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Biography Ben E King

Ben E King (Eng. Ben E. King. real name Benjamin Earl Nelson, Eng. Benjamin Earl Nelson; September 28, 1938, Harlem, New York, USA) – one of the classic soul music of the late 1950s and early 1960s, began his career as a frontman vocal group The Drifters. His drawling baritone made the rhythm and blues popular among the white audience: classical recording King heralded “motaunovskoe sound” mid-1960.

A native of Harlem, Nelson played in a team polulyubitelsky The Five Crowns, when producer George Treadwell asked him (in 1958) go to the popular vocal group The Drifters. Frontman experienced difficulties with the recording in the studio, and the King was lucky enough to replace it with a recording There Goes My Baby – songs that made superstars The Drifters.

During the 1959 King (then serving under his real name) has recorded with The Drifters series of hits like Dance With Me, This Magic Moment (in “Lost Highway” sound version of Lou Reed), I Count the Tears and Save the Last Dance for Me (1st place in the United States). With the increasing popularity of the team, he demanded that Treadwell increment in salary, but received a refusal, decided to record a solo artist under the name of Ben E King.

As a solo artist King made a bid for the famous duo of authors – Leiber and Stoller. His first single was a ballad orchestrated Phil Spector Spanish Harlem (later reprized her Aretha Franklin). Also in 1961 came his biggest single hit, Stand By Me. This hymn to friendship back twice in the top ten songs of the United States, and with the release of the 1987 film of the same name headed the UK Singles Chart.

The last surge in popularity of Ben King came in the era of disco, when he recorded a dance tune Supernatural Thing, Part I. The singer continued to actively recorded in the 1990s.

Three hits Ben King – There Goes My Baby (1958), Spanish Harlem (1961) and Stand By Me (1961) – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame includes a number of songs that have shaped the modern pop music. All of them are included in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone. In writing There Goes My Baby and Stand By Me singer was personally involved. In 1975, its own version of Stand By Me John Lennon released a single, and in 2007 won the Billboard Hot 100 updated version of the tune – Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. © Wikipedia


Ben E KingBen E King
Ben E KingBen E King
Ben E KingBen E King

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