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Ice Cube Biography

Ice Cube (his real name Osha Jackson) ill rap in the 9th grade when a classmate Kiddo challenged him. “One day he said to me:”Do you ever wrote a rap?”. I told myself that you first write and I write and we will see who will come out better. I won “, – says Cube. He liked it and he collected his first command, CIA except where it was part of Sir Jinx and K-Dee. The group began performing in clubs South Central. Then, after his brother Jinx ‘ a they came to Dr. Dre and together, the four of us have continued to read the club. “We have been doing”dirty”rap just for the club audiences. We are starting to get, and we recorded the first cassette, which began to be sold. We read about what is happening around us, in our area, with us.”, – that’s what Cube tells time – “At Eazy-E was a teammate Ron-de-Vu, Dre was in the World Class Wreckin Crew, and I was in the CIA We kept our group, and we have only dreamed about how to create a group”All-Star”and read on the side of”. The group would be called “Negroes without pose”or just N.W.A. In early 1987, Ice Cube wrote”Boyz-N-The-Hood”for Eazy-E, and”Dopeman”and”8-ball”for N.W.A. Work began on the record. Cube knew what he was doing something else, but about his prospects no idea.”Rap was not popular then, and I decided to go to study”, – says Cube. He went to study at the Institute of Technology in Phoenix, where his recordings were made just to cheer. By the time the certificate was already protected, and “Boyz-N-The-Hood”and both songs N.W.A. separated by hundreds of thousands of copies. He knew it and went back to writing new rhymes have two albums:”Eazy Duz It”- Eazy-E, and”Straight Outta Compton” – N.W.A.

“Straight Outta Compton”It has become the most powerful album since”Never Mind the Bollocks”Sex Pistols. The album did not break tradition, he simply broke. As a result of sales of the album went platinum. FBI Director Milt Alerich sent a letter record company, where he was outraged by”anti-violence and disrespect for the law enforcement bodies”. “Protecting violence is not the right thing and we will keep it”, – one way or almost wrote in his letter Alerich. “Straight Outta Compton”greatly influenced the rap music of those years”, – says Ice Cube – “We have opened the door to where we can say absolutely anything you want to say without fear of not restraining himself”.

But in 1989 began differences Cube ‘ a manager and NWA Jerry Heller. Ice Cube co-wrote 10 of the 13 songs on the “Straight Outta Compton”and it seemed a small amount of 30 thousand. dollars, though the album sold 3 million copies.”I have not got all that shit so I do not it was difficult to leave. I did so”, – recalls Cube – “At that time there were only two producers of those with whom it was possible to work – Dr. Dre and The Bomb Squad. I could not agree with Dre”. Cube broke east and began collaborating with Public Enemy.

energy and inspired by the exchange of ideas with Chuck Dee and other members of the camp Public Enemy, Cube recorded his first solo album and very successful “Amerikkka ‘ s Most Wanted”. “Fuck You, Ice Cube!”The choir sang for the track”The Nigga You Love to Hate”, as the entire Hip-Hop Nation screaming Cube ‘ y. The album went gold in 10 days, platinum in three months. “I can not lose the value of”, – says Ice Cube – “because people still want to hear from me the same style as before”.

In his book “It’s not about the salary: Rap, Race and Resistance”Brian Cross wrote about the album:”In the album”Amerikkka ‘ s Most Wanted”determined face criminal subclass of society, which becomes a person 39 Cube & #; a. Cube today is a meta-critic, supplying the listener not only history, but also a potential criticism of his own practice from different perspectives”.

Released track EP “Kill At Will”taken”gold”even faster. In contrast to the rapid remix”Endangered Species”and club tracks”Jackin For Beats”, “Dead Homiez”She surprised everyone. When the song first came out, Cube risked showing its softness, vulnerability, sentimentality, but the audience liked the track. Cube correctly measure the depth of their emotions are tired of the violence of fans.”Dead Homiez” I created a new theme for gangsta rappers. Cube was thinking a few steps ahead.

“I’ve read a lot of books. I studied the world, especially the history and political directions. Up to this point, before I was to learn all this, I just lived, trying to get some money”, – says Ice Cube – “My knowledge gave me the freedom of thought, to deal with the world. I studied everything from Minister Louis Farrakhan to Elijah Muhammad. I learned everything myself, I educate themselves because I am not a follower, not a pupil”.

On Halloween 1991, 31 October came 2nd solo album Ice Cube ‘ a “Death Certificate”. The album was an advance, even before the release, sold more than a million copies and debuted at 2nd place Billboard. “Death Certificate”talks about how to be a young black man in a world where increasing the pressure on a person, there is de-industrialization, drug trafficking, repression and violence by the police and immigration. The album was released a few months before the riots in Los Angeles, a few months before the murder of Rodney King by police and, therefore, has become a very timely and topical. April 12, 1992″Deat Certificate” It sounded prophetic.

The same year they released another album, “The Predator”, has started its way with the first line and other Billboard charts and went platinum in 4 days. Sharp comments “When Will They Shoot? & Quot ;,”I ‘ m Scared”, “Now I Gotta Wet ‘ Cha”and”We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up”They were surrounded by such hits as the”Wicked”and”It Was A Good Day”. Ice Cube has become a chronicler of generation.

“Lethal Injection”the fourth album in four years, but also went platinum thanks to the”Bop Gun”, hit version with George Clinton, and track “Ghetto Bird”. Ice Cube felt subtly changes in the Hip-Hop industry. “At the time, nobody wanted to hear a rap. Previous era reached its peak with the release of the film Malcolm X and began to retreat. Was approaching a new time, a time G-funk ‘ a. It was a new direction in music. People do not want to take the rap so serious”, – says Ice Cube.

“I’ve starred in, directed music videos, tried to produce other groups”, says Cube. Until today, he directed more than 20 videos, including “Dead Homiez”, “Steady Mobbin”, “Natural Born Killaz” etc.

For the first time in the film starring John Singeltona “Boyz In The Hood”acting career Cube ‘ a go as well as his music. He participated in the”Trespass”, “CB4”, “The Glass Shield”, “Higher Learning”, “Anaconda”and”3 Kings”with George Clooney. Also, Cube wrote the screenplays, became a director and co-produced four films where he himself had appeared:”Friday”, “Player ‘ s Club”, “Next Friday”, “Dangerous Ground”. “People always ask me:”When you stop doing rap?”or”What do you like to do: rap or a movie?”. I answer that, if possible do come to me, I just take them and use. I am a versatile person and can work in any branch of the entertainment industry “, – says Cube.

Cube also finds the time to ensure that produce their homies. With the two of them out, Mack 10 and WC, he did a project “Westside Connection”. “I am tired of solo albums – says Cube – and I wanted to try to do a rap group. With me Mack 10 and WC, and together we make great music under the Westside Connection. Our initial goal was to make sure that people do not want to just take our style. I’m from the west coast and now when I hear a lot of crap with respect to the West, I want to stand on his defense”, – he said so.

“When going to do an album, write a script or co-produce the film, it is very difficult to make good music. When I finished filming and producing”Player ‘ s Club”I put everything to make a good album.”War & amp; Peace”my best album since”Death Certificate”, – says Cube.

Hip-Hop community is fickle, and Ice Cube ‘ have managed to stay on top of more than 10 years. “I still sell the same number of discs. It brings all the same great income”, – says Cube – “hip-hop people always want to hear new names, but when I had bad times of life no one has done a good album and I stayed back at the top. I’m still here. And I will be here till I also do rap”.

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