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Mandy Moore (Mandy Moore)

Full Name: Amanda Leigh Moore (Amanda Leah Moore)

Short name: Mandy

Born: April 10, 1984

Age: 18


Eye Color: Brown

In Mandy – a couple of albums and several popular singles

appeared on stage with 6 years

Pets. three cats – Milo, Zoe and Chloe

My favorite drink is Mandy – half cranberry juice, half Sprite.

Mandy hates her big feet! She wears a 10th the size.

And still afraid babochkek.

She likes – Enrique Iglesias, Missy Elliott (Missy Elliot), and Macy Gray.

He loves gum!

She has a small mole on his right cheek (like me:))

In Mandy is a machine for the production of cotton candy (she loves to eat!)

Mandy moved from Nashua (New Hampshire – New Hampshire) in Orlando (Florida) when she was six weeks (note: not years, but weeks!)

One of her goals in life – to speak French fluently

Mandy is planning to go to college (she had always dreamed of going to NYU)!

My favorite breakfast is Mandy – bagels.

Mandy love of flying (her father – a pilot).

Her favorite restaurant – Wendy (Wendy).

Mandy – adventurer and loves to ride on a roller coaster!

My favorite number Mandy – 23.

It has 4 dancers: Dominic (Dominic), Jimmy (Jimmy), Nick (Nick) and Zach.

Her best friend BONNIE was in her video ‘Walk Me Home’.

My favorite movie Mandy – COAST (BEACHES), Actress – Bette Midler

Mandy says about himself: (at 16, Spring 2001. I myself translated the text, so that in some places is a bit out of topic, but I think the point you’re bound to understand !)

I can not believe that I’m doing my third album, but I is recorded in a studio in Miami. It’s really funny, because I feel that I have a “more creative” input. Basically, this means that the record company allows me to choose the songs I will sing, and I liked all the songs. I myself writing songs for the first time. It seems natural. I released my first album when I was 14 and it was all new to me so bad. But now I’m 16, and I know that I was still ahead. When I’m on tour, I meet a lot of people and getting the impact of all types of music. I feel ready to do more of my own songs.

From 6 years old, I already knew that I wanted to be a singer. I went to see the play of Oklahoma! And the girl on the stage was a lot of fun, and everyone in the audience were so fascinated watching her. I had a small karaoke machine in my room and I was on my bed, and sang songs like “Wind Beneath My Wings”. My parents thought it was just a step, but I asked them a few years, and they allowed me to start to go to singing lessons when I was 10 years old.

I started going to musical theater and singing our national anthem sport in my hometown, Orlando (Florida). Two producers who have heard me sing, said they would like to work with me. It was so unexpected for me! Then I made a demo tape, which led me to the record company.

I had no idea that I will take to the record company! I was so pleased to be able to sing. And when my first album was sold well, it was incredible: millions of people listened to him! Both of my album, ‘So Real’ and ‘I Wanna Be With You’, went platinum, it means that everyone has sold about one million copies. But I can not say exactly how many drives I sold (I think around 2.5 million), because I do not pay attention to the position in the charts. I know that my first single “Candy” was a hit – but for me it means that many people like him. The more people like your music. all the better. I try to remind myself that this is my ultimate goal.

I know that I find people just as fans react to me. When was my first tour, I was very happy because it opens the concerts of the incredible and famous groups like NSync and Backstreet Boys – people clapped, danced and sang. It was so cool! Then I signed autographs and there were people who were waiting for me for a few hours. I thought, ‘Are they waiting for me. “

Most of my fans – a teenage girls who are just starting to learn life. Therefore, I think (hope!) That they really love my new album. I am very passionate in these songs, and I think that gets into people. This is a big step for me. Basically, it’s pop music. but it does not sound so young, as my previous album. Some songs are a bit like rock, with live instruments instead of synthesizers and a predetermined music. I thank some producers such as Emilio Estefan and James Renald. I think I’m doing music. because I like it a lot, so I want to make myself happy and I want to sing for people. It would not be so great if I did again and again the same.

When you hear the first single Pennies In My Pocket, he’ll immediately enjoy it and you say, “UVAU! It’s such a diverse sound!”It’s kind of Middle Eastern influence is very intricate sonorous, but the melody is so contagious. Also on the album is,”Turn The Clock Around”, a very good song, it makes you a good mood as instant light. It has influenced rock and the guitar. When I recorded this song, I could totally imagine that I sing it on stage with a live band. One of my favorite songs – “Cry”, written by James Renaldom (James Renald). It is very beautiful melody, and there present the violin and acoustic guitars, even though this love song, the lyrics are not so soft. More on the new album has the ballad “From Loving You”, written by Diane Warren (Diane Warren). We wanted to make the song easier.

“When I Talk To You” – one of the songs that I wrote with Matthew Hager (Matthew Hager), my guitarist. This song is about friendship – how some people become real friends. We wrote it on the road. We sat in the cloakroom and waited for us to do a sound check, but he warmed up and was playing music. I began to sing along. on here so I was born one more song.

Starting to write his own music. it becomes clear that I’m getting older and getting more confidence. It is very important for me, because trust always convenient. When you are sure you should not wear clothes superseksualnuyu, if you feel that you shine. I want you to notice me, because I am happy to be unique and so I have.

Aside from my new album, and there were other exciting things. I work for MTV, and this spring, MTV Mandy begins again. But it will be different from the show, which I did last year; it will be a talk show that focuses on music and entertainment. Plus, I hope to continue to be a guest on the channel TRL, when I can. I take in the new film directed by Garry Marshall, ‘The Princess Diaries’, which will be released this summer. I’ll play rough cheerleader, who manages the school. The role is not like me – but prikolko find my inner “rrrrrr!” I’m also a spokesperson for Neutrogena, skin care company – I’m in their commercials and print ads.

However, music is my main. Being on stage – it’s the best thing that you can imagine. Even if you have a bad mood, you just go on stage and once it becomes so good! I can not wait to go on tour in support of my new album, especially because there is a live band, supports me – very exciting to have real musicians. work with them, that all remained fresh. I want each of my new work a little bit different from the previous ones and was a little better. For the fans it is very important. When people come to see what you’re doing, then you do everything even better, you give them energy. Although I must admit that I am still worried every time I go on stage. It’s a good feeling, because I never wanted to be daring, like, ‘Oh, I can once again take to the stage, because I did it a thousand times. “

Anyway, now I have to go back to the booth. Everything is going well, and it’s so amazing – I am very happy to have a record label that believes in me, just enough to allow me to dismiss my wings. Wait until you hear my album! Oh, but by the time you read this, my album is already done – and you can hear it right now. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed making it!

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