Lindsey Buckingham

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Lindsey Buckingham

The American guitarist, singer, composer and producer, at the time member of the musical group Fleetwood Mac. He – the author of five solo albums, winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious place in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll (The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

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Lindsey Buckingham (Lindsey Buckingham) was born on 3 October 1949, in California, in the United States and was the third youngest child in the family. Two older brothers Lindsay – Jeff and Greg – has always cared about the youngest and otherwise took care of it.

Greg has achieved much in the field of sport. He was an excellent athlete and in 1968 he took part in the Olympic Games in Mexico City, becoming a silver medalist. Jeff Lindsay and preferred music. Both were interested in guitar music and learned to play by yourself. Noticing special talent Lindsay’s parents purchased for him a tool.

Lindsey Buckingham (Lindsey Buckingham) became interested in folk music in 13-years old, especially the songs on the banjo, and the execution of the folk group The Kingston Trio.

At the time, Buckingham attended school Menlo Atherton High School, where he met many musicians with whom subsequently collaborated. Lindsey quickly became popular – his music is in demand.

Lindsey songs attracted the attention not only of ordinary fans, and leading musicians. One of them turned out to be a talented drummer Mike Fleetwood (one of the founders of the group Fleetwood Mac), who invited Buckingham of the team. In 1975.

the band released the album, which became an instant hit. Five years later, the team undertook a successful tour and again recorded a record – Mirage, – who brought the group a resounding success.

In spite of the wildly popular Fleetwood Mac, many members of the team – including Lindsey Buckingham (Lindsey Buckingham) – worked on solo projects.

Soon frequent conflicts within the group led to the complete misunderstandings – and Buckingham had to leave Fleetwood Mac.

In 1992, the team met again – at the request of President Bill Clinton – and spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the newly created US chapters.

Once – the band continued cooperation.

Currently, the band plans to record a new studio album.

Lindsey Buckingham (Lindsey Buckingham) is married and is the father of three children, the last of which was born in April of 2004.

Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham
Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham
Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham

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