pedigree, the best view, is not no secrets. Intermedia fact his father, who automatically want to “bring to justice” the successful past career guidance son played in this over a modest role. If November 17th, 1966 Tim Buckley’s first child was born, the happy father was only 19 years old, and to define themselves the education of the heir to it is not very desirable. Jeff first met his father at the age of eight. And using two months learned about his death – Tim Buckley died of a drug overdose. Father gave his son Do you suppose that the undoubted musical talent (and, we note parenthetically that unfortunate stroke of fate, who will lead to the early death of Jeff).

The first love of the music of Jeff Buckley caught up in school days, when he began to work the guitar and vocals. take a serious musical education the young man went to Los Angeles, where in parallel with the theoretical course was held practical training in local jazz bands and funk bands, having had enough of and Shaynhedom (Shinehead), the leader of the dance direction of reggae. At the dawn of the 90s, Jeff Buckley moved to New York and became a prominent figure in the avant-garde club scene. At first he worked with guitarist Gary Lucas-experimenter (Gary Lucas), forming a team Gods & Monsters. During his short position of “Gods and Monsters” have grown considerably in the best-selling New York team.

If your Gods & Monsters played left without a partner Buckley did not confused. through pretty months he already number among the most popular singer-songwriters of New York, and easily won a contract with Columbia Records. In November 1993, he released his best shopping EP “Live at Sin-e”: Jeff Buckley sang and accompanied himself on electric guitar. Disc combined four songs recorded in his favorite cafe “Sin-e” near his New York apartment.

So far, critics have honed artistry restrained compliments on his debut release Buckley, a musician has gathered in the studio musicians and gave another presentation of seven own compositions and three covers. The session was attended by bassist Mick Grondal (Mick Grondahl) and musician Matt Johnson (Matt Johnson), and was in charge of the whole thing a producer Andy Wallace (Andy Wallace), famous for his work on the classic Nirvana “Nevermind”. recently to the end of the session in a studio musician Michael appeared Taifa (Michael Tighe), that over time, rather permanent member of the ensemble, and for the beginning composed and recorded together with Buckley’s song “So Real”.

The full start of Jeff Buckley’s “Grace”was released in August 1994. between the best numbers on the album – original compositions”Grace”and”Last Goodbye”, as well as a cover of the famous song of Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen) “Hallelujah”. miss this release out of sight was hard: writing different original ideas, rich, dense sound and exquisite vocals. The range of four octaves of noise allowed Buckley colorful beat any emotional nuances. Juicy tool palette to create, in addition to the traditional trio bass-drums, with guest through a mini-orchestra: harmonium, organ, cymbals, tabla and string. According to the characterization of one critic, “Grace” sounded like a book Led Zeppelin, written by ambitious folk composer supply toil to lounge jazz.

By the time the international release of “Grace” Buckley has already managed to pass more than one thousand kilometers, performing both solo and with a backing band, as in the modest club, she and reputable concert halls in the United States, and in Europe. With few interruptions impassable promotional tour in support of the debut, powerless to decent portions, lasted more than two years and ended in March 1996. During this season, the musician played skolkonibud hundreds of dates in America, performed in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and even reached Japan and Australia.

In April 1995, Jeff Buckley said the award of the prestigious French award “Gran Prix International Du Disque – Academie Charles CROS – 1995”, which is awarded in a survey among producers, journalists, professionals muzindustrii. In the past era of this high award awarded Edith Piaf (Edith Piaf), Yves Montand (Yves Montand), Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen), Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Debutant Buckley was in completely solid company.

The French people were also indifferent to the album “Grace”, as well as show business. In France, the disc was a useful certificate. His “gold”he won in Australia, where Buckley and his team arrived for a three-week tour. Australian way to cut the last episode was the one who linked the group with drummer Matt Johnson, announced his resignation. Documentary evidence of the growing fame of the Jeff Buckley and impressive atmosphere that arose at his concerts, there is a double lively book”Jeff Buckley-Mystery White Boy”, published in 2000 by three years of the death of the musician.

In spite of the two-year concert marathon, Jeff Buckley was the date and other favorite activities. On the eve of 1995, he took shelter in the “poetry marathon in the church of St. Mark”(St. Mark’s Church Marathon Poetry Reading), where he gave a reading of his poems. In May 1996, he skolkonibud times acted as a bass player together with a project of his friend Nathan Larson (Nathan Larson) Mind Science of the Mind. In December ’96 he started his”phantom solo tour”across North America. At this time, Buckley set out to acquaint fans with the experimental stage version of his songs. For more about the purity of the experience he had at each concert fashioned route invent a nickname. As a result, some American clubs traveled Crackrobats, Possessed By Elves, Father Demo, Smackrobiotic, Halfspeeds, Crit Club, Topless America, Martha & the Nicotines and Puppet Show Named Julio. Audiophiles North America appreciated not just talented music and humor Buckley, but his uncommon appearance. Although the musician did not attach special significance, its pleasantness suddenly striking. In late 1995, the book”People” included actor to cash the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

In summer 1996 championship under the patronage of Jeff Buckley producer Tom Verlaine (Tom Verlaine) began to cultivate and teach a thing for the next album. proselyte musician Kindrid Parker (Parker Kindred) joined them in February 1997. In the spring, after finishing the previous stage with Verlaine, Buckley gave the musicians a break, and he, as a precise perfectionist, he continued to experiment with the material. The result of his two-month search for the truth which proceeded comfortably in a makeshift home studio, began a new version ready-studio tracks, malomalski completely new compositions and unexpected cover versions.

As in the band led by the leader of the club played in Memphis two concerts, introducing fans to the most recent compositions, Jeff Buckley began in Memphis cycle of solo performances, which were held once a week. His final agreement took place on May 26, 1997. by decent days the group had to find time in the studio and start the final stage of studio sessions, to finish another album. against evening on May 29 and then a concert at one of the clubs on the coast of the Mississippi River, Jeff Buckley returned to Memphis with his friend Keith Foti (Keith Foti). The idea met came to him unexpectedly. Dissuade

Jeff BuckleyJeff Buckley
Jeff BuckleyJeff Buckley
Jeff BuckleyJeff Buckley

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