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Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)

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The path to glory at everyone. But if you inherited a voice of an opera singer, and your soul gravitate to the music so that you only think about it even while your peers sit at school desks, this road will be much shorter, and will lead directly to the top. Want an example? Please! Take a look at Mariah Carey!

The success of her musical career was predetermined – too many different factors influenced the life of the singer. Her mother, Patricia Hickey Irish, was an opera singer. The unusual name for her daughter, she took of the song They Call The Wind Mariah, which sounded in the popular musical with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. And Mariah Carey was brought up on the best examples of jazz and soul, and, of course, on the operatic classics.

Maraya Carey was born on March 27, 1970, her father was a black Venezuelan named Alfred Roy Carey. But the girl’s parents separated early enough. By the way, the reason for the divorce was not quite normal – the family came under the pressure of the Ku Klux Clan, so his mother Mariah Carey chose to limit the risk to the baby.

Childhood Mariah took in dealing with professional musicians – she participated in rehearsals, and sometimes was busy in the crowd. Communication with her mother and her friends did not go to the benefit of the school – classmates gave her the nickname “Mirage” because of the constant lack of women.

When Mariah Carey was 18, she went to New York – to conquer America. At first it was difficult, but after 10 months at the party she accidentally met Tommy Mottola. Before the farewell the singer gave him a cassette with its records. Many new artists gave him a demo versions of their songs, but that tape Mariah, he began listening to on the way home. Mottola has shaken this record, he rushed back to the party, but Maraya was gone. On the tape, there was nothing except the name, but Tommy did not lose hope to find a singer. Of course, he succeeded. And in 1990, they released her first album, simply titled «Mariah Carey». Critics immediately began to compare the rising star with Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. But, unlike them, Maraya Carey sang songs of his own. Her debut single, «Vision Of Love», the summer of 1990 rose to the top ranks of the most prestigious American and European charts, and took the first position hundreds of Billboard. Three more singles from the album – «Love Takes Time», «Someday» and «I Do not Wanna Cry» also gained immense popularity. For the first album, Mariah Carey won two awards Grammy: in the category “Best Newcomer”and”Best Pop Vocal».

A year later, Mariah Carey has pleased fans of the album «Emotions» – single of the same name again settled on the first line of one of the world’s most prestigious charts. But her next album was not as successful – single «Can not Let Go» reached the 2nd position, while «Make It Happen» rose by only one fifth. A fourth single, «And You Do not Remember» never saw the light, despite the fact that shooting a video for it has already begun. But this was not the beginning of the end – because Maraya Carey was at that time the only singer whose first five singles Billboard magazine tied for first place.

In 1992, Mariah Carey on MTV studios recorded his first Unplugged (later he was released in the format of EP). It included a cover of the Jackson 5 hit «I’ll Be There», which Maraya Carey sang along with her backing vocalist and friend Lawrence Trey (Trey Lorenz). This single took off in the first place of the charts, and spiteful critics have ceased to speak evil about the unenviable future singer. Trey himself in the same year released a solo album, and Maraya Carey tried his hand as his producer, arranger and backing vocalist.

The following year, the singer was married to the head of Sony Music, Tommy Mottola and released their most successful album «Music Box», which became the record-breaking achievement Mariah Carey – 30 million copies! Author and producer of the first single «Dreamlover” itself became Mariah Carey and Dave Hall. This hit 8 weeks to keep on top of music tops. Another song from the album – «Without You», a cover version of the song the group Badfinger – was a hit, who helped her conquer the British charts, connoisseurs of good music. But on the Billboard song reached only third place. The composition of Hero, which is still the hallmark of the singer, also came out in the album «Music Box».

The triumph disc «Music Box» Marae gave Carey a new wave of inspiration. At first, she recorded a duet with the legendary Luther Vandross (Luther Vandross) for his disc «Songs», a few months later created his new album «Merry Christmas», for which to write some songs together with Walter Afanasiev (for example, in the above privacy, born You All I Want For Christmas is you). This composition has traditionally been top the charts every Christmas. To this day, «Merry Christmas» is one of the best-selling Christmas album in the history of modern music. By 2005, the world has sold about 5 million copies, and the number continues to grow every Christmas.

In 1995, Mariah Carey released the album Daydream, from which the first single («Fantasy», written with the same Dave Hall), traditionally achieved the first place – and at the same time he made his debut with the first place! With the second single of this album is also a miracle happened – the composition «One Sweet Day», recorded with the group Boyz II Men, too, made its debut with the first lines of the charts, and held there for 16 (!) Consecutive weeks. And this in the history of pop music – an absolute record for the day today. Remix of their debut single and Fantasy Always Be My Baby were recorded in unusual style, while Mariah Carey Urban – this helped her fellow rappers.

The style of her compositions have changed after the divorce, which was issued in 1997. Mariah said it this way: this marriage was never – it was more like a deal between the singer and producer. The first record, which appeared after the divorce, it is called «Butterfly» – because it is a butterfly taking off at will from the cocoon, compared herself while Mariah Carey. Most of the songs she made in collaboration with hip-hop producer Sean «Puffy» Combs, Poke & Tone, and Stevie J. The Ummah. Mariah fans were somewhat disappointed by this change of style, so «Butterfly» is not accompanied by a commercial success as the previous albums. Perhaps divorce from head of Sony was the reason that in America, the album was supported by only two singles – however, they both became hits #1 – a wonderful touching ballad My All single and Honey. But in other countries, the album was also accompanied by a single on the composition The Roof, Breakdown, and of itself Butterfly.

The album, “# 1’s», which includes twelve of the thirteen hits the magazine Billboard, Mariah Carey becomes a kind of summing up. In addition, it diluted the album with new songs as well as cover versions of their favorite songs on. For example, the soundtrack to the animated film The Prince Of Egypt, the song When You Believe, which Maraya sang a duet with the famous Whitney Houston. It was quite unexpected to the public. After all, from the beginning of Mariah Carey’s career, many of these singers were compared, there were rumors about their feud. But both the singer in an interview that followed after the release of the disc, very kindly spoke against each other as part of the album “# 1’s» includes duets with Brian McKnight and Jermaine Dupri, and cover versions of songs Brands Kay Starr «I Still Believe» and Diana Ross hit «Do you know where you’re going to».

The style of the next studio album, Mariah Carey, «Rainbow» («Rainbow”), was similar to its «Butterfly». It employs an unprecedented number of artists involved – Jay-Z, Usher, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Joe, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, 98 Degree, hip-hop producer DJ Clue & Duro, Shekspere, Damizza, Master P. Her ballads created Terru Jimmy Jam & Lewis, previously worked with Janet Jackson, and David Foster with Diane Warren (author of numerous hits of Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion). In the end, two songs of this extraordinary album, Heartbreaker, and Thank God I Found You, again came out on top in Billboard’e, but the third remained outside the single “star twenty».

The long-term success has allowed the press and sharks show business Mariah Carey to name the best-selling singer of the 90s. World Music Award awarded her the title of “Best Singer of the Millennium”. In 2001 he ended the contract with the hardships of the singer Sony, and the services it offered just four record companies. The news that Maraya is preparing to release not just an album and the soundtrack to his film debut (Mariah played a major role in it), exacerbated the struggle for the singer. As a result, won a fantastic offer Virgin – $ 80 million for three albums. And everything is good, but after this transaction on the singer somehow fell failure …

Virgin, set design firm deadline – the company sought as soon as possible to recoup the costs. The release of the film and the soundtrack was scheduled for August 2001, therefore, Mariah Carey had to rush for days from filming at the studio, and still writing songs for the soundtrack. This regime has undermined its power – the first single from the soundtrack «Loverboy», released in July 2001, has not reached the first row in the Billboard. Radio refused to put a song on the air, and instead play up the song information that Mariah was hospitalized with nervous exhaustion, overdose and suicide attempt. Virgin suffered the album, the soundtrack to … September 11, 2001. But the terrorist attack in New York, of course, diverted the attention of the public and critics from a bombed-out melodrama, and on the soundtrack. The next single, Mariah Carey – «Never Too Far» – not even reached Top 50. The album, which Virgin has done such a great rate, has sold a million copies – for the singer Mariah Carey level it was a failure. Pay her about $ 28 million compensation, Virgin terminated the contract, and the best-selling singer 90 ostalpas without a record company! In private life, too, Mariah Carey pursue failure – boyfriend Luis Miguel (rumored that it was because of him while Mariah was trying to commit suicide) threw it in the most difficult days for the singer. After some time of his affair with Mariah told the white rapper Eminem, with nothing good to the singer, he said. However, she denies Mariah relationship with Eminem.

Of course, the famous singer missed long without a label – just a month she signed a contract with Island Def Jam, and started to create his own record company MonarC – it was he who had to prepare her new album. Songs for a Mariah Carey wrote on the island of Capri, where she spent most of 2002, the first time in his 12-year career, allowing himself to rest. The songs written by singer there, were inspired by the solitude, failures of comprehension marriage to Tommy Mottola, the death of his father Alfred Roy Carey cancer. In retaliation for the recent scandal Eminem and his song «Superman», she wrote the song «Clown». The new album is called «Charmbracelet». Its sales have not reached the level of 90 albums, critics and the media persistently refused to recognize Mariah Carey – radio and television boycotted her songs, and the best result was 81 on Billboard’s place with the song «Through The Rain». She seemed written off the show business, leaving her in the past with the honorary title of best singer of the 90s. But no … the singer came to the rescue of her fellow rappers!

Busta Rhymes Mariah Carey invited to perform part of his composition I Know What You Want, released a single. This fun job Billboard could not ignore, she reached the third place, and with it has increased the interest of the public to Mariah Carey. Then Sony Corporation recalled that in the ’90s singer named queen of remixes, and recorded almost all singles remixed with new vocals. Thus was born the collection of “Animals in Remixes», but it became a small part of remixes created by Mariah Carey for all her solo career.

In 2003, Mariah Carey has traveled a lot of countries in the world tour, visiting at the same time, and Russia (where she gave two concerts in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg). And 2004 was the year for her fans waiting – the only new track became her guest appearance on the track rapper Jadakiss’a.

In an effort to release as soon as possible a strong album, Mariah Carey postponed own release further and further. Certainly at the time of its release, and has influenced the change of power in the Island Def Jam. But it went Mariah only benefit – in 2004 the company was headed by famous producer Antonio «LA» Reid, had just departed from Arista. He has worked with many stars of the first magnitude: with Toni Braxton, TLC, Usher’om …. He not only took an active part in the work on a new album of the singer, and persuaded her to delay the release of the release through April 2005. At the appointed time a new job Mariah Carey, have been waiting for all, both critics and ordinary listeners, finally saw the light. This album was released under the title «The Emancipation of Mimi». In working on this creation Mariah attended her old friends – Jermaine Dupri, James Wright, as well as new producers, became famous in the XXI century – The Neptunes, Kanye West, The Legendary Traxter. This album had a distinct dance styles. Moreover, questions about such a strange name the singer answers: it symbolizes her liberation from all stereotypes and taboos, as well as the kind of approach to the audience – it is the name of Mimi, Mariah Carey who called the relatives and close friends. The first single from this album – «It’s Like That» – the singer returned to the Billboard Top 20. This proved that the public has not forgotten about Mariah Carey: after 5-year break, she returns to her fans were tired of waiting. From the first week of the album took the top spot of the charts, and is held in the top five for twenty-two weeks! However, the second single – We Belong Together – «capped» «It’s Like That», becoming a summer hit in 2005, and headed the influential world charts. The Billboard she was kept in the first place 14 weeks. By the way, this long held such a high position in 1996, the same Mariah, when sung with «Boyz II Men». Radiorotation this composition exceeded all conceivable possibilities. In one week, the song was on air more than 223 million times!

The single «Shake It Off» as was perceived by the public to “hurray”, but the first place “Billboard’a”he did not have just a single step. In November 2005, the album was re-released with three new songs. On one of them – «Do not Forget About Us» – made a video and released the single. And in the second week of December, «Do not Forget About Us» topped Billboard, becoming in the career of Mariah Carey seventeenth hit #1 (that equalize it in this record with the legendary Elvis Presley). A higher number of hits #1 had only”Beatles”. However, the miracles “, the Mariah Carey», which in 2005 became the opinion of the critics and the audience, not an end. Album «The Emancipation of Mimi» New Year’s only for one week walked Sales released a month earlier album “50 Cent’a» «The Massacre», received the title of best-selling album of 2005. At the end of the year Mariah Carey gets eight nominations «Grammy», including “Record of the Year,””Song of the Year” and”Album of the Year».

And Mariah Carey once again changed the course of music – in early 2006 released the single «Fly Like A Bird», which differs from other more religious text. This favorite song from the album of the singer – Mariah Carey says she most strongly reflects her inner world and outlook on life.

In 2007, at the beginning of the fans Marai seems that the pop diva is increasingly moving away from the music. At first it was drawn in the fasion-industry – in February, Mariah Carey became the face of Italian brand jeans wear Pinko. Thereby she wiped her nose Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and Ellie Makperson previously advertised this model house. Standing in a row with the brightest stars of the podium, Mariah Carey has not calmed down there. And hit … in the creation of perfumes. At a charity event The Fresh Air Fund’s Salute to American Heroes, held on June 7 in New York, he presented the singer released her self-tanning lotion. This product shine with originality as well as its creator – and shone both literally and figuratively. The fact that this product is made on the basis of 24-karat gold dust, thereby able to give the skin a real golden glow. Perfume singer fun did not end there. In November, she presented their new fragrance «M by Mariah Carey». These spirits instantly became popular, earning considerable fraction of funds in the treasury at the time of the retired singer.

However, in 2008, she once again with great passion to the music, resulting in a new album, “E = MC2,”which was released in April. She worked on it together with such”trendy” artists like of the Black Eyed Peas. This creation Mariah Carey interesting by the fact that some of the songs she quotes the Bible, or use samples created once Michael Jackson.

Before the advent of this album Mariah Carey has organized a large-scale TV campaign, appearing in several super popular talk show. As a result, the first week was sold out 463,000 discs with recording a new album. The debut single from the album «Touch My Body» helped her break the record of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley – You Mariah got to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the eighteenth time!

And in April of this year, 38-year-old singer has once again presented to fans a surprise – she married, and to do so secretly. The lucky chosen one was the 27-year-old rapper Nick Cannon. Before you tie the knot, the musicians met … two whole months! But diamond engagement ring from Jacob & Co 17 carats of 2.5 million. Dollars, a gift from her fiancé, surely helped Mariah make a decision. Nick proved incorrigible romantic – he wants to repeat the wedding ceremony with Mariah every year! p>


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