Lady Antebellum

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Lady Antebellum


Lady Antebellum formed in 2006 in Nashville. In the group of three members: Charles Kelly (Charles Kelley), Hillary Scott (Hillary Scott) (lead singer) and Dave Haywood (Dave Haywood) (guitarist and backing vocalist). Hillary Scott daughter of country musician 90 Linda Davies. Charles Kelly – the brother of the popular musician Josh Kelley. Charles Kelley moved to Nashville in the summer of 2005 from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he worked on the construction with his brother John. Charles persuaded his old friend Haywood moved to Nashville from Georgia in 2006. They began making music together. Shortly thereafter, Scott Kelly met at Nashville music club. Kelly invited Scott to join him and Haywood in the new project, which later became the country music group Lady Antebellum .

The group began performing in Nashville. Jim Brickman (Jim Brickman) invited the group to sing on his new sorokopyatki «Never Alone». The song reached number 14 in the charts of adult contemporary music magazine Billboard («Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts»).

Lady Antebellum signed a contract with Capitol Nashville in 2007. While working on their debut album, they collaborated with producer Paul Worley and Victoria Shaw. They released their first single «Love Do not Live Here» («Love does not live here”) in September 2007. The song reached third place in the hit parade of country music, “Billboard» («Billboard» Country Songs Charts). The release of their debut album took place April 15, 2008 Lady Antebellum released their second single «Lookin & # 8217; For a Good Time »(« In search of fun “) in June 2008,.

They debuted March 15, 2008 at the prestigious television radio show broadcast from the famous Music Hall Grand Ole Opry (Grand Ole Opry).

Concert activity

Lady Antebellum were on tour with one of the most famous country music ispolnitelnits Martina McBride (Martina McBride) and less well-known performer Aldin Jason (Jason Aldean) (2007, 2008).

They also “warmed up” the public before performances Kenny Chesney (Kenny Chesney), Carrie Underwood (Carrie Underwood), Tim McGraw (Tim McGraw), Alan Jackson (Alan Jackson), Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift), Josh Turner (Josh Turner), Phil Vassar (Phil Vassar), Rodney Atkins (Rodney Atkins) and the group Little Big Town (eng. Little Big Town).

The band’s style has a unique blend of classic country music, rhythm and blues of the 1960s, soul and rock. This style was the result of a combination of passionate Viola Scott’s soulful tenor and Kelly both hard and instrumental and vocal skills garmoniyai Haywood. Group members for the benefit of themselves been influenced by artists such as The Allman Brothers (Rus. Brothers Allman) and The Eagles, and Gladys Knight (Gladys Knight), Vince Gill (Vince Gill), Keith Urban (Keith Urban) and Travis Tritt (Travis Tritt). Magazine «Nashville Lifestyles» named Lady Antebellum «following a significant event» («the next big thing») in the world of country music.

The debut album

The self-titled debut album was released on April 15, 2008 by Capitol Nashville.

Song Title:

1. Love Do not Live Here (Love does not live here) – Haywood Kelly, Scott 2. Lookin ‘For A Good Time (In Search of fun) – Haywood Kelly, Scott and Keith Follese 3. All We’d Ever Need (All that we will ever need) – Haywood Kelly, Scott 4. Long Gone (following simple) – Shaw, Scott and Adrienne Follese and Keith Follese 5. I Run to You (run to you) – Haywood Kelly, Scott, and Tom Douglas (Tom Douglas) 6. Love’s Looking Good On You (Love You to-face) – Shaw, Jason Deer (Jason Deere) and Matt Lopez (Matt Lopez) 7. Home Is Where The Heart Is (Home is where the heart) – Haywood Kelly, Scott, and Shaw 8. Things People Say (What people say) – Haywood and Kelley 9. Slow Down Sister (Do not hurry, sister) – Haywood Kelly, Shaw and Jason “Slim” Gambia 10. Can not Take My Eyes Off You (I can not pull with your eyes) – Haywood Kelly, Scott 11. One Day You Will (One day you’ll be able to) – – Haywood Kelly, Scott Mills and Clay (Clay Mills)

Bonus Entries: (Bonus Songs)

* Emily (Emily) – Haywood Kelly, Scott * A Woman Scorned (Rejected Woman) – Scott

Lady Antebellum won in the category “Best New Duo or Group» (Top New Duo or Group) of the Academy of Country Music (Academy of Country Music – ACM) and were named “New Musician of the Year» (New Artist of the Year) at the ceremony Awards of the Association of country music (Country Music Association – CMA). Lady Antebellum received two nominations for Grammy Awards («The Grammy Awards») as the “Best New Band» («Best New Group») and “Best Country Duo or Group» («Best Country Duo or Group» ).

November 10, 2008 “Society of European authors scenes and composers» («Society of European Stage Authors & amp; Composers», SESAC) called Scott “songwriter of the year» («Songwriter of the Year»).

Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum
Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum
Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum

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