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Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey – half Venezuelan (black father and an Irish mother). It is obvious that she stalknulas many prejudices because of the unequal marriage. From Mariah mother, Patricia, an opera singer and vocal teacher, renounced family after she married Alfred Roy Carey, aeronautical engineer. Over the years, the fanatics uchinyali various atrocities against them, including the bombings of their cars, poisoning dogs. The marriage collapsed under the pressure of such malicious events, and the couple divorced when Mariah was three years old. Mariah’s older sister moved in with her father and her older brother, soon went to college, leaving behind Mariah with her mother, who barely make ends meet.

Occupation Patricia Carey quite prepared her for what to “discover”the talent of his daughter.”Ever since the days when Mariah was a tiny girl,”- she says,”she sang a variety of songs. She was able to replicate any sound heard.” The proud mother cherished daughter’s talent, coaching her home. Mariah sang for friends to show for young talents at festivals and folk music; with the entry into adolescence, she began writing her own songs.

In high school, she began to prepare themselves to study music professionally, and in late 1987, she moved to Manhattan. She paid the rent for an apartment, a job as a waitress (she says she was fired somewhere twenty restaurants because of its nature), Switzerland Beauty and backing vocal singer. It was her last work before as a singer in the style of “rhythm and blues” Brenda K. Starr introduced Carey to Tommy Motolla. Even after ten months of being in a big city, Mariah Carey has become a star.

In 1990, Carey released her debut album, created a real boom, largely because of the incredible virtuosity of her voice, which many say is comparable only with the voice of Whitney Houston. Critics still argue about the range of her voice (between five and seven octaves). In those days, Carey and company – write most of her songs, and her debut album was a professional, though too “effeminate”.

However, nothing has, critics say did not matter since sold more than six million copies and made Mariah Carey a sensation: two singles from the album took a long time, first place in the charts, and music community During the awards Grammy, noted the impressive debut of the singer.

Meanwhile, blossomed love Mariah and Tommy. Carey’s album “Emotions”(1991) and her MTV Unplugged EP (1992), sold millions, was the most impressive event after her marriage to Motolla. Inspired videos royal wedding of Charles and Diana, Mariah and Tommy decided to roll its own grand wedding (costing not much is not enough 500 thousand dollars) in June 1993. Fifty flower girls, a huge orchestra, choir boys and three hundred important guests (including Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro and Ozzy Osbourne.).”When I look back, I realize how much it’s unbelievable! And really, just the story of Cinderella,” – says Mariah.

Albums recorded after marriage Carey (1993’s “Music Box”, 1994’s “Merry Christmas”and 1995’s”Daydream”), more elevated talented singer. “Daydream”helped her earn six Grammy Awards and helped to raise the marketability of her albums to 80 million mark. It was erected on a pedestal, the best-selling singers in the world. And if before 1995, it could not use their music to fill the longing for a happy childhood, in 1995, she donated $ 1 million to the New York camp which provides a summer vacation for children. Now the camp was renamed”Camp Mariah”.

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