Family Of The Year

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Family of the Year

An independent group becomes a legend of indie rock

Despite the relatively young by the standards of music age group can boast of fans around the world: they are easy to sound, deep lyrics and vitality attract both fans of indie rock that is heard in their songs familiar to the genre acoustic atmosphere, and fans of pop Music, was formed. The most popular song of the group – the single ‘Hero’ – soon after entered the most famous musical charts the United States (USA) and European (Europe) and has been used in several films and commercials.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

‘Family of the Year’ – an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California), founded in 2009, and played a melodic indie folk, alternative rock and indie pop.

The band was formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, but among its members a singer, Christina Schroeter (Christina Schroeter)? He was a native of the Golden State. The other band members were in Los Angeles by chance, hoping to find there the fame and recognition. Brother Joseph (Joseph Keefe) and Sebastian Keefe (Sebastian Keefe) were born on the east coast of the country, Massachusetts (Massachusetts), but spent his childhood in Wales (Wales), where he moved with his parents. The last member of the group, the second guitarist and vocalist James Buckley (James Buckey), was born in Jacksonville, Florida (Jacksonville, Florida).

Of all the participants only brothers Keith had the experience of playing in the Boston Group ‘Unbusted’ and ‘The Billionaires’, which enjoyed a certain popularity.

As often happens in the music world, introduced the musicians are common friends, and in a month ‘Family of the Year’ sat down to record their debut mini-album, ‘Where’s the Sun’, which was released in September of 2009. Although the album did not break, he opened his big prospects. A month later, the city started the qualifying stage for the performances on stage with popular indie rock performer Ben Folds (Ben Folds) and a group of ‘The Boston Pops’; musicians, of course, want to try your luck, that at this moment he smiled. They were selected from among more than 700 other groups and were the opening act in front of thousands of fans in the ‘Symphony Hall’ in Boston (Boston). Soon after, the band returned briefly to California, where she gave a few concerts, but a month later went to New York (New York), where in the framework of the musical marathon ‘CMJ Music Marathon’ gave several concerts.

At the end of the year they released their first full-length album ‘Songbook’, which received critical acclaim. Magazine ‘SPIN’ switched on ‘Family of the Year’ in the rating ’25 young bands that are worth listening to. ” Together with a group of ‘Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ they went on tour in support of their debut work.

In January 2010, the band announced that every month will release one song that will be sent by e-mail to fans of the group. In March of the same year it was released another mini-album, ‘Through the Trees’, and the recorded information to the group’s own label, ‘Washashore Records’. Interestingly, despite its popularity, the group strongly refused contracts with record labels and studios, preferring to record albums on his own studio on the money from the tickets; also through the official website fans can buy souvenirs made by the band members and postcards signed by them.

With the support of ‘Nettwerk Records’ was written next studio album, ‘Loma Vista’. It was this work drew the attention of a group of the world’s largest music

publications and critics. So, they have been included in the list of young musicians in the ‘MTV’, ‘USA Today’, ‘Entertainment Weekly’, ‘Paste’, ‘Billboard’, ‘Amazon’ and many others. The plate was placed on the 35th place in the ranking of new albums from the ‘Billboard’

However, the peak of popularity was the release of the single ‘Hero’, which immediately was included in dozens of charts and into the rotation of the indie-rock radio stations. It was this song the band performed on the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno). The best alternative songs chart (Billboard Alternative Songs Chart) composition is located in 12th place.

Today, the group continues to record new songs, often travels to America and Europe, acting both individually and with other artists. Musicians already share the stage with such legends of indie rock like ‘Mumford & Sons’, ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’, ‘Walk the Moon’, ‘Good Old War’ and others.

Family Of The YearFamily Of The Year
Family Of The YearFamily Of The Year
Family Of The YearFamily Of The Year

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