Kayla Kleevage

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Kliveydzh Kayla (Kayla Kleevage)


Description: Brief biography:

Date of birth: 20 April

That’s how she tells Kyle currently on the site: show completely ..

Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Kyle Kliveydzh is in the world of club business most of his life.

“My mother owned several small bars in Milwaukee and Racine, so I thought, given the nature of the work of my parents that all people go to bed at 4am. Growing up in order to be able to deal with the affairs of the bar, I soon realized how valuable my assets. And while I enjoyed the courtship and listen to advice. Skills in the bar helped me get a job at Bottoms Up and Fantasys, lingerie company in Racine. In about 20 years, my family moved to Houston, Texas. That’s when I saw the girl dance, naked to the waist. I myself then began to dance at clubs like Sugars on Broadway, Caligula XXI and Ritz. One night when I was at another party at the club Ritz, I was approached by a guy saying that he was an agent of Universal Entertainment, he asked me if I had an interest to participate in the filming. The next day I got a call from Eleanor Bucci from Universal. In general, as they now say it has become a true legend of & # 33;”

“All my work I embodied in various journals, video, television, pay-per-view via web cameras, radio, dance and the Internet.”

“To be in this business and do it right, you have to have a love of travel, indefatigable thirst for sex and pleasure from the fact that you are a professional exhibitionist & # 33;”

Kayla has gone on to star in tons of big tit movies doing things alot of other big tit stars wouldn ‘ t do. She ‘ s done pissing films, anal, bukkake and bondage. She also directs porn films.

Kayla lives in Las Vegas and you can catch her dancing in Las Vegas or in some major cities as a Feature Dancer.

Interesting facts:

Height: 170 cm

The size of the bust: 95 II

My favorite color: pink

My favorite position in sex: a dog (doggie-style)

Favorite restaurants: Hillside in Kingston, New York, Scoma ‘ s in San Francisco, Sorrentino in Pal Springs

Personal car: Suburban Z GV 2002.

Favorite video: The Boobcage

Favorite Club: Flashdancers, New York City

Favorite perfume: Chanel # 5

My favorite food: chocolate Lobster

Kayla KleevageKayla Kleevage
Kayla KleevageKayla Kleevage
Kayla KleevageKayla Kleevage

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