Kelly Mcgillis

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Kelly McGillis

Born: July 9, 1957, Newport Beach, California, USA

Kelly McGillis Height: 1,78

An American actress, known for participation in the film “Witness,””Top Gun” and”accused».

Kelly McGillis (Kelly Ann McGillis) was born in the summer of 1957 in Newport Beach, California, the son of a doctor Donald McGillis Manson and his wife, housewives Virginia Joan. She grew up in the company of two sisters.

Kelly McGillis studied at the Pacific Conservatory of Santa Maria, and in 1979 she moved to New York and began studying acting at the Juilliard School.

Creative way Kelly McGillis / Kelly McGillis

In 1992, Kelly McGillis auditioned for the lead role in the legendary drama “Basic Instinct» (Basic Instinct), but lost to Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone). In 1984, the actress with the scandal left the set picture «Bachelor» (Bachelor Party), as producers found it insufficiently sexy.

In 1985, she appeared in the film «Witness» (Witness) in the company of Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford). This role brought her worldwide fame and a nomination for a Golden Globe Award. She then appeared in the form of pilot instructor in the movie “Top Gun» (Top Gun) with Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) and Val Kilmer (Val Kilmer).

In 1988, the premiere of the crime drama «defendants» (The Accused), then Kelly McGillis participated in the filming of explicit thriller «Kotyara” (Cat Chaser), as later did not regret time – between her and Peter Weller (Peter Weller) any tensions partner persuaded her to leave the film and think about the family. In the 1990s, Kelly McGillis is still made a break in his successful career.

– I had children and I lived for them. But when the house was empty, I sat and wondered at my disposal even half of life. And what do I do with this half?

In 2004, the actress has returned to the drama, but this time it came on the scene – she won the role of Mrs. Robinson in the Broadway play “The Graduate”and two years later appeared in the fifth season of the television series”The L Word” ( The L Word) on channel Showtime.

In 2010, the Kelly McGillis starred in the horror film “Stake Land» (Stake Land) and the thriller “The Innkeepers» (The Innkeepers).

Personal life Kelly McGillis / Kelly McGillis

In 1979, she married the Boyd Black (Boyd Black), but three years later they separated. In 1989, Kelly McGillis formalize relations with the Fred Tillmanom (Fred Tillman), and bore him daughters, Kelsey and Sonora. The couple broke up in 2002.

In 1982, the life of an actress was a tragedy – her home raided by robbers, and raped her. This experience helped her cope with the role of the district attorney in the film “Accused” with Jodie Foster (Jodie Foster).

– At first I thought I could control the anger and hostility towards others. But really, I could not. Constantly he denied that rape affected me, and at the same time with each new acquaintance I was overcome by a kind of madness. And at one point I realized that I needed help. I had come to think that simply was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I do not think that it is possible to fully recover if someone once took control of your life at least for a fraction of a second.

In April 2009, Kelly McGillis has publicly declared that it is – a lesbian. In an interview with the actress admitted that all his life trying to get used to the thought of his homosexuality.

In 2010, the Kelly McGillis started dating Melanie Leis, manager of Philadelphia. Their meeting took place in 2000, when Melanie Leis got a job as a bartender in a restaurant Kelly McGillis.

The actress lives in North Carolina, and teaches acting at the studio «Stage & Screen». In addition, it owns the restaurant «Kelly’s» in Florida.

Kelly McgillisKelly Mcgillis
Kelly McgillisKelly Mcgillis
Kelly McgillisKelly Mcgillis

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