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Biography Kelly Price

In one of the rooms of the old hip-hop XXL magazine published an interview with Kelly Price . in which she claimed that she “discovered» R. Kelly, and his music has had a great influence on her. Whatever it was, «Soul Of A Woman» became a “Platinum”, and after the album’s release on Kelly began to look not as a back-up singer, but as a full-fledged gifted singer with a beautiful voice memorable. Gerald Levert, just a year after its debut, invited her to sing a song «It Hurts Too Much To Stay» for his album «G».

«Soul Of A Woman», first of all, let Kelly Price to reveal the possibilities of his own voice. Podpevanie rappers («Mo Money, Mo Problems» from Notorious BI G and «Feels So Good» from Mase) do not allow. The album is in its own beautiful and unhurried. On the role of the title single was taken Nesna «Friend Of Mine», the remix to which he participated Ronald Isley.

Next your drive «Mirror Mirror» Kelly Price has released two years later. As they say commentators, music Price – «emotionally honest and deeply personal.”This is confirmed by the singer, referring to the song «Back In The Day» and his last CD «Priceless»: «This is a tribute to funny moments of my childhood. This time I was more happy songs and is not intended to be an attempt to make a rhythmic composition, just as I feel now.” «Back In The Day», I must say, the song contains a sample of the famous funk group Maze.

«album« Priceless »- that’s all that was in my life. I went through all the possible emotions that can pass through a woman, and therefore the album is very diverse. My music – always a personal story and I am glad that this time they were told the best! »

Over the album «Priceless» bothered former idol Kelly, and now simply “colleague» Raphael Saadiq of Tony Toni Tone. (He is known to many in the group Lucy Pearl). “I’ve always been a fan of his and Tony Toni Tone. In fact, the song «Soul Of A Woman» contains a fragment of their possessions «Whatever You Want». It turns out that I used to tremble before Raphael-eat, and now he is my fan. ” Saadiq worked on a song Kelly «So Sweet», tells about the power of true love.

Another fact testifying to the recognition of talent Kelly Price in the world of modern R & amp; B music: on the album «Priceless» has been seen by none other than the most popular bluesman Eric Clapton. In my memory, the only one of the modern soul singers who managed to Price to work with him was Bebe Winans (Clapton played on his eponymous solo CD in 1997).

Kelly Price calls his song «Someday» (album «Priceless») is very autobiographical. The composition on the theme of achieving goals and hope for the best.

Biography Kelly Price especially to the popularity of the singer was never to the detriment of the quality of music that she recorded. With the first album from Kelly appeared ardent fans who are looking forward to from her new album. To unite on one disc guitar Eric’a Clapton’a rap Keith Murray and the strength is not for everyone.

Discography Kelly Price has 4 albums, including one “New Year».

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Kelly PriceKelly Price
Kelly PriceKelly Price
Kelly PriceKelly Price

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