Nipsey Hussle

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Nipsey Hussle


“New Snoop Dogg!” – The first thing that comes to mind when you see this MS. And second, third, and fourth.

showered disrespektami someone who will tell you that Snoop Dogg is bad, markets and opopsel. Snoop Dogg was fine fifteen years ago, and now it can not be reproached for anything. Except that now it is good as a thirty-six veteran rapper. But for those who missed the Snoop Doggy Dogg, more frustrating is not necessary – for you have a Nipsey Hussle .

The phenomenal resemblance is not the only thing that unites these MS, but does not pay attention to it is impossible. Thin as a stick Nipsey has the same red and heavy SPAR age as Calvin Broadus. Those kornloks hang on either side of his head. The same passion for expensive hoodies and plaid shirt. And almost the same westcoast of the columns.

In addition to Snoop, you can find other obvious parallel. By filing and a fresh look at California music is very similar to his famous countryman Game. He has great respect for the beginner: “I swear to God, this cat is very cool! & Raquo; So the question is, who take a two”The LAX Tour” warm-up at the MS komptonskogo not even standing. Game revived interest in vestkostu, refreshed the music, and the same is now engaged Nipsey. But enough of our opinion, give a word to Hussle.

Tell us about yourself for those who never heard your name.

My name is Nipsey Hussle . I represent Los Angeles, street Slayson. Studied music for several years, began writing at seven years, but only now had the opportunity to express themselves. I lived better than some, worse than others. I will not tell sad stories of the ghetto, young nigga, do not wait. He grew up in a neighborhood where gang runs the Rolling 60’s, and it left its mark on me. Seen a lot, but no more than other niggaz who grew up in the ghetto. Now I have a major contract with Epic. There is a budget for the album, and while I poured on to the streets of my stuff ready. Already out mixtapes “Bullets Ain & # 8217; t Got No Name Vol. 1” and Vol. 2, will be released soon and the third part, of course, working on the album.

Who MS inspires you?

Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie. I listened to these cats and inspired.

Do you imagine a new generation of The West Coast?

Such a comparison I like. I love good music and grew up on it. It is a great honor when I mention when speaking of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and 2Pac. And I’m trying to win the approval of releasing good music. In the last eight or nine months I get it.

For the first time you heard about through track “They Roll” with Game. How did you meet him?

I knew him before the song crossed more than once in the same city we live. I’m sixteen years have a friend who is friends with him closely, he helped. Game was one of those who told me: ” When you need mayakni me and I will support & raquo ;. When I wrote this song, it is revealed to him, he wrote the hook and handle it avtotyunom.

Who can you highlight from your coast?

I respect the right of all niggas that do their work and are not afraid to talk about their lives. Jay Rock. Killa Twon, K-Boy. 211, Glasses Malone. Spider Loc – all these niggers respect. Make money, my niggaz!

How to treat the frequent comparisons with Snoop Dogg?

Yes, I have often been compared to him – from the exterior to manners. As I said, it’s very nice and a great honor. In music, I try to keep a channel of classical vestkosta, but my songs are very different from the classics. One of my main principles – to be an individual, different from the others, and not to sound like someone from the already successful.

What did you add to the stereotypical notions of West Coast?

I’m trying to tell a different story. Yes, all that talk about the West Coast, is really the place to be, but I do not want to read about it. Yes, palm trees, beach parties, sunny LA, but it’s much more than just that. Much has changed since then, and that’s just about what is happening in the West, I will tell.

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