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Pornographic career

Over the course of her 10 year career, Kelly has appeared in over 400 pornographic movies. While she is best known for her work in adult movies, she has also made appearances in mainstream Hollywood productions, including Spike Lee’s He Got Game .

Kelly worked in a strip club as a house dancer shortly after graduating. After five years spent there, she became involved in a relationship with former porn actress Tiffany Million, and the two took a trip to Las Vegas to see the CES show in 1993. This trip prompted her to enter the porn business. She quickly became known for her lesbian, anal and double penetration scenes, and within a couple of years was starring as the lead role in films.

Kelly is an entrepreneur as well, having founded Jill Kelly Productions in 1999. She is considered a strong leader and a powerful personality, and a stable option to those who enter the adult film industry. She claims to use the production company not only to have control over her own career, but to teach others how to control their own destiny.

Kelly’s first acting role was in the film The Roller Blade Seven. This film was directed by Donald G. Jackson and produced by Scott Shaw. This 1991 action-adventure film is still in video and cable release throughout the world. Jill Kelly went on to appear, in non-erotic roles, in several other films with Jackson and Shaw.

In April, 2006 it was reported that Penthouse Magazine had acquired the assets of Jill Kelly Productions, which had filed for bankruptcy. Penthouse paid $1.765 Million for the entire JKP back catalogue and nearly 60 as of yet unreleased features.[1]

In June, 2006 Kelly began to speak out about the loss of her company and her future plans on her new blog located at Adult Star Diary

Personal life, relationships and marriages

  • She was involved in a lesbian relationship with porn actress Tiffany Million when she began her porn career.
  • She met Cal Jammer in 1993 at the above-noted CES convention and married him quickly afterwards. Their marriage lasted until his death by suicide in 1995.
  • For a long period during the 1990s Kelly and porn actress P.J. Sparxx were involved in a lengthy off-screen lesbian relationship, and performed a strip show together called Fire and Ice.
  • In 2000, she was shortly married to fellow pornstar Julian. During this period Kelly continued to appear in adult movies mostly performing with either her husband, or other female actresses in bisexual or lesbian scenes. Many scenes she and her husband filmed together included internal ejaculation and fellatio. They divorced in May of 2000.
  • Kelly is currently divorcing adult director Corey Jordan (20 September 2003 – present). She continues to perform on film occasionally, although mostly in bisexual girl to girl scenes.
  • Dated porn star Eric Price.

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