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Hanna Hilton

Hanna Hilton (this is the real name of the actress) was born October 31, 1984 of the year, in the small town of Brookville, which is located in Indiana, USA. Even in her childhood dream was to become famous and to become a famous actress. As you can see, her dream came true, but it is unknown whether the baby was conceived about Hannah filming in adult films. The first experience of filming as a model Hannah Hilton gained while studying in the school. It was a photo shoot in swimsuits and underwear.

However, the current career Hannah began with its pages in social service MySpace . where she is enrolled 15 May 2006 . In a network, one was spotted by one of the agents serving sites with photos of nude. It was then that a future porn actress received the offer, which he dreamed, and from which she could not refuse. She was offered the next flight to fly to Los Angeles, to pay all the costs of moving to Hollywood and pay for each photo shoot nude. During the year the beautiful face of this elegant blonde can be seen in a variety of adult magazines and Web sites, including Danni’s Hard Drive, Twisty’s, in December 2006, she was selected “ Pussy months “magazine Penthouse.

The hard-core porn as Hannah persuaded removed then-boyfriend pornoaktera Jack Venice (who was later arrested for rape – Jack with a friend was looking at the campus of the victims to shoot an adult movie, but not succeeding in this decided to break into the room in a dormitory fraternity female occupant and rape her. Ironically, the first film of Jack just called Sexual Predators two – Sexual predators 2 ). So first scene with a man Hannah Hilton was with him – studio Brazzers.

In May 2008 , Hilton signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment . the first film, which was released in the summer of the same year with her participation is called Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel (“Meggan and Hanna love Manuel”), in which she played with Meggan Mallone .

28 September 2009 was one of the most popular news sites porn ( LukeFord ) reported that Hanna Hilton is about to leave for work in the adult industry movie.

Interesting facts

My favorite music: Country (Country)

My favorite sport: Ice hockey

Favorite TV shows: Desperate Housewives (Desperate Housewives)

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman (Pretty Woman)

My favorite sex scene: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (Mr. & amp; Mrs. Smith)

Most popular: Military man

like least: the arrogance and audacity

His page on MySpace, which gave her a start in life, Hannah did not attend with February 25, 2008.

Meggan MalloneMeggan Mallone
Meggan MalloneMeggan Mallone
Meggan MalloneMeggan Mallone

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