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Mary J Blige (Mary J. Blige)

Mary J Blige was born in 1971 in New York, in the district of Bronx. Father Mary, Tomas Blige, was a renowned jazz performer, and a girl from birth liked to listen to his father play. When Mary was four years old, Thomas left the family, but even after that love of singing, the girl has not disappeared. At seven years old girl was performing in the church choir, and later she won the main prize at the show of talent by singing a song «Respect» Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin).

When Mary was a teenager, along with several of her school friends did not escape the fate to try drugs. Future star so much involved, resulting in dropped out of school. At the age of seventeen in a special recording booth in a supermarket Mary J. Blige sang a cover version of the song Aretha Franklin «Caught Up in the Rapture». Upon hearing this work performed by women, a good friend of my mother, Mary decided to pass a tape of Eric Redd, who was an employee of a record company Uptown Records. And Eric gave the cassette label president Andre Harrell. The song is so admired Mary Harrell, he arranged to meet the girl and then signed her to a recording contract on his new label. After some time, the company released a record with the participation of young talent. Mary, first of all, is the youngest performer, and secondly, the very first girl on the label. However, the future star’s career did not immediately went up as Mary is not performed solo songs, but rather was a backing singer for different musicians. In 1990, the audience first saw the girl on the stage on vocals, Eric Redd. In the same year the video was filmed rapper Father MC «I’ll Do 4 U», where Mary sang the chorus.

The following year, Mary, was finally able to begin work on his own album. The main producer of the project became a protege Harrell Sean Combs. Monitor the release of the album he was helped by many well-known musicians of the pop industry: Mark Rooney, Mark Morales and Donald DeGreyt, who was at that time the head of some of the musicians performing the songs under the label Uptown Records, including the boy’s quartet Jodeci. DeGreyt introduced vocalist Cedric Jodeci and Mary J. Haley, after which they began an affair that lasted about 6 years. The first album of the girls appeared in July 1992 and was called «What’s the 411?”. The lead single from this album «You Remind Me» was recognized as one of the best versions of soul-r & b-log chart «Billboard», and the track «Real Love» for a long time was in general singles chart. From July to December 1992 it was sold two million copies of the album, and then the newspapers Woman awarded the title of “Queen of hip-hop-soul», even though Mary is not the most loved. A little later, a new album of remixes of songs of his first album «What’s the 411 Remix».

In the process of creating a second album, Mary J Blige decided to take a more active part in the project, after which she became a co-author of almost all the songs of the plate. Produced to create a new album again, Sean Combs, who at the time already served in show business under the name Puff Daddy, and has achieved considerable success and popularity. Only one track from the new album was recorded not under the direction of musician. In the same draft Puff tried his hand in the profession of the manager and I must say, is he also went really well. In stores Mary’s second album «My Life» appeared in November 1994. Theme songs radically different from that of the previous record – here Mary told the audience about his personal experiences and the fact that she had to endure in life, so the name of the singer chose «My Life», which means “My Life.” All the singles were quite sad and unhurried. Such a change in the sound of Mary’s voice and the fans appreciated singer and critics, from which she received a lot of positive feedback, and her second album became three times platinum. But Mary was in no hurry to enjoy the takeoff. As the singer told her more concerned about two situations: the relationship with Cedric Haley, who has long grown into everyday scandals, and drug and alcohol dependence, from which she could not get rid of.

To even as it calm down, Mary decides to work on the songs together with other popular musicians and artists. For the series «New York Undercover» Blige performed a cover version of Aretha Franklin «(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman», and for the film «The Show» singer writes song «Everyday It Rains». And for the song «I’ll Be There For You / You All I Need to Get By», recorded together with rapper Method of Maine, the duo won the award «Grammy» in the nomination “The best duo rap.”Almost immediately after these events, Sean Combs breaks all a partnership with Mary, explaining that he needed to build his own career and to produce a new label, and time for producing Blige he no longer remains. Therefore, the third album, Girl «Share My World» was issued without the participation of Combs. In place of the producers Mary took a few influential people from the music industry – Babyface, Chucky Thompson, Rodney Jenkins and R. Kelly. The new work was very energetic and with a completely different mood compared to the previous albums that immediately noticed the audience. The album only in USA and has sold 4 million copies. In the same album, Mary J Blige won American Music Awards in the category”Favorite r & b album.” Almost immediately after that, the singer finally decided to part with Cedric Haley.

In 1998, Marie released a live album «The Tour». After that, the singer began to work on his new album. The new work simply had to be the most interesting and best album of the singer, whose name was «Mary». Here the singer has created a whole new sound, unlike the usual hip-hop songs and completely reflect all the warmth of the golden age of soul music 70s. When creating the album helped Mary Lauryn Hill, which is a duet with the girl sang a song «All that I Can Say», Eric Clapton, who played guitar on the song «Give Me You», Aretha Franklin, together with Mary to sing a song «Do not Waste Your Time », as well as Elton John, who played the piano in the track« Deep Inside ». In stores album «Mary» appeared in August 1999, and in the end, he was re-released as a double CD. The second disc contains two bonus songs and a few clips of the performer. At the same time Mary sang a duet with George Michael (George Michael) song «As» Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder). This single took place in the compilation of the best songs of George Michael «Ladies and Gentlemen».

The events in 2000 with Mary J Blige, radically changed her life. She met with the famous record company employee named Martin (Kendu) Isaacs, who would later become her husband singer. As acknowledged by the singer, that Martin helped her to cope with a dependence on drugs and alcohol, and helped to lose 15 kilograms of weight. All these changes the singer decided to move to his fifth album reissued «No More Drama», which means “No more drama.” On the cover of the new album, published in 2002, Mary looked much slimmer than the original album, published six months earlier.

On this record contained the most famous lyrics Mary J Blige «Family Affair», which became a producer Dr. Dre. During his career girl is the first song that soared to the top spot of the chart «Billboard». At the same time Blige reconciled with Sean Combs, who remixed one of the songs of the new album. Plus, she received «Grammy» for the song «He Think I Do not Know» with its new album «No More Affair» in the category “Best female vocal style r & b». After this rise, Mary began to think about how to start an acting career. Although she has tried herself as an actress in 1998 in the TV show, Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx), but the singer wanted more, and starred in the film “Prison Song”and played a cameo role in the TV series”Strong Medicine».

Once reconciliation Diddy and Mary J. Blige have decided together to make a new album «Love & Life», which the audience was waiting with particular interest. But this album, has sold one million copies, later proved to be the failure of the entire musical career women – heavily criticized by newspapermen and journalists led to the duo broke up again. To recover from the failure, Mary in 2004 went to play a role in the play “rehabilitate”, which describes the life of death row inmates. In the play she played Sunny Jacobs, a woman who has spent 20 years of his life behind bars for a crime to which it did not have any work. Later, Mary begins to work on his next album titled «The Breakthrough», which translated means “breakthrough.” The album appeared in stores in 2005. Nzvanie album speaks for itself – it was a real breakthrough, as early as the first week after the album has sold 700,000 copies, which is an absolute record among solo performers r & b. The main track «Be Without You» was on the first r & b charts for 15 weeks. On the disc, as well present the song U2 «One», which Mary J Blige has recorded together with the Irish quartet. The song reached # 2 in the UK charts. In 2006, Mary was nominated in eight categories at the award «Grammy», album «The Breakthrough» was recognized as one of the best selling albums of 2006. In late November 2006 she publishes two new albums – «Mary J. Blige & Friends», which was attended by Sting, Elton John, Santana and Jamie Foxx, and the album «Reflections – A Retrospective», in which she recorded her best songs entire career. Later it became known that the singer will star in the title role in a film dedicated to the popular singer Nina Simone (Nina Simone).

December 18, 2007 Mary J Blige released the eighth, the last to date, numbered album «Growing Pains», which has sold more than half a million copies. The plate is on the first line chart Billboard, and was the 6th in the UK. For «Growing Pains» Mary J won several awards and positive reviews by music critics. In September 2008, he started a tour to promote the album.

At the end of 2009, the Mary J. Blige new album Stronger with Each Tear.

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