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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony biography

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History of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has its origins in 1993, when Layzie, Krayzie, Flesh, Wish and Bizzy, a poor but gifted talent guys from Cleveland, gathered at the bus to Los Angeles. By the time they had already existed as a group BONE Enterpri $ e, and even wrote a little-known andegraundovy “debut””Faces Of Death”. He has not brought them the expected popularity and the guys decide to try your hand with real”monsters”Gangsta rap. Their ultimate goal was the office of Ruthless Records, home of the legendary NWA They tried to contact with Eazy-E, but he promised to call back, for whatever reason, did not want to communicate with them. Then B.O.N.E. hearing that Eazy-E is going on tour (including city, where he was about to speak, and was Cleveland), the latest, barely collected money to buy return tickets. After the concert, they are able to go backstage and meet Eazy-E, which, after listening to their demo, immediately signed a contract with the guys. After several weeks of hard work in the studio group has called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, released his debut album”Creepin ‘ On Ah Come Up”(1994), attracting everyone’s attention the hip-hop nation to fresh and totally new, fast rap style readability, later the name”speed knot”or”tongue twist”style. The album was sold in the amount of more than 2 million. Copies, largely due to the single well-known”Thuggish Ruggish Bone”. Bits provided Kenny McCloud, Rhythm D, DJ Yella, and new to the game DJ U-Neek. Text sounded quite frankly, was filmed two video clips and track “Foe Tha Love Of $” marked his recitative itself Eazy-E.

In 1995, the band recorded their multi-platinum album “E. 1999 Eternal”, and their hit “Tha Crossroads”It beats the record of 1964, set by The Beatles, as a hit, committed fastest rise to the top of the charts. Later in 1997 the group was awarded the prize Grammy, for best rap artist, and the prize Soul Train Music Award for best music video to the same”Tha Crossroads”. This success is due to the fact that the second album is not as narrowly directed to the theme of violence and crime, as the first, moreover, it is much richer musically and just almost in 2 times longer than the time the sound. Only during the first week, it sold more than 330,000 copies of the disc. Was produced by DJ U-Neek (jointly with Tony C and Kenny McCloud), and the themes of the lyrics has expanded from crime to the kind of spirituality, mysterious mysticism, Ouija (“Mr. Ouija”), thinking about the end of the world and the things entirely dedicated use of marijuana . For the album cover Eazy-E chose the theme of the apocalypse, resembling stills “Terminator 2 & raquo ;, and indeed to convince BTNH end of the world was to come in 1999, in general, that the title of the album. Fortunately they were wrong about the end of the world, but it has paid off with fresh ideas and found them at the right time and in the right place – the band is just at the peak of fame and popularity. In the same 1995 they recorded”Everyday Thang”for the soundtrack to the film Rasela Simons”The Show”and only know time to reap the laurels from the crazy success worldwide. Only in America, the album”E. 1999 Eternal” It went platinum six times and is still considered one of the best hip-hop, soul and gospel album of all time, and is also included in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top R & amp; B / Hip-Hop Catalog Albums chart. Unheard and still reaching for the poor guys from Cleveland and kowtow to notice them Eazy-E.

Over the next year the group is actively working in the studio recording multiple high-quality materials, which were issued in 1997 on a double album “The Art Of War”(named after the eponymous book Sun Tzu). The title track of the album was the single”Look Into My Eyes”, which also entered the soundtrack to “Batman and Robin”and 4x led the Billboard Hot 100. The album is not eclipsed the previous sales (and possible to outshine the classics of the genre), but it was a step forward in the development of unique. Thematic horizons widened again, here it is already possible to hear mention of the eternal values ​​such as God and”Family”. Reference is made to the so-called “clones”ie rappers who began to use the high-speed proofreading in his speeches, such as the Chicago Crucial Conflict and obscure Now Twista. Production also changed, the sound became softer and envelopes from the very first minutes of the album. There are quite powerful things, such for example as a”If I Could Teach The World”or”Thug Luv” featuring Tupac Shakur. In the first week after the release of the album gets to 1 the Billboard 200, however long it is not held.

By the end of the 90 BTNH unites many different artists, promotion and advancement of which involved their own label Mo Thugs Records. This label comes a collection of “Mo Thugs Family Scriptures” introduced the world to Hip-Hop and R & amp; B family of Cleveland. At the same time releasing their pretty successful solo projects Flesh-N-Bone, Krazyie Bone and Bizzy Bone, and a little later and Layzie Bone. In 1999 Krazyie Bone opens its own Thugline Records. It is rumored that the band broke up.

In 2000, the new album “BTNHResurrection”, which was to stop the rumors about the collapse of the group. In 14 of the 15 tracks is involved Flesh-N-Bone, who was not so evident in previous releases. The first half of the album sounds pretty grim and hard in the second half of the sound is softer. Despite the fact that the album also became one of the best singles BTNH the history of the “Resurrection (Paper, Paper)”, the disc does not repeat the previous success, although it achieves a good level of sales. In many ways, this “failure” It caused by improperly constructed advertising campaign, as well as the differences within the group on the organization of concert tours. Later, but before the official release of the album, Flesh-N-Bone is sentenced to imprisonment on charges of illegal possession of and threat of a Kalashnikov. Disagreements in the group (especially with Bizzy Bone) are amplified, and all newly started work on his solo recordings.

In 2002, the band is back with new “Thug World Order & raquo ;, recorded virtually no direct participation Flesh-N-Bone (he is still in prison). Topics become acute and politically directed, focused on some of the things themselves. The album turns out not too good, getting only 12 in the charts and held there a week. Quite a success, especially in the UK, was the single”Home”, built on melodies from the “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins ‘ as well.

In 2003, a participant and organizer BTNH Bizzy Bone left the band and started working on a joint project with Layzie Bone Brothers, which was released in 2005, KOCH Records. The group also leaves Ruthless Records, and begins searching for a new home. Begin negotiations with Interscope Records, which lead to the conclusion of the contract already in May 2006. Meanwhile, the guys on KOCH Records released an album called “Thug Stories”. The album was recorded earlier and says Layzie Bone was released as a promotional item to some serious work on Interscope. Just another opportunity to remind everyone that BTNH still in fact, a kind of warm-up step, and along with the ability to cut down some money. The album is not bad, it is worth noting singles such as: “Don ‘ t Stop”, “Fire”, “Call Me”, “Still No Surrender”. In 2004, Ruthless Records is “farewell”Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Greatest Hits Greatest Videos DVD, and became double platinum. In September 2005, DJ U-Neek produces drive”Bone 4 Life”, which includes 6 new items produced by them, as well as some behind the scenes footage something. The disc extends only over the Internet.

What’s New poraduyut all!

The new album, entitled “Strength and Loyalty”It was scheduled for April 17, 2007. Producing tracks celebrities like Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, Big Boi of Outkast, Will I Am. According themselves BTNH, participation of such stars Productions will bring success to the new album, comparable to the”E. 1999 Eternal”, and this is exactly what the group is not enough. Already written a whole lot of material – somewhere around 100 tracks, of which selected the best album. The single, entitled “Just Vibe”with a bit of the young and promising producer Pretty Boy it is already in rotation. For the first time in recent years BTNH participants are in a good mood and full of energy: the work is in full swing, recorded tracks for the album Notorious BIG”Duets: The Final Chapter”2 Pac”Pac ‘ s Life”, guys also recorded for the album Lil Eazy-E (the eldest son of Eazy-E), working with Chamillionaire, DJ Khaled, is preparing to release a film featuring Layzie and Krayzie.

Over the years, have BTNH had a lot of ups and downs, a huge success, and the differences and difficulties within the family, the huge salaries and shootings, in prison and more than 40 million albums sold. Despite all this, and perhaps to some underrated by the public, they are forever inscribed in golden letters in the history book of hip-hop, with its own unique and inimitable style.

Discography (only BTNH, in addition to solo projects):

Underground albums:

B.O.N.E. Enterpri $ e – “Faces Of Death” (1993, Stoney Burke Records);

“Bone 4 Life” by DJ U-Neek (2005).

Studio albums:

“Creepin ‘ On Ah Come Up” (1994, Relativity);

“E. 1999 Eternal” (1995, Ruthless Records);

“The Art of War” (double cd) (1997, Ruthless Records);

Bizzy BoneBizzy Bone
Bizzy BoneBizzy Bone
Bizzy BoneBizzy Bone

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