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Polow Da Don

However, every day in the media more and more often mentioned his name, the new number Billboard released with a cover on which it coexists with will.i.am and Fergie, and rap and r’n’b-stars have stand in line to get his bit. And by the way, the money – not the decisive factor.

For the fact that now the song with his music sit on top of various charts, he thanks his father. “My father – a real southern black. He still listens Allman Brothers and Eeagles. On Sunday morning we listened to gospel, but the rest of the time he put the soul, country, rock. I was so angry because it makes me all listen he brought me into the living room, I put the music and say, ‘Hey this bass player, son! You hear him play! “I hated it, but in the end everything worked out”.

It worked for top reverse: Polow-Freache Jamal Fincher Jones started rapping. He began his career with what has worked haypmenom from Lil Jon. Now Don recalls with a laugh that sometimes blatantly zolotozub could not go on stage, and since then very few people knew in person, in the role of Little John periodically performed our hero. Then Atlanta recognized him as Shawty Pimp group of Jim Crow. The group was quite popular in the local community to get a contract with Sony. As often happens, the group stayed a long time in the store label with her work, such as the producers Jazze Pha, Organized Noize, Dj Troomp, but the release of the album “Crow’s Nest”in 1999 did not highlight. I do not become them, and the next -“Right Quik”. The band broke up, but Polow does not regret the lost time – he got the right connections, and most importantly, began to understand something in the creation of music. He was the link between the Jim Crow and beatmaker, that he spent hours with them in the studio, when others ms were sleeping with their beds, and that he would not let the producers, while not achieve the desired sound.

Since the collapse of the group’s career Polow Da Don has gone up sharply. First, he founded his own small label Zone 4 – for the future and set about remixing. Soon enough, already in 2004, he began to trust to remix songs by artists from the first tier: Mya, Bubba Sparxx. A year later he was already doing production for Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole. The songs were good but lacked a hit. And You did not come alone. First song Ludacris “Pimpin ‘All Over the World”was the second rap charet Billboard, and then completely halt mainstream happiness in the form of Pussycat Dolls. Polow Da Don, together with Garrett Shonoim produced their hit”Buttons”, which became #1 in the charts in many countries, and received a “Platinum” certification in the United States.

But the real Polow unfolded last year. Pretty Fergie grabbed himself two minuses of it and sure never for a moment regretted. The first single from her debut album became noisy song “London Bridge”, and when the album sales began to fall, they raised single “Glamorous”. By the way, in the video for the song can be seen and the author of music. Interestingly, the original “Glamorous”was intended to Gwen Stefani called”Luxurous”, but the label Interscope did not want to release a single. And “Glamorous”and”London Bridge” were the first in the charts, but they are not alone brought fame and money to the former Sawty Pimp.

In 2002, the year Polow Da Don and composes music for the chorus of the song sincerely believes a potential hit. Just believe, and Nas, and Akon, and T-Pain, and David Banner – they in turn falls into the hands of this song. Each of them recorded by their version and was ready to buy it. But the current star of the industry wanted more – he wanted a single. After the song, released the single, it’s not that easy to sell a song on the album. The single sold separately downloaded in iTunes, it played on the radio, in the end, the single almost always remove the clip. Best way to express yourself there. And all of the mentioned stars could not guarantee the release of the single. “Let them lie down,”- replied reasonably Polow. At some point approached by Ludacris for the music for artists of his label, but getting into the hands of the disc, Luda ten minutes beatmaker called”third track – I’ll take it.”The single clip – all as promised. As a result, Ludacris took the statuette of a Grammy for his album”Release Therapy”. Of course, not only because of this song, but with the help of great.

Three hits a year – maybe we should stop? Forget it. The most successful single from the second album, Ciara Belle was a song “Promise”, authorship Polow Da Don. In the first week, the album sold 338,000 copies. But it was a little lucky producer. The usual way of beatmaker to producers, he went on an accelerated mode. His label, Zone 4, from the very beginning took care of the young and arrogant rapper Rich Boy. Few expected such a hurried from him, but his debut immediately climbed to third place in the Billboard 112, with the index 000. And all thanks to the single “Throw Some D’s”, we will not talk to whose music. Polow Da Don produced the ten tracks on this disc, and is now reaping the benefits of not only as a beatmaker, but also as the owner of the label.

As any successful upstart and upstart Polow is that he does not mince words and judge the rest of the world. On his myspace, in a graph, whom he would like to meet, flaunts the phrase, “I did not want to see, because everyone wants to see me, ha ha ha.”In a recent interview with Scratch incredibly lucky musician said he had to send the music Jay-Z, but at the last moment changed his mind -“He ceased to be cool. Jim Jones claimed all his coolness”.

“Strike while the iron on the spot”- the hero of”Brilliant hands”. This axiom Polow Da Don knows by heart – in 2007, his work is painted on the clock. Ahead of a solo album, which will be built on the principle of Timbaland – “a little bit of me and a lot of guests.”Will certainly be great, Polow Da Don is a very pret what he is doing, although I must confess, a certain sound he really is not. He says it would be”Chronic” to the south. We have heard of many times. But it will still listen.


2004: “Fallen (Zone 4 remix)” (M & # 253; a feat. Chingy)

2004: “Pimpin ‘All Over the World” (Ludacris feat. Bobby Valentino)

2005: “Party Starter” (Will Smith)

2006: “Promise” (Ciara)

2006: “London Bridge” (Fergie)

2006: “DJ Play a Love Song” (Jamie Foxx feat. Twista)

2006: “Blindfold Me” (Kelis feat. Nas)

2006: “Runaway Love” (Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige)

2006: “Buttons” (Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg)

2007: “Glamorous” (Fergie feat. Ludacris)

2007: “Like This” (Kelly Rowland feat. Eve)

2007: “Crying Out for Me” (Mario)

2007: “Whatever U Like” (Nicole Scherzinger feat. TI)

2007: “Boy Looka Here” (Rich Boy)

2007: “Let’s Get This Paper” (Rich Boy)

2007: “Throw Some D’s” (Rich Boy feat. Polow da Don)

2007: “She’s a Star” (will.i.am)

2007: “Get Buck” (Young Buck)

2008: “Forever” (Chris Brown)

2008: “My Heart” (Jennifer Hudson)

2008: “Get Your Money Up” (keri Hilson feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)

2008: “Turnin ‘Me On” (Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne)

2008: “Make Me Over” (Keyshia Cole)

2008: “Hero” (Nas feat. Keri Hilson)

2008: “Lie” (Nelly)

2008: “One & Only” (Nelly)

2008: “Party People” (Nelly feat. Fergie)

2008: “Problems” (Nelly)

2008: “Single” (New Kids on the Block feat. Ne-Yo)

2008: “Whatcha Think About That” (Pussycat Dolls feat. Missy Elliott)

2008: “Love in This Club” (Usher feat. Young Jeezy)

2009: “Baby by Me” (50 Cent feat. Ne-Yo)

2009: “Never, Ever” (Ciara feat. Young Jeezy)

2009: “Outta Here” (Esm & # 233; e Denters produced with Justin Timberlake)

2009: “Drop It Low” (Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown)

2009: “Spotlight” (Gucci Mane feat. Usher)

2009: “Back to the Crib” (Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown)

2009: “Stronger” (Mary J. Blige)

2009: “Patron Tequila” (Paradiso Girls feat. Lil Jon & Eve)

2009: “Medicine” (Plies feat. Keri Hilson)

2009: “Drop” (Rich Boy)

2009: “Sex Therapy” (Robin Thicke)

2009: “Shakin ‘It 4 Daddy” (Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj)

2009: “So Cold” (Chris Brown)

2009: “Wait” ([[Chris Brown feat Trey songz & ester dean)

2009: “Gotta be your man” Chris brown feat ester dean

2009: “I love you” Chris Brown feat Ester Dean

2009: “Remember Me” (TI feat. Mary J. Blige)

2010: “Lil ‘Freak” (Usher feat. Nicki Minaj)

2010: “Not Myself Tonight” (Christina Aguilera)

Jim CrowJim Crow
Jim CrowJim Crow
Jim CrowJim Crow

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