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Biography Big Pun:

Still player.

The talented ms, a good father, a great friend, Big Pun did not die from bullets killer, AIDS or overdozy heroin, and a heart attack. Death overtook him on Feb. 7, 2000. Big Pun’u was 28 years old.

As a child I heard the phrase, said about Vladimir Vysotsky “. in this country it is necessary to die in order to recognize you. “In hip-hop’s death also acts as a catalyst recognition, and sometimes contributes to deification. Look at the”sacred”Pac’a and B.I.G. No one doubts that the Guru and Rakim (continue list) deserve no less respect and attention. The trouble is that the guys are alive and”have the right to make mistakes”, and Pac and Biggi long dead, and therefore infallible. How Big Pun’u, the man of whom will be discussed today, managed not to become “sacred bogey”after his death, it is not difficult to guess. First Pan – Latinos, not an African-American. And the audience is smaller and cotton fields are not chasing. Secondly, his family (wife Lisa and their three children, Fat Joe – a close friend and ally) proved to be much more subtle and intelligent people, unlike Syurdzha Knight and Afeni Shakur, who with perseverance maniacs semiannually released another sensational posthumous album 2Rac’a. Thirdly, the very love of the bear, is a quiet,”right” character. Talented ms, a good father, a great friend, Pun did not die from bullets killer, AIDS or overdozy heroin, and a heart attack. Death overtook him on Feb. 7, 2000. Big Pun’u was 28 years old.

Christofer Lee Rios aka Big Pun born November 10, 1971 in the South Bronx (New York), the son of Puerto Ricans. The interest in hip-hop and breakdancing (yes, Ban was not always such a big guy) came from a guy in 15 years, inspired by the performances Crazy Legs and the Rock Steady Crew. Hanging out with friends at school, it was decided to create their own rap group called The Full A Clips Crew. It was then, in 1989, Christopher takes a first name – now his name is Big Moon Dog. However, the name did not stick, and soon transformed into Big Punisher, in honor of comic book superhero of the famous publishing house Marvel.

In 1995, a landmark meeting occurs Big Pun’a with Fat Joe. Fat men like each other, and as they say the movie characters “Casablanca”: “great friendship begins”. Both the 120 kg weight, tough guys are so similar visually that the hip-hop community jokingly call them the twins.

The first attempt at writing, which became known to the public is becoming an underground hit “Fire Water”, recorded with Raekwon and released on the mixtape Funkmaster Flex “The Mix Tape, Vol. 1”. “The subway” boils! He appeared on the scene with a completely unique ms STYLE very interesting texts, the rigidity of which many razlyadeli sincerity and vulnerability.

Two years are in continuous operation. In 1997, Pan is staying in a classic amped The Beatnuts “Off The Book”, working with Flesh-N-Bone and B-Real, and finally finishes the audience the two mega-hits: “I’m Not a Player”and”You Is not a Killer”. The last song on the soundtrack to the hit documentary about basketball “Soul in the Hole”.

Critics comes to love it! The vocal style of Big Pun’a recognized not to be copied, and the ms named one of the best “”, readers ever stood at the microphone. In the wake of underground recognition, Fat Joe can not sign Pun’a by Loud Records. In 1998, the debut album Big Pun’a”Capital Punisment”(featuring Prodigy, Fat Joe, Wyclef, Busta Rhymes, Inspectah Deck, etc.), from which the track”Still Not A Player”permanently settled in the Top 5, and without a club remix”I’m Not a Player”no cost, no one decent party. Rapper promotes a phenomenal success – any article of Pun’e now and always includes a string”Big Pun – the first Latin rapper, awarded double platinum”. “Capital Punisment”- Recognized as a classic of the genre. Such hits album as:”Beware”, “Still Not a Player”, “Super Lyrical”, “You Is not a Killer”entered the golden fund of hip-hop.”My murderous rap – verbal attack.”

Once the super-successful “Capital Punisment”, Big Pun with his mentor Fat Joe create their own family – Terror Squad, united under one roof rappers-Hispanics (of which the best known acquired, perhaps, Cuban Link). In 1998 he released the album reprezent-family “Terror Squad”, favorably received by the public. Ban wrote material for the album sledushchego parallel taking part in a number of collaborations, including the hit Noreaga and Jennifer Lopez “Feelin ‘So Good”(Featuring Fat Joe). Works in the cinema, on account of his participation in four films:”Urban Menace”, “Thicker Than Water”, “Boricua’s Bond”, “Feelin ‘So Good”, in which “Urban Menace”/”City Threat”, mystical thriller featuring Snoop Dogg, translated into Russian. The film, to put it mildly, has turned strange acting job Pun’a also leaves much to be desired.

Serious health problems (slow metabolism, obesity) lead to what Pun following the urgent request of friends decides to take a, which is sent to North Carolina to the clinic for overweight people. He returned there refreshed and thinner. End of treatment should take place in the Bronx, but without the watchful eye doctors Pun quickly gaining so hard “Driven” killogramm. Heart attack interrupts the life of Big Pun’a February 7, 2000. Orphaned three children: Christopher, Amanda and Vanessa. Pun’a last words were addressed to his wife, Lisa.

Two months after the death of the giant, in April released the album “Yeeeahh, Baby”, produced by Fat Joe and unanimously recognized the excellent record. Song: “Watch Those”, “100%”, “New York Giants”, “Off Wit His Head”- Indisputable hits. The tragedy of this album lies in the fact that he would help Pun’u reach unprecedented heights in the hip-hop Olympus. However, as time has shown, people appreciate their heroes. In different cities and different countries were”wall Pun’a”, his work are always in demand, and the respect it deserves in such a short life can not be measured.

March 27, 2001 released the album the best and unsold items Big Pun’a, “Endangered Species”, which issued rapper modernity presented in the company of colleagues, such as: B-Real, Nas, Kool G Rap, Terror Squad, Ruff Ryders. If Ban heard the album, it would be satisfied with.

The last well-known work concerning Big Pan’a – autobiographical film “Still Not a Player”, published in 2002.

Influence of Big Pun’a in the Latin American diaspora and hip-hop in general, can not be overemphasized. He is one of the characters that made his work of millions of people believe in themselves, opens the way for the creation of thousands of rappers. Ice breaker, break the ice and free the Latino rappers from the shackles of stereotypes. Giant.

Capital Punisment / Loud / 1998

Yeeeah, Baby / Loud / 2000

Endangered Species / Relativity / 2001

Big PunBig Pun
Big PunBig Pun
Big PunBig Pun

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