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Billy Currington


From a boy from a small southern town, he has become a new hot artist, and then – in the true country star Billy Carrington got everything. In 2003, he appeared on stage in Nashville with her debut album, named after him, and conquered the charts with their hit the Top Ten singles “I Got A Feeling”and”Walk A Little Straighter”. Show full .. After some time, the legendary Shania Twain noticed it and invited to become its partner for downhole hit “Party For Two”. In the video for the song Carrington swinging on a huge chandelier and captured the hearts of Americans everywhere.

Carrington began his career in Nashville after some of his writings were the work to the producer Chamberlaynu Carson, who immediately took one of the songs of Billy note. A few weeks later, Carson and Billy met in the restaurant Longhorn Steakhouse; after that conversation, the boys became friends and began to write songs together. Several demok recorded Carrington and Chamberlaynom hit the president’s desk nashvillskogo department Universal Music Group (UMGN) Luke Lewis and Billy dreams of musical contract fulfilled. In 2001 he was admitted to Mercury Nashville, Department UMGN.

The last work of Billy “Little Bit Of Everything”, in fact, true to its name – a bit of everything. The album shows his talent as a country artist, drawing something from R & amp; B, pop, rock ‘n’ roll for eleven tracks, all of which were produced by Carrington and his longtime partner Chamberlaynom. “We Carson together from the beginning. We – a great team, and we worked together well. He gave me the opportunity to grow as a singer, writer and producer ».

As an artist Carrington definitely increased. According to optimistic album, high vocal technique and careful production work it can be seen that Billy is really progressing, and the time was right. “I spend so much time on the road, I have not had a chance to write something. When at the beginning of the year I had the opportunity, I realized it was time to go and begin work on a new album ».

Album Billy begins invigorating song about one of those rare perfect days on the beach. Bright text “Swimmin ‘In Sunshine”floats on a lively and fun melodies and joyful sound sets the tone for everything that happens next. Album reflects optimistic, and”Life & amp; Love And The Meaning Of “Billy asks,” … how boring life would be if we had all the answers ».

The first single from the album “Little Bit Of Everything”-“Do not” – sensual, seductive song about love and the value of each moment spent together. This song speaks to the heart. Billy gives her all, and his expressive voice soars in the chorus picks up and gives a touch of R & amp; B grace and warmth.

Despite the fact that the album reflects a variety of musical styles, it still contains classic country music and no other song is not much better than in the “That’s How Country Boys Roll”. “It was necessary to include in the album song village. – Said Carrington. – I definitely wanted some cool country music song. ” It is this, and the text of the trains on open spaces, singing in bars, the love of my mother, and Jesus Jones. It is not difficult to imagine yourself on the track behind the wheel of a pickup truck with lowered glasses listen to this song and sing along with the chorus.

Tracks, co-authored by Billy, – “Life & amp; Love And The Meaning Of “,”Every Reason Not To Go”,”That’s How Country Boys Roll”,”I Shall Return”and”No One Has Eyes Like You”- are remarkable in their own way, but”No One Has Eyes Like You”has a special place in his heart. “The text of this song means a lot to me, and I think she has a great melody. This song was one of those that I started to perform acoustically in different places. I played it on the bus or somewhere on the show, she was always good at it. Over time, people began to order this song, and I realized that it – something special ».

“Little Bit Of Everything”demonstrates the many talents of Billy and his optimistic view of life. Noticeably, Billy in its place not only as a performer but also as a writer and producer.”You know, I am often asked,”What do you like to do? Writing songs, recording them in the Judge or playing live?”And I can honestly say that I love to do it all. All this is a lot of fun. I can not pick just one thing. I feel so happy because I’m doing what I love to do ».

When superstar Shania Twain heard the soulful southern voice Carrington, she knew she had found the perfect partner for kantr- duet “Party For Two”, and perky Billy jumped on a plane flying to Europe to work in the studio with legendary producer and Twain Robert “Mutt”Lange. Later Carrington and Twain sang this song at the awards ceremony of the Association of country music in 2004 and in a special edition of the show”Good Morning America” ​​in Nashville.

His musical success led to a national media attention, including People magazine and USA Today, who called Carrington artist “on the verge”. Soon, the media began to notice other advantages newcomer: Playgirl magazine published a (clothed) Carrington on the cover of the March 2005 Journal of Nashville Lifestyle and introduced it in its list of “25 most beautiful people».

Despite traveling the world, photo sessions for magazines and meetings with celebrities, Carrington firmly refuses to live a life of luxury. “Bigger and better is good – he says about the benefits that brings success. – Good hotel and travel to different countries is great. But I always try to remember that. When you are 80, then you will want? What will be of value? I think that for me in the first place are not material things. Probably, porch, a couple of rocking chairs, simple life ».

His music touches the lives of hard-working people who often live far from the beaten path. The only luxury they can not afford the time – they enjoy a few moments outside the hours when they finally have time for themselves. Sometimes it’s the idea of ​​a Saturday night, which helps them survive the exhausting week, so when it’s off, it’s time to forget about all problems and just relax.

«I often come in small towns, and it seems that there is almost nothing, – he says. – It was the same where I grew up. You walk from the railway, you go to the store or sit in their backyard. This is part of regular life. You did not fight for 20 red lanterns, whistles and Serena, and do not employ it for one job to the other ».

On his second CD, “Doin”Somethin ‘Right”, Carrington is a mature southern sound of country music with a touch of color blues in songs like the first single”Must Be Doin’ Somethin ‘Right”,”Why, Why, Why”, “Whole Lot More”, “Here I Am”and”She’s Got A Way With Me”, co-written with the legendary singer Michael McDonald. “I wanted to be sure that it will be a country. – He says. – After the duet with Shania you asked me “Do you change direction? Are you going to write pop? “I do not want anyone to doubt where I am musically, because in my heart I remained the same».

The former, perhaps, but even better. Since then, he released his first album, he spent four years on the road, performing five nights a week in clubs and concert halls. Dedication to his craft is reflected in the voice, which has become stronger and deeper, and the artist, who knows that it is more like the public during the busy 90-minute show. “Fulfilling every song, you need to pay attention to the reaction of the audience. – He says. – I quickly learned what songs from the first album are suitable or not suitable for the atmosphere of a bar or a large stadium. Before writing this album, I imagined how I play every song live in front of the crowd ».

“Doin ‘Somethin’ Right”includes such catchy songs like”She Knows What To Do With A Saturday Night”and”Hillbilly”- a fun country songs on the three chords that welcomes provincial lifestyle.”It’s a part of me. – He says. – It sings “I want to be a village boy”and not”I – a country boy.” I now have so many songs and what I want to say. This also applies to love songs, and my village side ».

It may be romantic, energetic and thoughtful, but he always remained a Southerner, especially when standing at the microphone. It can be heard in every note. “The South is home for me – fried chicken, my grandparents, my family, my childhood and our lives. My music is based on the life of a boy from the south. In there the music and the breath of those places. There is a gospel, blues, steel guitar and violin. They – certainly part of the inheritance of the south ».

This love of things and the southern country, especially with regard to music, was planted by his mother and stepfather, who listened to the recording of Kenny Rogers, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and the Statler Brothers. “The first album that I had, was a disc Kenny Rogers, which my mother gave me for Christmas when I was 10 years old. – He says. – Then I went out and bought all his albums and listened to them all the time. Then she took me to a concert, and I just fell in love with Kenny Rogers. This guy put into song the soul ».

To show how he appreciates the music of Rodgers, Carrington included a cover version of the song “Lucille”in the new album.”I always wanted to do a waltz – he says. – And I love the lyrics and the feeling that it gives; it’s just a great story ».

Carrington began writing songs as a teenager and learned to play the guitar at age 17. “I still have my first guitar and a receipt for it. – He says. – I bought it at a pawn shop in Savannah, Georgia, for about $ 120 ».

When he was a freshman high school, he and a friend went to church and was impressed by the mixture of gospel and country. When he praised the preacher for the music, he invited him to sing on the following Sunday. Struck talents Carrington because the two spent much time together, the priest personally took Billy to Nashville to audition for the park Opryland. Although it did not take a job, this trip meant a change in the life of a young man who suddenly realized what he wanted to do after graduation, he was going to move to Nashville to become a country singer / songwriter.

And so he did. He received a lucrative day job in a concrete company to earn a living until he came to the realization of his musical dreams. Unfortunately, the work took six days a week, 16 hours a day, so that dream almost no time left, it was still less on writing songs and singing. On the recommendation of fellow songwriters, he quit his job and started working part time as a personal trainer. By the will of fate, Carrington met Gary Vurhayesa – customer gym who was working at a music publishing company. They met, and Gary Carrington invited to sing and to play something for him. Some time after this acquaintance, Billy got a contract.

Chamberlayn Carson, who wrote to Carrington demku, unable to contact the co-chairman of Universal Music Group Nashville Luke Lewis, who attributed to Billy Mercury Records, because he was impressed with the talent native Georgia.

Carrington co-wrote four songs from the album “Doin ‘Somethin’ Right”: “Why, Why, Why”, “Here I Am”, “Whole Lot More”and”She’s Got A Way With Me”, which he wrote, with Michael MacDonald at his home in Franklin. “Experience with Michael McDonald – my favorite. – Says Carrington. – Have the opportunity to share all that was: a studio in his home, where we recorded the demo, a small room, where we write, talk on the phone to arrange a meeting – all these things are my favorite experience this year ».

Although it is far from Rincon, GA, Carrington regularly remembers his roots and hard work on the way to Nashville. “All the time I think about it. – He says. – I’ve never been in a city where not see the truck with concrete. I always remember about this work, and I am grateful for the fact that most do not do it. I’m not above it, it’s just not something that I love to do. I love what I do today. I am very grateful that I can do what I like ».

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Billy CurringtonBilly Currington
Billy CurringtonBilly Currington
Billy CurringtonBilly Currington

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