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Eric Khaled Saade (Eric Khaled Saade) (born 29 October 1990) – Swedish singer and children’s TV presenter.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Father Eric – Lebanese mother – Swede. His parents divorced when he was 4 years old. He has eight brothers and two combined.

Born and raised in the small town singer Kattarp (Kattarp), province of Skåne (l & auml; n Sk & aring; ne). He began writing songs at age 13. Football was Eric’s number one interest up to the signing of its first contract in the music of 15 years, which led to the recording of the album and the release of three singles. However, none of them failed to chart. He also became famous by winning the Swedish music competition “Joker”(now called”Popkorn”).

In 2007, the singer took part in the music selection when creating a new boy band “What & rsquo; s Up!”and was a finalist of the contest. The other members of the newly established group were: Robin Stjernberg, Luwdig”Ludde”Keijser and Johan Yngvesson. The group traveled with a tour of Sweden in the spring of 2008. In the same year, they recorded a cover version of Swedish songs for Disney movies”Camp Rock”(Swedish song called”H & auml; r & auml; r jag / I am here”).

The children also participated in the dubbing of the film and have been involved in creating a trailer for the film. In 2008 the band released their album “In Pose & raquo ;, who stayed in the album charts one week at the 40th position. Two singles from the album were lucky a little more: Song”Go Girl! & Raquo; It took 5th place and the composition”If I Told You Once” He reached the 16th position in the Swedish charts.

At the beginning of 2009 it was announced the departure of Eric from the group. He was replaced by Johannes Magnusson. During the summer of 2009, Eric participated in the promotion of the project channel “Disney””My Camp Rock a Scandinavian music competition & raquo ;. The singer also acted as master of ceremonies at a youth competition” Julias Stj & auml; rnskott / Julias Shooting Stars”.

In August 2009, Eric Saade signed a contract with a record company “Roxy Recordings”and in December released a single” Sleepless & raquo ;, which climbed to 44th place in the Swedish charts.

In 2010, he took part in the national selection for the contest “Eurovision 2011″from their country (Sweden) with a composition of”Manboy & raquo ;, but he was only third. However, this did not prevent him from entering into the national jury”Eurovision Song Contest – 2010″Sweden, the mark is May 29, 2010 in the finals. Its composition is” Manboy & raquo ;, presented at the competition, during the 3 weeks reached first place in the chart.

The next single singer, “Break of Dawn & raquo ;, was less successful and reached only 45th position. His first studio album”Masquerade & raquo ;, which included previously published and singles, Eric released May 19, 2010. The album reached the 2nd place in the Swedish charts. February 19, 2011 Eric Saade participated in the third semi-final”Melodifestivalen-2011″(Swedish national selection for the contest”ESC”). His performance with the song “Popular & raquo ;, written by Fredrik Kempe, received the most votes and so the singer could get to the final competition, which took place on March 12, 2011. Between July and September 2011 is expected to release a new album by Eric Saade, which will include as already known single”Popular & raquo ;, and a new composition”Still Loving It”.

/ EvroAlenka / wanted immediately comment on what it simpotyaga, but in parallel to seek all the Old about this guy came across the following: “The representative of Sweden at the Eurovision singer Eric Saade, borrowed from the Russians an idea for your room. Four years ago, speaking at the ceremony of Russian Music Awards-2007 Alexei Vorobyov used a glass cube from which jumped onto the stage. He sang the song “Now or never”. The same number is going to present Eric Saade. The Swede copied scenic movement Vorobyov and even the final point – to take the “socks “as Elvis Presley, just does Alex. In Stockholm, noted that the producers Eric may have taken some elements of Russian speaking guy, unaware of the fact that both the singer will meet on the same stage in Germany.” Here’s a potential future scandal, though Eurovision thing was scandalous;) The topic of plagiarism is probably as old as the world, Lady Gaga copy Madonna is now up to the last detail, the Chinese are building their-our planes, and in general – himself, Bill Gates also has a peccadillo. The issue is that like the final consumer, that is, we are with you friends. Chances are the guy has great writes about all the press. What do you think. Wins?

Eric SaadeEric Saade
Eric SaadeEric Saade
Eric SaadeEric Saade

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