Jessie Ware

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Jessie Ware

The young British singer, incredibly talented newcomer, whose first album – ‘Devotion’, released in 2012 – has become almost a sensation in the music world. Today, the young Briton has been compared with Lana Del Rey, who also made a splash at the time his appearance on the stage.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Born Lois Ware Jessica (Jessica Lois ‘Jessie’ Ware) in 1984 in London (South London), into a Jewish family. Her father, John Weir (John Ware), – very well-known reporter from the BBC.

It is known that before his success in the field of music has been a football columnist Jesse edition of ‘The Jewish Chronicle’, but always longed to sing it. It is said that the girl prevented a natural modesty.

It ‘appeared’ in 2011, presented his song ‘Strangest Feeling’, which did not become a sensation in the music world, but Jessie Ware ‘noticed’. After that, she released several songs, among which was the composition ‘110%’, ranked in the British charts.

The real breakthrough was the album ‘Devotion’, recorded in 2011, which was released in 2012. It is known that the main song of the album is the song ‘Taking in water’, but the audience liked the song Bole ‘Wildest Moments’, which became a hit. The album ‘Devotion’ even got a nomination for the very prestigious British music award – ‘Mercury Prize’.

By the way, in December 2012 the composition ‘Wildest Moments’ on YouTube watched by more than 7 million people, and the song ‘Running’ has collected more than 2 million views.

It is known that, trying to explain the success of the young singer, often compared with other singers like Sade (Sade) and Adele (Adele). According to other estimates also creativity Jessie Ware is quite self-sufficient and no comparison

not be at all.

Golos Weir – soft and sensual, and her songs sound as if through some 80s. However, one hears them in his own. By the way, she Weir admits that Sade has always been her idol.

Interestingly, the mother of Jesse – Weir Helena (Helena Ware), very active in recording on Twitter, where his daughter to protect against all kinds of attacks on the Internet.

In an interview, Jesse admitted that it has always attracted jazz: ‘I may be a problem with the management after these words, but I dream to make an album of songs by Gershwin or Cole Porter. This is music that inspired me to become a singer. I would love to do a concert of jazz standards’.

Because of privacy 28-year-old today Jessie Weir knows that with her boyfriend she was 10 years old. By the way, her boyfriend and his sister and singer, actress Hannah Ware (Hannah Ware), can be seen in the video for the song ‘Night Light’.

Jessie WareJessie Ware
Jessie WareJessie Ware
Jessie WareJessie Ware

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