Marcus Miller

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Marcus Miller (Marcus Miller) – bass guitarist

Fans of jazz, of course, know the name of Marcus Miller (Marcus Miller). This American – a legend in the music world. The producer, multi-instrumentalist, jazz musician, composer and arranger, among other things endorser Musical instrument manufacturer Fender.

A virtuoso bass player born in 1959 in the most populous part of the New York -Brukline. The boy’s father – director and organist of the church choir, taught the boy musical instrument. The first instrument with which he met was a block flute. Already in the 13 years Marcus knew how to play the piano, clarinet and bass. Then he began to try yourself in composing music.

In just two years, Miller was the bass player in the composition of the young band playing jazz-funk and rhythm and blues. Bass guitar, he studied independently in parallel continuing to study classical music school clarinet.

Miles Davis – the famous jazz musician of the 20th century saw a talented guy in 1981 and invited him to work in a team. In 1986, Markus brilliantly proved himself as a composer and multi-instrumentalist in the recording works «Tutu» for Miles Davis.

Marcus Miller had worked as a producer and composer of jazz stars such as David Sanborn and Luther Vandross. Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Donald Feygen and many other stars of world music with Miller worked as an arranger and a producer.

Work musician, arranger and producer for more than 30 years has brought glory Marcus Miller Jazz superstars of today.

In the 90 to the fore at the musician goes solo career. He punctually issue in the light of new songs and a lot of tours. Invisible rule group Miller – a great musical performance and improvisation, which captures the spirit of its intricacy. Since 1993, the work of a musician becomes a noticeable impact venerable bass players, which only gives them a special flavor.

Three times the bass player was awarded the Most Valuable Player, which is annually awarded to the best studio musicians of the National Academy of Arts. Repeatedly he was awarded the prize “Grammy” for his work on the albums of other musicians. In the 92nd Miller won Grammy Award for Best R & amp; B Song as a composer. In 2001, also was awarded the Grammy Award of his solo album.

Marcus Miller was the creator of a new playing technique on the bass, called «slapping». Playing on the fretless bass inspired many artists and served as a pretext for the creation of a fretless bass. This guitar can be seen in the arsenal of musicians performing compositions in various genres. Together with renowned instrumentalists such as David Sanborn, Eric Clapton and others, Miller took part in a concert tour of the project Legends, which lasted 11 days. The musician worked on the soundtrack to the film, known in Russia under the name “Siesta”, “Invincible”, “sixth player”, “Swindlers” and many others. Since 1977, author and singer has released 13 solo albums, 14 albums in collaboration with David Sanborn and 5 with Miles Davis.

Several times a brilliant instrumentalist visited with concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, both in the tour as well as a participant in jazz festivals. In 2008, the musician presented an album recorded with Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten. Let us hope that this is not the last visit to the virtuoso bass player, and more than once it will delight us with their products.

Marcus MillerMarcus Miller
Marcus MillerMarcus Miller
Marcus MillerMarcus Miller

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