Keyshia Cole

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Keyshia Cole

Keishia Cole today – one of the most popular singers in the style of R & B. A recent sverhuspeshnyh album «Just Like You», and is particularly active unwinding duet with the famous P. Diddy. under the name «Last Night», lifted her to the top of Rhythm and Blues Olympus and put on a par with such mega-stars like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981 in the small town Oaklend California. Since childhood, the girl was heard singing the famous Mary J. Blige and Brandy, and almost immediately decided that he wanted to be the same as they are. The fate of her voice is not cheated, but it is known, is not enough to become a star of the first magnitude. Fortunately, the girl, and she knew it well. “As a young man you have to work to achieve their goals and fully devote themselves to self-improvement. In life there are many trials and tribulations, through which all of us have to go through to get what we want “, – she says. In short, a strong beautiful voice, good appearance, well-chosen image and, most importantly, dedication and desire to achieve their Keisha turned into a superstar of contemporary music.

Even at twelve years old girl attracted the attention of the famous hip-hopper MC Hammera Keisha and he invited to his studio. There the young singer took part in recording the remix to the song «Nubian Queen» with Messy Marv, and together with Tony Toni Tone track «Dwayne Wiggins» – sayndreka the film «Me & Mrs. Jones ». But the real fame came to Cole, of course, after the release of her debut album.

A few months persistent singer sought a meeting with the President of A & M Records Feira Ron (Ron Fair), but it was worth it. As soon as he heard the girl singing, Fair signed a contract with her and pledged to take on the preparation of the release of her solo album. The album was named «The Way It Is», and his record was attended by such prominent figures in show business as Kanye West – songwriter R & B group 112. The popular producer E-Popp and Chink Santana, who previously worked with Ashanti and The Inc. In addition, Keisha had the opportunity to work with Eve – together they recorded a single «Never».

Keyshia Cole belongs to the category of artists who sing only about what they really care about. “This tune calls for focus and dedication to what we want to achieve and what to become. It is about things that we are trying to achieve in life and relationships with people who are on a different path. I want to be an example for the young girls who follow their mechatam “- so says Keisha about his first hit« I Changed My Mind ». The song talks about a girl who is looking for love, but in any case will not sacrifice themselves and their own needs for the sake of Man – seeing that the young man is extremely busy, the heroine of the song out of it.

In the similar reflections built the song «I Should’ve Cheated» – it tells of a girl betrayed her boyfriend, which he constantly accused of treason. Keisha, the mouth of the heroine, do not hesitate to say everything he thinks incredulous young man. By the way, especially for the recording of this song Cole went to Atlanta and found there a well-known producer DuRona, admirer whom she has always been. DuRon processed ready-made tracks and it went into the final version of the album.

Other songs about love and the complexities in a romantic relationship with the first album began: «We Could Be» – song about that, in what may develop friendships, «Down N Dirty» – slow song about courage and candor, «Talk To Me »- a song about dishonest and simulated feelings that arise when a guy is interested in the relationship. The last track record helping Keisha Mya. to «Situations» my hand Chink Santana, and writing «You’ve Changed» participated himself Jay-Z. The sad ballad «Love», the text of which Cole has recorded itself in just a few minutes, is based, so to speak, on real events – in the restaurant, she met her boyfriend, dined with her friend. “I sat and looked at the girl, something very similar to me, I think – and the song was born by itself really quickly.” That evening Keisha went to the studio and to the night the track has already been recorded.

Sometimes Keyshia Cole departs from romance and talks about things that are rarely what she can talk, much less sing at gunpoint cameras. For this type of song is «Streets Is A Mothafucka», in which the singer talks about running a criminal situation in the areas where she grew up – a life in which, in its view, can be called unless the “survival.” “This song is about those things that sees only the man in the hood, those that we never see in the movies. I like the content of these songs – I think that few girls will be able to speak about it ».

«The Way It Is» sold in great quantities, and found many thousands of fans around the world. Naturally, the second album, Keyshia Cole did not have to wait long. Already in 2007, I saw the light «Just Like You». Though he had made in the same style as the debut album, but do not notice the progress in the music and lyrics is simply impossible.

The major hit on the album was «Let It Go» and «Last Night». The first, which, together with the famous singing Keisha Missy Elliott and Lil ‘Kim, for a long time held in many R & B charts. Displacing it could «Last Night» – sverhudachnym duet with P. Diddy. which was recorded at a particularly good and unusual music and dance at the same time thoughtful and philosophical.

In general, the second album Keisha was rich in successful debut: «Did not I Tell You» with its beautiful nenadoedayuschim bit recorded with Too $ hort, in the creation of «Loosing You» Keyshia Cole helped Anthony Hamilton, and the song «Shoulda Let You Go »« is »Amina.

«Just Like You» – pretty diverse album. Slow gentle ballad with beautiful lyrics «Heaven Sent» diluted very groovy dance «Give Me More» with lots of loud bits and various musical instruments. A «Work It Out» is a middle ground between the two tracks.

Keyshia Cole – a real workaholic. She was constantly writing songs and trying to do around their own. She constantly repeats: “I want to be an example for the younger generation, because they are very difficult to make the right choices and very easy to get into unpleasant life situation. And I know that hope and faith is holding on to their dreams may lead them to the top. ” Well, believe it is worth the experience.

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