Kelly Lebrock

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Kelly LeBrock

Canadian-Irish actress and model, who became famous in the United States. Special film acting career to Kelly became LeBrok debut picture “Woman in Red».

Author: Olga Dunchik

Kelly LeBrock was born on March 24, 1960 in New York City and was brought up in London. Her father – a talented accountant – was a native of Canada, and his mother – at the time a model and a housewife – from Ireland.

Kelly began her modeling career, as a girl of sixteen. She often appeared on the covers of popular magazines, has worked with famous brands including Christian Dior. Eventually Kelly LeBrock become one of the most sought-after models who prefer to work with most of the representatives of the media world.

In the early eighties to the model began to pay attention and directors. In 1984, the year Kelly LeBrock invited to appear in the movie. Kelly’s debut was the film “Woman in Red».

In the same year, the first time Kelly was married to film producer and restaurant owner Victor Drai. However, the marriage was short-lived (a few years later Kelly and Victor divorced).

The second marriage of the actress was concluded in 1987 and lasted until the year of 1996. At that time, her husband Kelly was an actor Steven Seagal. married to the actress who gave birth to three children – Annalisa (born 1987), Dominica (year of birth – 1990) and Taba (year of birth – 1993).

In 1990, Kelly starred with Segal in the film «Hard to Kill», and after – has appeared in several films «Betrayal of the Dove» (1993), «Tracks of a Killer» (1995), ” Hard Bounty »(1995) and in a number of films. At the same time

Actress bringing up children. This could not affect her career – there were periods when Kelly almost shot. After her divorce from actress Segal stayed outside of Los Angeles (where they lived with Seagal), while continuing to raise children and work on the set.

Once the film «The Woman in Red (The Woman in Red)” (1984), Kelly starred in another film – «Weird Science», which also proved to be extremely successful picture. With these two films the actress has become very popular in the eighties and gained a huge number of fans love.

In addition, the creative activity of the actress has been evaluated by experts and cinema, which was awarded the prestigious title of Kelly and named Woman of Tomorrow – «Female Star of Tomorrow».

In 2006, the year she starred in another successful film «Gamers: The Movie», and the following year flashed in the film «The Mirror (Mirror)».

Kelly LebrockKelly Lebrock
Kelly LebrockKelly Lebrock
Kelly LebrockKelly Lebrock

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